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what do I save it to I'f Iwant it to be a sky?

Skies are different than those textures.  Skies are a set of images.  You can use soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning such as Terragen to produce those images automatically.  Search the forum, should show up somewhere.

How do you get these terrains to work

How do you get these terrains to work

Kind of my question like how do I dl a terrain or put it in Blockland or whatever???

Ya where do you put these terrains

if your making a map, i think you have to dl a program to make land which run 120$
if you just want to mod a map go int the zip of the map and reaplace the file with a texture
i was wrong you can open up another map in the editor to make land open the bedroom delete the house plants and the like and set the dirt to a hight you like
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Ya where do you put these terrains

They need to go inside the working directory of your map when you're making it, and eventually they'll get zipped in with the map when you publish it.

Can anyone post some links to new skyboxes I found some but they didn't work. They also didn't have as much pictures as the default skies.

How DO you upload those?
I don't see anything on the websites.

How do you get the textures in mission editor? What folder do you put them in?

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