Author Topic: The cool kids club is at it again  (Read 5159 times)

Apparently members of the White Christians of America, aka the Ku Klux Klan, have been distributing newspapers on the doorsteps of houses around Indiana about the cool kids club. I didn't get one, but I saw on the news that had an article in it about a 10 year old who preached about black hate.


Black people are hypocrites.

A 10 year old preaching about how bad blacks are?

This world is getting to be one forgeted up place.

Beat them with their newspapers.

http://cool kids

"A message of love, not hate!"

LOL kids club

Stupid cool kids club and their idiotic views. Stop being semen-dressed cavemen.

Good thing the black guys swan dived onto a motorcycle that just turned into diamond necklaces.

http://cool kids

"A message of love, not hate!"

For some reason I thought of *Magick* Mage.

*Magick* Mage is in the cool kids club!

also inb4 madmitten

Archie was nearly in the cool kids club. But he got out just in time. :D