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Well, it is possible to attach the player's camera to the other end of the portal, take a screenshot, and then use the screenshot like a brick decal.  But I don't think it can be done and still look very professional.

lol@observer camera left in direction at end of portal that constantly takes screenshots while constantly loading them to the the server would crash from all the loading

Eh, maybe.  But it wouldn't be practical to take screenshot after screenshot.  See-through portals just aren't practical yet.

Just make a portal brick take the screenshot upon creation, and update it if the brick has been changed somehow (i.e. with the wrench).

Well, the point of a see-through portal is not to see the portal itself, but to see the action on the other side.

Indeed. Just give up your hopes and dreams, Grimsy. This won't happen without some SERIOUS engine engineering.

I don't know if this version of TGE allows theora video display, but if it did it might be possible to stream that video to the clients. I really have no idea what kind of work that would take, or if it's even possible.

It runs of TGE v1.2000...wasn't it supposed to be 1.3?

Hmm... Now we're thinking with portals! (Sorry, had to be said.)

@ Slezak, niiice.  I'm not at home now to check, but i'm pretty sure it does run on 1.3.

I have a friend who's dad owns the torque engine and we were messing with it and came up with this: (mostly him, he's good with torque)

Door 1 had a camera 1 on it facing outwards, and had camera 2's view mounted to it, and same for door 2. So it was like Super Mario 64 except you could see what was on the other side in real time.

But your idea isnt possible unless you seriously redo the engine.

I'd like to see a fraps video of this in-game.

echo("Torque Version: " @ getVersionString());
^I'd return the TGE Version, and it gave me 1.2 :O

Yet the 'About' dialog says 1.3.  It's a mystery!

I say we move Blockland to the Friggen EP2 engine. Atleast the people begging for uberseethroughportals would be happy. shame it'd be near impossible to build 10 bricks without an fps of 10. :|