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the new pokemon girl is so cute i love her
dude she looks like 12 years old

a polygonal lasso sketch, gonna do the colors n inking tomorrow

sad furry gamer hours

im so sorry im not trying to make fun of you i just got    Inspired lkdjdglhjhhg

its ok i like yours lots!!
this pic is for a streamer, i never lose my inhibitors 😃

He's dressed for the occasion.

i like those artstyles :0

old but thread isn't dead yet

commission for some guy on reddit

good ass-shading, would you like feedback?

good ass-shading, would you like feedback?

yes please! I'm aware his right hand (our left) is forgeted up, and his pose is kinda unnatural and awkward. I'm also having lotsa trouble making linework look good with color.

i feel like everything you just named looks fine! (linework esp)
I was thinking of how the face has less detail compared to the rest of the drawing.
the blue light's shade is a little inconsistent, affecting some parts while not affecting other expected parts.
think about the neck in relation to your flowline, i feel like that unnatural feeling mostly stems from that

amazing artwork nonetheless of course, watching you improve post by post on this forum has been awesome
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Thank you very much! Now that you mention it, I can see all those things. I'll work on faces and forms and lighting then!

the eyes are too close to the edges of the face, plus the left eye is higher up than the right eye.