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does he have a scorpion for a head


head split girl or her mom or something idk

What program do you use? All of the art I've posted here is done with a mouse or sort-of-with-a-mouse, so maybe I could give a pointer or two? It may or may not be helpful though because of my method is a bit on the less practical side
im currently using medibang paint becauase im poor

im currently using medibang paint becauase im poor
I can't really vouch for it myself since I personally use GIMP, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to play with any smooth stroke settings to create a rough draft or sketch freehanded with your mouse, then either go over it manually slowly or use line paths, if those are a thing in medibang

edit: too lazy to make a new post for this weeb stuff
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in case anyone was unaware, RubberRoss and OneyNG have started a drawing show over at Game Grumps called "Doodle Doods" where each episode they pick a piece of media like Spongebob or Akira and they draw characters from it in their own style

new episodes premiere every Saturday I believe, it's really good to draw to with it playing in the background

here's the current episodes

I'm drawing a forgetton of weps and I'm hoping they're done tonight because I've been working on this one sheet for weeks

maybe i should make an art thread
You should. That's like one of two threads I'd turn on notifications for.

Also I actually smacked my face against read an art book for a while and now I can draw heads in a way that doesn't make me want to barf.
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finished headsplit mom

headsplit mom taking the phone away from headsplit girl

sonic oc!! UwU
why is headsplits mom head normal
why is headsplit girl splitted head?

why is headsplits mom head normal
why is headsplit girl splitted head?
1. her mom's head is actually made of iron, you just can't tell without colors
2. it just is

pls don't smoke it's really bad

y'all ready for this

I'd post this in my weps thread but it's too old