Google Chrome signs me out every time I close the browser


So yeah, since people here kept going on about how Google Chrome is better, I gave it a shot.
I have to agree, it feels faster and looks pretty nice.

But it has a problem remembering passwords, since half of them are the wrong password, even though I typed in the right one.

So I'm asking, does anyone else who use Google Chrome get signed out when they log off all the time?
And is there a way to stop it?

That and it keeps remembering the wrong BL password, I've tried reseting the password remembering thing.
Kept remembering the wrong password.

Otis Da HousKat:
Pretty sure you're just doing it wrong since I've never had a problem.

Options>Under the Hood>Content Settings>Cookies>Uncheck "Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser"

I just did, I forgot about that.
Thanks for the help, now I don't have to waste 5 seconds of my day each time I start my browser.



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