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Global BlockLand Defenses

i love this clan and everyone in it is really lovey

nuff said

         GBLD is an army based clan, created by SirLancelot (myself), Shady Guy, and Alp in v11. Then in v13 after Shady and Alp both left Blockland, I joined with Tcragun and gave new blood to the clan.  Unfortunately, after a year of major success, it fell victim to inactivity.  I too drifted from Blockland, but have recently returned.  I talked with a few of the old members who told me to start it once more.  I quickly whipped up a clan page, and was quite pleased with the results, and the clan was reborn.  Since then, we have worked on numerous projects and have had a great time doing them.

Our focus is different. At GBLD we want to create the best Death Match experience, we want people to work together, we want to find new ways for people to fight. We strive on creative ideas moving us forward so that more rich experiences can be created.  We try to build deathmatches that challenge normality, and then fight with true skill.  We also do not limit ourselves to purely Deathmatch servers.  We have enjoyed countless other server types as well. GBLD isn't your typical militaristic clan.

4.24.13 - Towers competed for Computer TDM.
9.2.13 - Extensive inactive player removal.

Mountain Estate
Progress: 100%
Status: Complete!
Pictures: Gallery Topic

Computer TDM
Progress: 35%
Status: Towers built
Pictures: On pages 107-110

Military Command Council (MCC): These are soldiers who have proved themselves worthy of ultimate control over the battlefield. *Super admin
Commander: Commanders are often trusted with small armies and whole camps, they have much responsibility and respect. *Super admin
Colonel: Superior soldiers who are often trusted with squadrons in the midst of battle. *Admin
Lieutenant: Soldiers who earn this fairly honorable rank are under the control of colonel's. If a colonel is lost in the battle they take over for them. *Admin
Officer: Officers are elite soldiers that colonels and lieutenant can trust often with difficult tasks *Admin
Sergeant: Soldiers who have proven themselves worthy of this respectable rank are well on their way towards the command ranks.
Corporal: The typical rank of a soldier.  Soldiers are commonly at this rank for a while, until they can prove they are ready to advance into the clan.
Private: Soldiers that have earned their first promotion. Usually not very skillful, but still have proven they have found their place in the army.
Recruit: These men have yet to prove they can survive the army, and are not officially in the clan yet. They will be quickly promoted or rejected.

*Ranks are primarily used in the actual TDM/DM, not in the building process.  They do however, show somewhat a chain of command.

Rifleman - Standard infantry unit.
Spy - Unit that uses stealth to gain an edge in battle.
Pilot - Unit that exceeds in flight and unit drops.
Sniper - Unit that has a special gift of considerable accuracy.
Defense - Units that can hold down the fort.
Runners (Capture the Flag) - Units who know the quickest and best routes to snatch enemies flags.
Builders - Behind the scenes workers who build stuff for us to shoot around.
Eventers - Workers who add that special twist to divert from the ordinary 'i SH00Tz U!!1'

*Everyone is a builder and eventer, but you may choose to specialize in it if you so desire.

To join, you must make a build application, the app must have:

- 750 bricks minimum (Non-Spammy)
- Evented bricks, not many required but enough so that its appropriate for your build.
- Can not have been, or be used for any other application.  (I will check)

To show us your application by screenshots, make a thread in the gallery, and post the link here.  Be as professional as possible.  If you build your application on one of our application building servers, please leave your name, ID, and forum name by build, and then notify us.  If you build something on the server without posting here, you WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Or, a leader can allow you in if you're DM skills are superior, and/or you are elite in a certain area. (good pilot, etc.)  Although, you must be exceptional in your Dm talent to be allowed entrance this way.

We really aren't too strict are semi-strict now.  You have to have some skill to get in.  We also prefer our members to be as polite and professional as possible.  Yes, we will screw around and have a good time in-game, but please maintain a good reputation on the forums and in other servers.  Befriend the clan members, the more in you are with us the better you will be accepted into the clan.

Mouse over names for more info

SirLancelot7 - Council Chairmen and Founder
Kreon - Activity Commissioner

SailorMan - Hermann Göring

Bester Bageler - Lead Builder
Lugnut - Lead Eventer




Munkey - Scripter




If you would like to participate in a Clan vs. Clan war with GBLD, leave a post here telling us when, and we'll get back to you if we're in.  We want to make this showcase each clan as much as possible,  including building and eventing.  To compete you must have a fort on the terrain map that will be posted here once we finish it.  Don't spam explosives or death traps with events.  If you use turrets, have a cool-down time.  If it is CTF, make the flag possible to get to.

Terrain Save - Incomplete

We look forward to seeing you in GBLD!

Big thanks to Straton for the clan page!
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Wow great layout, What program? Cooltext?

Straton did it for me!  What a guy!
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Ok well im gonna get my app can I post it here?

EDIT: Just so you know its not done, Ill finish

nvm not apping
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Great, I'm adding that you can post the app in this thread or in the gallery.

EDIT: Application server is up!
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Progress: Our dedicated server is up! 

Come and make an application!

Lance about that deal Ill take top rank :3

Hm..  I will put you as Sergeant, and let you earn your way through the ranks.  Good?

Well, we welcome our newest member, Wayne!

Most military topics are really, really bad.

Except for this one.

Thanks you!

Would you be interested in applying?

You can apply at the dedicated server if you like, or just take a couple of screenshots and post them in gallery or in here.

I was in this last time, right?
I apologize for the stuff file extension, but if it was .txt it wouldn't work.
Change the extension to .txt and use on bedroom.
Yes, I used this for cineo and some other clan.
It's my simplest but best work atm
Edit, forgot the loving save
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