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Onoes December 10, 2020 The Robot Legion under the rule of SKYNET 2.1 assimilates China and Japan and forces everyone to watch gay anime until, they come to terms that they watch too much tv governed by the media.

Indeed,  but in 2021 The Robots Legion turns emo when they find out SKYNET2.1 is actually a Micheal Jackson clone. Then in Winter of 2021, all the robots crtl k : (
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WWIII : Japan attacks Switzerland, France conquers themselves, America ignores the UN and attacks Switzerland with Japan, then China Korea and all them get together and nuke Japan into the ocean, the French figure out that they are shoooting themselves and hide underground and German and Spain fight across France.  Then the UK wakes up and starts shooting anyone in sight.
By the looks of things China is buying us up and we are digging our own graves here

China Japan Korea et cetera don't like each other overly much.