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The admins of [SS] (well, just Blinkz) came up with the idea of a group build, there's a building theme, the theme is Making a town, have atleast a Foods store, a General Store and a Gas station, remember this is a GROUP build, so we can do it together, okay?

Have fun

That's basically just a freebuild. My servers are always town buildings. I start with a hotel, streets, bridges and baseplates then assign people to a place to make a shop or house. You should do the same, it works great.

We are currently trying to build a decent-looking town on the Public Server. The Public Server is usually a freebuild though currently it is a group build.

Can I have a group-oriented spamfest?

Can I have a group-oriented spamfest?

That reminds me of the server bleh had where you had to destroy the other teams window with spears and bows.  You had like 3 minutes to spam as much as you could in front of your own window.