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a good weapon spread system for once

  • raycasting
    • projectile behavior makes your rays act like rockets if you want
    • projectile tracers so you can visually approximate the ray
    • projectile dropping so you can drop a grenade at the end of a ray
    • maximum ray length so you can decide how far away to hit
    • typemasks to show off your wallhacks by shooting your friends through everything
  • projectiles
    • shoot multiple different projectiles at the same time
    • or just use the spread stuff, that's cool too
    • seriously projectiles aren't that complicated, there's not much to put here
  • functional spread
    • pass some weird stuff to your spread values
    • or just make the spread larger when you move
  • advanced spread settings
    • radius, so you can decide how much you want to miss by
    • centeredness, so you can decide how often you miss
    • distance, so you can decide exactly where you'll miss
  • weapon image properties
    • tell your gun how it should usually act
    • allows overriding from arguments, so you can tell it to sit up straighter sometimes
  • return vectors
    • returns vectors used to fire the gun
    • handy for additional scripting

and probably more

give it a shot, download here (no pun intended)

ask in this topic about it if you're confused - i can help, but i might not be active here
you can also read the file itself, it contains some information
if you find any bugs, let me know and i'll update it

thanks to:
conan for being supremely helpful, always
metario for being also incredibly helpful even if he doesn't know it
trinko for being supportive and reminding me to update when i said i would
darksaber for telling me to fix a major bug and then helping me figure out what the bug was

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a better version of support raycastweapons, about time