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that's not a goat bro. that's a human with horns. your a fucing coward

[img width=600 ][/img]
i wa nna forget the goat t

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We get it, Kidalex, you're a stalker with an entire repository of everything i've ever said on the internet

Good job

child enthusiasts on the blockland forums when i use google

kidalex take the hint and leave challenge

oh right i forgot about this place anyways i've been doing a lot of hyper light drifter drawings lately so i think i'll go ahead and post all of the decent ones i've done so far

these are the first two major ones i did. inked in a 0.5mm pilot gel pen, colored in 0.5mm gels, blacks done in a 0.7mm tul rollerball and a sharpie. blue highlighter for his face.

i informed my sister of my gel pen coloring plight and she bought me a giant set of art markers. still inking with a gel pen though and it takes a long time to dry but i'm impatient so i smudge a lot by accident.

lighting and perspective experiments

tried out a mirror thing here

latest one i did which is a redrawing of an older pencil sketch

wonder if kidalex can stalk me hard enough to find my alt FA account

inh might draw giantess furries loving oem japanese cars this just in

i cant draw for stuff

wish i could

wonder if kidalex can stalk me hard enough to find my alt FA account
found it