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It seems garagegames released Constructor for free, it is a program similar to quark and hammer.  They said they would release it april 9th on april 1st so I wasn't sure if they really would. Download it and give it a try.

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Does it open .dts shapes like Torque Show Tool Pro?

its mainly used to make difs but I think it can import dts shapes as a reference.  I just got this and there isn't a whole lot of documentation right now it seems so I'm just figuring stuff out.

I already managed to crash it, yay for me! :D
Anyway, it looks like a really cool product, nice find, kaje.

Its 100% Free but you mite need a Account. I'm not sure I'm always logged in there and I got a Key.

Just so everyone knows, the documentation wiki from the help menu isn't going to be up until tomorrow.

there's a forum for discussion/bug report/showoff.

Hmm, I experimented with it, and I absolutely love it. Here's what I made in 10 minutes :D

yeah its great, I'm working on making my computer desk :P

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Just so no one makes the same mistake I did and spend an hour trying to figure out why their exporter isn't working, don't try and use models in older versions of Torque. It should export fine for Retail Blockland.

Finnaly a interior editor that I can use. Ftw. :D

For those of you who care: 1m in constructor units = 2 studs in blockland.

This is so confusing

I wanna make a blood gulch interior (cause i know how to get the base) but it won't let me apply textures to the model, and i dunno how to get it to show up in game for some reason, i so wanna make interiors for bl and rtb, but its confusing :(