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We were at a party! etc...
Enjoy I finally got it mono and under 500kb, it just repeats the first part over and over. (I don't do a very good job of making it repeat)


I'll do the second part another time, that part that was used in Family Guy.

Nanananna BATMAN!

Tunak Tunak:
Because I can.
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Bump, because every one loves batman.

New song yay! Tunak Tunak!


Damnit..i listened to it now i can't stop :(
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lol! I can imagine building like a big castle and when you get to the top batman music comes on.
TAna na na na na na na BATMAN!  :cookieMonster:

Sorry for the bad loop in Tunak Tunak, It was 2am and I had to keep repeating the song so it took a while to get it close to a loop and I was tired and frustrated.

lol the loop is perfect....for me anyway