Author Topic: USSR Application (Finished)  (Read 5862 times)

slot machine is much better i think
8/10 for that

:) Probably not USSR material though, I'm only hop[e(?)]ing!!!

its not really

This build is far too simplified. It doesn't show anything interesting.

Ok, thank you for posting!

First build wasn't really anything, sorry. Haha. But, the second build was pretty cool. Interesting use of bricks, but, unless Face or Diggy say otherwise, I gotta say no go man.

I Direction my thumb downward for this one, Sorry man, needs lots of detail.

It's all good, I didn't know how good of a builder I was anyway. Maybe I'll get beter and try again some other day

i LOVE the slot machine, ..... 9/10, for the slot machine

lol thanks. im trying tot determine what i should make for next app, im gonna spend more time on it