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Nice! Nice! Now just add the mesh lines around the edges of every part of the bedroom!  :cookieMonster:
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I dont like the green floor
  I like it but I dont like the green floor

Osht double post. Wrong button.

zoh my god another stuffty re-texture i was expecting something like zelda wind waker i mean Come On... be reasonable.

It looks like someone took the Garry's mod color tool and changed the color of the bedroom.

3/10, the 3 for creativity.

Ducky's gone guys

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He had a long life. Hey, at least he got to add to the community with his 3 Bedroom edits! (that didn't have links or pictures for most of the time)

I don't know what is up you guys' asses, but it looks fine from my perspective. It's an innocent texture edit.
No wait, yeah I agree. I dont care what anyone says to me.

This thread makes reminds me what's so bad about allowing 4~12 year olds on the internet.  :panda: