Author Topic: Changing Variable when Slider changes?  (Read 1587 times)

Is it possible to change a certain variable when a slider has been changed?
(Don't tell me to schedule a loop to check it every often)


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For example:

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function blah(){$currValue=MySlider.getValue();}

This will assign the new value of the slider to $currValue every time you change it.
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Thank you very much  :cookie:

Thats a stupid way.

Just set the mySlider.variable to $YourVariable and its automatically set to that and updated each time the gui is opened/changed. Stupid rudyman.

Rudy's way works better for me. No offence you can have cookie for trying to help though :D ::cookie::


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Thats a stupid way
Stupid rudyman.

I was just trying to help...
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