Vote for my next map.

Amazon Jungle
23 (59%)
2 (5.1%)
4 (10.3%)
Mini Empires Isles
4 (10.3%)
The Alps (Blockland version of the real Alps)
6 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 39

Author Topic: Lost Isles ::VERSION 2::  (Read 15553 times)

I like it. Good enough to get passed on RTB :P BUT, you should flatten out the area where the grass is, so people can build easier, and maybe add lava to the volcano.

It felt like there was something wrong with this map, I could not seem to point it out...
The Default Skybox makes me puke. Try using a diffrent one.
Tyler, your maps suck to this.

 Is this based on the original islands of Rtb?

Awesome, gonna start a RP with it

You did excellent for your first map. Even though it is a little small, it's great. Dont listen to any stuffheads who try to post bad comments about your map.

You did really good on your first map. You deserve some ice cream. :iceCream: Dling now

It looks kinda small for a map, and a little too bumpy for building - it looks good, but I don't want it.

its good but it is a little on the small side and does not have a lot of large open areas :cookie: for you

Thanks guys for all the comments, and maybe I'll post a V2.
Probable updates:
-More flat areas on the main Island
-Maybe more mini islands

I like V2,

But I still think it's a little bit small.

I also like the current skybox, but I think it needs a custom one to really "stand out".

This is totally amazingly epic for your first map.

Maybe a night/storm version?  :cookieMonster: