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That's the best written post in this thread. Well done, Medival.
It took a while to concive it.
I bet you took a while discovering the definition of conceive didn't you?

the contests should be beginning this saturday but may be postponed
the rounds fetaured will be the preliminaries and higher rounds until the quarter finals which will be put off until next saturday (time yet to be decided)
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Oh My God!!! I never look at this stuff. Ladios, What does [BLMP] Stand for?

I do this on my server a lot except its a colosseum and its usually 2 teams just thrown in from the joiners. Then I watch and use my traps on crappy runners.

I doubt youll find 'the best but Im still undefeated. :cookiemonster:

hayhayhay itz Jervan! hayhayhay!