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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some *.MAP and files, and their *.DIF counterparts.  Preferably, some used in Blockland, RTB, or Blockland Retail.  I'm asking this because I would like to get a sense of scale in Quark.

Last year, there was a map I started working on, but was unable to finish.  While my skills have not improved in that time, I think I can pull off what I was trying to do.  However, as I found out last year, my sense of scale was WAY off.  So, I was wondering if there's any *.MAP files (for use in Quark) and their *.DIFs (for use in Blockland) that I could look at, so that I could get a more accurate sense of scale.

While I'm at it, is there anyone here who's decent with Quark, and would like to help on my map idea?  I don't expect anyone to come forward, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to offer.  Hopefully, some models will be provided here, for use in learning to map/use Quark.  I look forward to your helpful replies.  Mouser X over.

Yeah, I can give you some of my map files from some stuff I was working on. If you've got me on MSN, hit me up there. I can't really get on IRC these days. If you don't have me on MSN, then use the chat applet on my user page at GGE. Whenever I'm on any IM network, I'm on there too.

Awesome!  Thanks.  Now to figure out how to get Trillian running again, after not having used it for about a year (or more?)...  I'll figure it out, but you'll have to give me some time.  Perhaps this weekend.  Or, I could try that GGE thing.  That looks pretty neat.  But not tonight.  I have to get up for work in about 6 hours...  :(  In other words, I won't be able to contact you until about 17-18 hours from now (work takes up *far* too much of my time, sadly).  So, I'll try then.  Mouser X over and out.

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Can I have some too? I am having the the same problem.