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Author Topic: World Warfare  (Read 25811 times)

This is a iffy map bro, it kind of looks like a flat map with some hills.

Hey guess what? They're oceans apart!  :cookieMonster:

I say get rid of the "rocky" area.

I say get rid of the "rocky" area.
I kind of don't like it either. Only good for mountains, so I'll remove.

Some questions for making the map better:
  • Does the preview image seem good? Should I make it only one soldier, or none? - Keeping
  • Does the rocky area seem good, or should I get rid of it? - Getting rid of it
  • How exactly am I supposed to put textures into mission editor itself?
When the third question is answered, I'll fix the textures. I will also make the mountains more mountain like.

I will also be adding water soon.
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So, anybody gonna help by answering the questions?

Ummm... Heed, your needed here.

Bump for the questions.

I like the preview image keep it the same

There needs to be oceans :c

I will be adding water soon. One more question left, the most important.

Nice, could be usefull.

OfTopic: Hay whats the weapon the guy is holding in the first pic?