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Okay, so this has been asked for a lot and I know I've not made the best Blockland movies but at least I know how to do it.

So lets get the movie subject straight, recordings are not movies. Movies are shot by an outsider program and recordings are in game. Please take note that this tutorial is for making movies, not awesome recordings.

Right, onwards to the actual movie making. You will need to know what you are doing and a total control. If things go funky the movie is gonna flunk and the whole thing is just a waste of time. You need to have leaders designated for different things. Such as,
Director of Shooting (The recorder, the cameraman)
Director of Actors (Casting, sorting everyone out)
Director of Set (Props, maps, builds, etc)

Once we've got the direction triangle set up we need our equipment.
Blockland (How will you make a blockland movie without Blockland?)
A recording tool (Fraps is the most common,
An editing tool (Most people use windows movie maker although advanced film makers use an assortment)
An uploading site (Can be a friends site, can be YouTube, can be Google video, can be Bjwaymods.. whatever you can get your hands on)

Now we've still got our GUIs up, this wont look great on screen at all! So go onto your Blockland options and set them to look like this:

Only the recorder needs to do this, and the recorder should have his copy of fraps running by now. Another "trade secret" is that  shooting always makes you go twice as fast on screen, to solve this an admin should type in '/timescale 0.5' without the apostrophes.

You should shoot your film from different angles, stopping and starting from mixed locations. Try to make sure everything runs smoothly and actors know what they are doing because Fraps video files take up lots of space.

Now then, the hard bit... editing *Shudders*. Open your editor and import your videos in, you may need effects, you'll probably want to use transitions and opening and closing credits are a must. Once you've finished compile your film and put it to your uploading site. Don't forget to engage public interest or your hard work will have no purpose.

Stick to this tutorial and you'll have a smooth running film.

Much hope that this will stop the questions flooding in and we'll see an influx of new films coming in!
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i downloaded FRAPS and it makes blockland slow whenever i record :( ,  i say it works like CRAPS, please help me fix this problem

When recording it might help to type in, $timescale = 0.5; into the console, which slows the game down, making it easier to record. You can always just speed it up later in whichever video program you use. Not sure if this effects sound in Bl0002 though.

Timescale doesn't effect sound.

It might look like it's going slower but the outcome will always look decent.

Timescale was mentioned in the 6th paragraph I think...

Ooh and I added symbols. They're the latest craze.

Yes, I realize it was I was just reiterating it, just in case he missed it.

Oh right... for emphasis..

Really good explaination Spation, I really liked it(even if i dont got all of it cuz my english is as good as a tomato) Soon even I could do one of those moves, or not..

It's easy to make a movie, making one that follows a good story is hard.

I will make a moie with it I just wanna say spation, I know I have bad grammer its just I really don't care when I'm on blockland just I would like you to stop making fun of me  (including my grammer)

Indeed I can. I'm making a movie aswell.

A famous movie director reporting!:
Nice tutrial,Spat,Maybe some day,one of you guys shall make a movie better then mine(Yeah right!)

There's bound to at least one naturally born filmmaker in a community of about one thousand users. The competition will be at you before long, Aviv. Yes I know I was probably wrong about the one thousand users part, but you have to remember to cut out the totally retarded users.