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Maybe look in the customize tab?
I looked in all the tabs. It's not there.

I have these huge gaps where the terrain has gone missing. How can I fix this?

I understand the sky, but I want to know how to set it as a solid color, and NOT be stuck loading at "WAITING FOR SERVER" forever and ragequit.

Dude, how the hell do you get rid of the loving grass?

Dude, how the hell do you get rid of the loving grass?

General, You don't do the folders properties, if you've got a shortcut to blockland on your desktop, you right click that and go to properties, boom you're on the right window. Also nice tutorial it helped me get back to mapping (I havent played Blockland in months)

For you guys that don't know how to delete grass, go into the World Editor mode, open up MissionGroup- SimGroup and delete all the fxGrass subtitles (Click on one then Ctrl-X)
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The Properties window says some stupid message so I can't open the Map Editor.
What do I do?

The message was that "C:\Program Files\Blockland.exe"-mod was in valid


How do I change the lighting in a map?

water, and textures didn't work. for textures, in the menu all i had was grass. ?

I have one question:

How do you save on desktop? It won't let me save in a folder other than C:\Program Files\Blockland\

How do you open the editor on a Mac computer? F11 isn't working. I even made sure it wasn't set to anything in System Preferences.
I think Mission Editor only works on Windows.

Waterblock tab.
Doesn't exist.

when i change the Target to "C:\ProgramFiles\Blockland\Blockland.exe" it says:
The name "C:\ProgramFiles\Blockland\Blockland.exe" specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

can someone PLZ help me on that.  :panda:

What happens if you delete yourself...