Author Topic: KodenPacks (*NEW*AmbiencePack v2 - 47 files total)  (Read 3377 times)

-=Bulk Packs=-
(45 files)
KodenPack 1 (Temporarily removed for not being mono.)

AmbiencePack 1

This has 10 ambience tracks, looping very decently. I'm getting more experienced, lol. Nothing in this pack is copyrighted, but I'm still keeping it below 500 kb.

(AmbiencePack v1)

AmbiencePack 2

This pack also has 10 files.

(AmbiencePack v2)

BeatPack 1

I added a 25-beat pack.

(BeatPack v1)

-=Selects Packs=-
(2 files)

Bat Country

Contains two different parts. Take note, this is not the full song.

(Bat Country)

Extract all of these to BL directory. I'm competant enough to ZIP it correctly.
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The FBI r on ur ass now. Lolz @ chatspeak
TRANSLATION: Prepare and be ware! The FBI is coming to kill you.

The RIAA will beat you, and Badspot down for this.

Ambience pack added.
EDIT: Beat pack added too.
EDIT EDIT: Bat Country released.
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Ambience Pack v2 released.


Theres an extra folder in ambiance 2.
Sorry. I zipped that in Mac. Mac+Zip=odd, but I made all my music in Mac.