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From the New York Times Corespondent in Vienna, Austria:
VIENNA, July 28- Upon the issue of the formal declaration of war against Servia today Emperor Franz Josef gave orders for the removal of the Summer Court from Ischl to the capital. His entourage tried to persuade him that Vienna air would not suit him, but the aged Emperor replied:

"I do not want the air of Vienna. I want the atmosphere of headquarters." The opening of the war has caused the imposition of all kinds of restrictions upon public business. All the railways, of course, are under military control, and the telegraphs are being reserved entirely for the service of the State. The hope is still entertained here that the war will be confined to Austria-Hungary and Servia. The report that Russia and France have intervened in Vienna is incorrect. In official circles here it is maintained that any action by those powers must be supported by the third party to the Triple Entente, namely, Great Britain. It is known that Great Britain and France do not want a European war. Peace among the great powers or war among the great powers must depend on the action of St. Petersburg.

At the Foreign Office here it is freely stated that now that war has begun Austria-Hungary will be bound to no more conditions such as she propounded prior to the outbreak of hostilities.

Lol -Koden-, Global Studies 10 please.

I'm assuming this was an important event in the past. I'm in 8th grade, don't expect me to know about it. I suppose I could Google it.

World War I, which back in those days we called International Civil War II

Damn, you posted that just as I found out on Google that it was WW1.

Oh, no! I can't believe he did that! I certainly hope that the correspondent is right, because I don't think the Emperor would be willing to commit his troops to fighting both Serbia and Russia. If Russia declares war, then France will jump in too. Frankly, I don't think we would be able to win a war with Russian and French troops bearing down on our flanks.

Still, I'm confident that the Kaiser will guide us through this war.
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I doubt the French are stupid enough to attack U.S.

I bet they will stay neutral.

WWIII : Japan attacks Switzerland, France conquers themselves, America ignores the UN and attacks Switzerland with Japan, then China Korea and all them get together and nuke Japan into the ocean, the French figure out that they are shoooting themselves and hide underground and German and Spain fight across France.  Then the UK wakes up and starts shooting anyone in sight.

I could do better but that was about a full 63 seconds of thought in that post.  I don't think for much longer than that on weekends.

I doubt the French are stupid enough to attack U.S.

I bet they will stay neutral.
Wait, what?

The French aren't stupid enough to solo against the U.S., but they are too nationalistic to remain neutral.

By that, I assume you mean that they will team up with the first person to knock on their door?

(like in WW2)