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This is just the news letter part of this clan, the orginal topic m'er:

All the info is there. Heres the list of open people
Kelly erin
Kelly kapoor
Pam beesly
Phyllis lapin
Angela martin
Meredith Palmer
Kevin Malone
Stanley Hudson
Oscar Martinez
Creed bratton
Roy Anderson
Warehouse guy #2
Just ask for the part and ill send you the info.

News for da week...
Sunday- The welcome meet, if you want a part, or want to try out, or you still have questions, come there, sunday morning, from 10:30am to 11:20 am.  And again at 5:30pm to 6:20 pm. Here we will watch some office if possible, talk about the office, take a tour and have training.
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-I have PM'ed and, will soon PM more addon makers. I bring this up because i have been asked to make private addons, instead of giving links to people. I hope to get some more answers and replys soon.
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The offfice clan is now hosting building asstance, if you have a huge plan, and you want to play the game because you have time, just IRC m416 on sundays from 10:30 to 11:20am to 5:30pm to 6:20pm, or PM me on the fourms right here.  Just say when and where and we can come help.
However this costs money too, but not nearly as much. 1-2 hours = Free   3-4 hours = free   5-6 hours = 1 qrtr
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Thats it for the week

If you would like to order a build(explained in link above^^^) just post what you want, inside, outside, how big and when. I ask that if your going to souport, or join, that you read all of the info.
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i'll be captain falcon

Why the forget are you charging people for building help?

Why the forget are you charging people for building help?
Read the prices again.
If your working on a build for 5-6 hours, and your still going or done, i think one qrtr is fair enough.

Or they can be smart and make their own server to build.

"Hey guys lets join this clan so we can work hours on a build and pay him money instead of going to are server!"

of going to are server!"
Yay, let's go to to be server!
Also, why did you have to make a separate topic for this, Efmu?
And how the hell to you plan to pay/receive money?