Author Topic: Old rifles: Guns of the wild west  (Read 4750 times)

i also really want this done as it would be cool. i dont want it to be just another suggestion
I am releasing any model's I show


Revolver, break-action (double-barrel, db sawn-off and single-barrel), lever-action, and pump-action shotguns (used in late 1800's, early 1900's), lever action rifles, Spencer seven-shot carbine, ...

if you guys support this suggestion, help make it happen

Dull, generic guns.

when was the last time someone make a rifle from 1800-1911 era?
besides bushi's replica rifle, thats more of a hunting rifle
never has one ever been made

Double Barrel shotgun?
Better yet, why not 27 barrels firing at the same time?
o u

Dull, generic guns.

I've yet to find a lever-action rifle, please point me to one!

Bump bescause i really want these guns!

Repeater Carbine from Red Dead Redemption pl0x?

Final bump, if you want to help, you should create models.
ANd if you plan on making models
Release them.

For example, i know killer2 can model and i know spartan can release it

I made this but no old rifle's :C

then why do you post it

Holy crap thats a nice gun.
(winchester repeater right?)