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Starting January 17th at 12pm EST I will be hosting a server in RTB called "The Power Plant" I'm going to try to make this the biggest build that the Blockland community has ever seen.  The server will be hosted on a T1 connection with a max of 40 players untill the build gets big.  When the build get big the server max players will be lowered to 10-20 depends on how bad lag gets if any.  The build will have Area 51, Army Base, Huge power plant all 2 repeats away.  All server rules will be located at all the spawns.  No map has been choosen yet as I am trying to find what map would be the best.  We also require you have Bacs Pack installed before you join the server most people got it anyway.  For now here is some info on the server I will post more as the time comes.

Server Name: The Power Plant
Server IP:
Server Connection: T1
Max Players: < 40
Build Map: RTB Islands
Server Rules: At all spawns.  Also in F5.
Server uptime: 12pm EST.

More server info soon.
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K. But pics or it didn't happen.

Biggest build ever err... Depends on how big you build it I've seen some game breaking Builds because they were so large.

I recommend saving this till retail.

StoreClerk abused the server and resized all the bricks and did other stupid stuff over the loss of 1,000 gold in aot. Server down till later.