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Me and Wolf have been working on this in Badspots Block Party server, after he left I finished the rest in my server, now here it is, you may have seen it progressing in BS's server but now its done, there is no real detail and is not meant to look really good, its mostly for fun so don't go to crazy rating on detail.

(Lol 4434 0:04.44)

Have fun.
Download CaveDM.rar

P.S: ITS MEANT TO BE PLAIN! I have not only left it plain because its not for looks, but to save people on crappy computers from lag, its already 5880 bricks (which might not be much, but its good for everyone).
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Painfull second DOF pic...
pretty good though.

A dm that isn't retardedly small? Is it possible?

I think so! *puts it on his list*  :cookieMonster:

Painfull second DOF pic...
pretty good though.

I took a pic of the hud, which just aheppened to show a part I hadn;t taken a pic of, so thats 1 and 1.

A dm that isn't retardedly small? Is it possible?

Was that a comment or what?

I like the fountains, and falling water (it's not exactly a waterfall...).  Great effect there.  I wish I had retail, so I could download it and take a look myself.  Alas, I am broke...  I've had a massive dent put in my bank account recently...  Anyway, I look forward to looking through this when I do get retail.  Mouser X over and out.

It was something of a compliment, most DM builds seem to be small and cramped, more like duel arenas than DM arenas.

looks good.
can't wait to have a Deathmach in it.

I am planning on mapping it out and posting it, so look for that soon.
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I have made small scale maps (mid room is scaled bigger because its only 1 room) near the entrance and added 1 more spawn.

Top Floor:

Mid Room:

Bottom Floor:

Color Keys:
Straight Down Drops
Yellow falls to Red
Blue falls to Green
Green falls to Blue. (The Green on the top floor and mid room Green share shafts)
Black is connected to Black
Dark Grey is connected to Dark Grey
Grey is connected to Grey
Updated main post with new link.