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ceiling looks kinda wack :O
but you can tell from my rating how much everything else rules it out :D

Hey, a build that doesn't suck, interesting.

Hey, a build that doesn't suck, interesting.
I hate your attitude, why don't YOU make something?

I don't think he has retail.

nice, soon we will corner the market on Churches muwhahahahahaahhaahah..ah...
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OMFG,  this is so amazing, there is so much attenetion to detail, 10/10 there is absolutely no way this would not get you into USSR
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I would say it sucks ass because you are such a jerk to me.

But I cannot.

It winar.


omg, you made that yourself? (i've been there by the way)

Deserves more then a 10/10.

Woah, shows how bad i really am at this game.... I don't like you now.
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