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I heard the old bedroom map was made entirely in Hammer (Steam thing)
So I was wondering how would I change the map extension, set a spawn point, etc?
Also, are there any other programs that you can use to make maps excluding the in-game editor?
Thank you.

Looks pretty cool, but I would really like to stick with Hammer, so if anyone could just tell me how would I how would I change the file extension, set a spawn point, and that kind of stuff I would really appreciate it.

I'm not quite sure what you mean, are you talking about converting your map, from hammer, to a .dif file?

If so, I posted some tutorials on the RTB Wiki about setting up hammer for export to TGE. If not, please be more specific.

Also, spawn points are placed in the maps mission file. If you open base\data\missions, and you'll see a bunch of .mis files. You can open these in any text editor.

If you were to open construct.mis, for example, you'd see the following:

Code: [Select]
   new SimGroup(PlayerDropPoints) {

      new SpawnSphere() {
         position = "0 0 0";
         rotation = "0 0 1 130.062";
         scale = "0.940827 1.97505 1";
         dataBlock = "SpawnSphereMarker";
         canSetIFLs = "0";
         radius = "100";
         sphereWeight = "1";
         indoorWeight = "1";
         outdoorWeight = "1";
            lockCount = "0";
            locked = "false";
            homingCount = "0";