What to focus on first?

Polish and mod completion (add special functionality to bugs and stuff that have been needing it)
Finish and release the MAS Magma Exo-suit
Finish the MAS Scarab-Wasp playertypes
Create more ASN (robotic) playertypes
Finish up and release the currently exsistant but unrelased bugs (the Tremormites, the two spiders, BugMod 3, ect)
Work on the remainder of the wasps
Work on new bugs!
Create more MAS weapons/suits/items/ect

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Overwrite determines if other poison (or in your case fire) types are allowed to override/overwrite any possible already existing poison(/fire) types applied on the target.
Basically, tells you if it is allowed to replace other poisons.
Also overwrite is a boolean type variable IIRC, so only true or false (or 1 & 0, heard back in the day that is a better idea due to calculations and stuff).

The way it is setup is really stuffty, you can only have one type of poison effect at a time.
Using the script for a fire effect is... less then ideal.
Making a poison type for it would be even less ideal since then you could not be poisoned and on fire on the same time (yay for the players, less yay for gameplay mechanics).

At this point i am not really looking to rewrite it, maybe just some bug fixing, damage control here and there.
I have been through years of rewriting it (off an on), kind of stopped developing any mods nowadays as well, so i hope you understand my stance on it.

I will try to look into the emitter keeps going.
Have a feeling you might have missed one replacement of names however. Sounds like the image is not being removed properly so maybe you remove the poison image instead of the fire image.
As i said, will check later, but you might be able to find it based on this assumption.

Will there ever be a Centipede for this mod? It'd be really cool to have one in game.

I'll test it out with both fire and poison.

Will there ever be a Centipede for this mod? It'd be really cool to have one in game.

There was an old centipede that was terribly glitchy (collision issues especially), so I cut it out for now.
There is still a black centipede playertype, but he/it "stands" in an S-shaped pose. Not sure if that's what you were hoping for, but its something.

There was an old centipede that was terribly glitchy (collision issues especially), so I cut it out for now.
There is still a black centipede playertype, but he/it "stands" in an S-shaped pose. Not sure if that's what you were hoping for, but its something.
That's actually even cooler. Maybe one of its attacks could be firing acid at enemies and the other could be wrapping itself around an enemy, suffocating it. Idk, what were it's original attacks anyway.

iirc it was a special like, miniboss bug type, it was rly strong. I think it could cloak, shoot poisonous spines, and then melee

Yea he is a "boss" bug technically.
The cloak is a toggleable ability that stays active unless you attack with melee or move too quickly.
The melee/bite had venom that would grantee kill unless the victim got loads of healing or an antidote (which was activated by an event). The venom lasted over a long period of time and pulsed damage pretty slowly, so you generally had time to do something about it unless you were out in the sticks or surrounded.
The ranged attack fired spines that didn't do too much damage and inflicted a weak venom. If the target already had the venom from the bite, then the ranged attack would prolong the bite venom, rather than inflict its own venom. Also the ranged attack doesn't totally disable the cloak (but does cause the centipede to appear briefly).

I was working on an update to his model (gave him a few more segments, updated some other aspects of him, etc.) but I got bogged down with all the work involved with that since he's a NIGHTMARE to rig and animate, and I would have had to basically redo most/all of his animations after updating his model and rig.

Also he has a subtle idle animation which I guess is cool

Hopefully the attached images uploaded correctly with the new forums version :P
The first image is the older centipede model, which was made by Choneis.
The second and third images are the Dread Centipede / boss centipede.
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I was also wondering what ever happened to the rest of the bugs in Bug Mod 2. Like the Tarantula, Mosquito, Jumping Spider, roosterroach, Moth, Tarantula, and Water Spider. Why were they scrapped? Also, whatever happened to Bug Mod 3?
(Also, sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I'm just curious).

Well Mod 2 kinda became the mod with all the flying bugs, so the spiders and stuff will be moved to a different mod, possibly Mod 3 but idk if I'll ever get around to making the spiders and stuff anyway tbh.

The roosterroach has actually been made, just needs a few animations (iirc) and polish, and technically could be released.
Not sure if I'll ever make the mosquito. Someone did make a model of that for me, but it needs a lot of setup work and I'm not sure if I'll use it, since the style of the model doesn't really fit the rest of the mod (which is a shame since it's kinda neat looking in a stylistic way)

Mod 3 never got very far, but currently has the tick, caterpillar, and cricket. The caterpillar needs a new model and basically a complete overhaul.

And no worries about the questions haha. Honestly I'm pleasantly surprised that this thread is getting any attention to begin with, since development on this project has basically be dead for quite awhile now. Hopefully it won't stay dead, but I'm not sure if I'll continue the project as a blockland mod even if/when I do revive it.

Also, what was the Vein Spider supposed to be? Was it supposed to be like a disease mod that the player got? Or is it a really messy spider.

It's just a fictional spider that I came up with. I hadn't realized what the term referred to at the time lol.
I'll probably rename it tbh.

What the vein spider has going for it is very high run speed and small size. It's venom causes the victim's to be "blinded" periodically (this is just flashes of screen whiteouts). The damage from the venom is pretty poor, and the damage from the bite itself is pretty low, so the vein spider is meant to full a supportive role more than anything (but it's very good at harassing too heheh)

Oh no, not Dready! D:
I loved Dready's style and his animations were really subtle like his idle animations, but really neat. Dready's a bully though. >:C
Vein spiders were an interesting design, as well as the firefly.
While annoying for their targets, that was kind of the idea. Blind your targets and let them be killed by other means (or by your own low damage means).

Using the bug mods for something else then a mod is an interesting idea.
While the style is mostly based around Blockland's style, i am sure it can work as it's own style as well.

Should it be time to update a little bit more the thread when it comes to general progress? Or maybe simply enough a discord for the project itself? Assuming that development for the project may still be ongoing and that there is consideration to expand it past Blockland, it could potentially be ideal to do so.

And as for updating, there may be probably a lot of elements that are either no longer applicable, changed, or in progress of rework, such as:

  • Updating the 'Testing server section', or potentially removing it
  • Potentially removing the lore section.
  • Updating the progress chart on individual bugs in their respective mods
  • Updating or removing the beta testing section
  • Cleaning up the To-do list, in case some elements may take too much time to implement

Yet of course, that will all depend on if this mod would eventually keep the support it might have right now, especially with the deteriorating state of the community, in favor of another that I won't mention publicly. Worst case scenario, there might be another 'goodbye dump' of mods with everything that was a work in progress. Although, I doubt this will happen given we're keeping interest in the mods right now.
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Yeah the thread could definitely use an overhaul. I've been thinking about locking this one and making a new one, but idk if that's really necessary.

And if/when I do move away from blockland modding, I'll probably release the WIP mods of this (assuming they aren't totally broken and crash the game), even if I do continue this project in another form. I'd have to talk to Lordician about certain things first though before releasing anything I think.

no dont lock this topic its a relic