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Author Topic: New Team: "Port Defenders/Anti Orc"  (Read 8656 times)

That Team Objective Is To Kill The Rocket Orc Are The Bad Guys With Horse Taking to the port town or any other monster.
The Team Need:
Crossbow(Any Type)
Rusty Shield(Or Better Shield)
Hook(Gold Or Silver)
-Crossbow: Cause We use With the hook to go to buildiings roof and shot at fire orc and anhoter monsters.
-Rusty Shield: For Land Defenders To Kill Monsters Too.
-Hook: For Up To Roof And Fire With Crossbow.

This Is Not Clan Just Team Of Players Are Killing Rocket Orc.

Please No Cops! We Are Some Times Doing Crimes!
Work Time: When There Horse In Port Town/Wildrenns.
Its Not Must be man want to take a monster to the port town but much times is yes.
Reward: Make All Happy And Help To Newbies From Spam The Chat And Say "OMG THERE ROCKET ORC!!!!!" or sombody like it and make for yoreself safe land.

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Hello Peoples? No Replay? That Is For You! To Make A Safe LAnd With no ***** rocket orcs.

It took concentration to understand that...

And its not a big deal, usually the rocket orcs just follow the horse.
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The team objective is to kill rocket orcs, or any other monster brought to Port Town by people on horses.
Crossbow(Any Type)
We use this with the hook to go to buildiings roof and shoot at fire orcs and other monsters.
Rusty Shield(Or Better)
To defend when on the ground.
Hook(Gold Or Silver)
To use in conjunction with the Crossbow.

This is not clan, just team of players killing rocket orcs.

No cops please, because we sometimes commit crimes.
Work Time: When someones on a horse in Port Town or the Wilderness.
It's not always someone with bad intentions, but it usually is.

Reward: Make people happy and to cut down on newbies saying "OMG THERES A ROCKET ORC!!!!!" and the like and to make it safer for everyone.
Replace your first post with this so it would be easier for people to understand your intentions so they may want to help out.

Hmm I Don't have time to edit. i understand what i write..
The Horses going to the Port town-the spawn then they kill newbies and spawn killing ppls... the horse follow some peoples and the rocket orcs circuit the horse then killing the people.

Sorry For Me Bad English

-Rusty Shield: For Land Defenders To Kill Monsters Too.

wouldn't they need a sword?

who need swords when you can shoot glowy bounce orbs from your fingertips

but hes talking about buildings, and in PT.  you cant use spells in PT.

I read the first post in a Borat voice, and found it to be hilarious, i suggest you all do the same.

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Why Do You Capitalize Evrey Word You Type?

You've just made yourself a major hyprocrite.

i reject this clan and substitute my own

Meh. I can kill rocket orcs with a shield and a sword. Theyre too wild for me to crossbow.