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You fail, Rot will probably ban you.



eh....... why i edited the post...only like two people saw it :/

This build is a hot steamy pile of ice cream.

hot, yummy, melted, starwberry ice cream.

*glares at Anti Cop*

Wtf? What did I do to you? Who are you?

He is cooler than you..
and your attitude towards builds pisses the forget out of everyone.
I mean, your too poor to even afford Blockland, and your criticizing builds like your loving amazing with lego and built Legoland.
forget you.

All I remember doing is telling people if they would get into USSR, and telling my personal opinion on builds.  I think for the most part some people would agree with the things I say.

If you really want me to I could ask to get Retal, but then I would add building to my list of things to do this weekend.

That all I was saying. I was saying that the USSR admins should be allowed to put down builds gently without someone going all out before hand. I would never take it to the extent that Spartan said though. He must have some sort of grudge.

All I said is that it wouldn't get in, I didn't insult it... you want me to?

People should leave the judging to us.

It was after that statement that I *glared at Anti-Cop* because you were one of the people that said something like "Not getting in".

I should quote more often I suppose.

Maybe  :cookieMonster:

Whatever, I figure the guy can start working on a better app once he knows the current one won't work, I have seen my share of what USSR takes and won't take, I've been in the clan twice...  If I get Retail this week I will probably apply.

I just got in the habit of rating applications I guess.