Author Topic: Problem converting Lego ViceCity to work in Retail  (Read 11350 times)

Looks like a Graphics Issue

Previous thread about it:
Thanks, that helped.
Can I get an update sent to my e-mail on your interiors?

I just got my thunderbird working again so I just now started looking at the map.
I am almost finished; I just fixed all of the major problems. Do you still want me to send it to you?

Graphics thing wasn't much help, sry :P Although you're not alone.

I'll take a look at it if you wanna bother with uploading it again.

Actually it did help me, I no longer have that problem lol.
And sure I'll send an updated version. When you get it just test it and see if you find anymore problems. Thanks!

Have not received it yet, I'll wait a bit long.

Okay it's sent. You should get it very soon.

Looks great, only issue with me is the water by shore, too transparent, but that's a common issue with Retail and the converted map. I'm really glad you got the water to look clear rather than the solid texture.

Other, minor issue, is the old lego wanted posters.

Other than that, works straight out of the box.


Files are still old logo style, and used in the game.

Also, the ship carton tops are brown, I thought they where the color of the cartons, but I might be over thinking them.

[Edit] - Hosted this map on a passworded server, allowed one to join, Lalam, he said he could see anything much white for the terrain. I figured this, since Retail hasn't been uploading terrain files, only interiors and water... So aslong as the user download your map, and not sits through the download process from host, it'll view fine, other wise, you need to use retail default textures.
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I fixed those 3 textures and I think I know how to fix the water. What's wrong with the lego wanted posters? As for the top of the ship cartons, QuArK won't let me export the changes I made for some reason, so I can't fix that.

What about the bottoms of some of the legos, should be as simple as editing the interior image like the rest.

I already fixed those textures, wasn't too hard. Everything it pretty much done; I should be able to release it tomorrow. Thanks for the help!