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Author Topic: my space house :D  (Read 4926 times)


i like that word
i dont even think its a word
i jsut kinda made it up

your kidding, right? i'm %90 shure that's a real word. sometimes I almost feel like I'm working with children.

Do you like my houses

house :D

first, i bet thats not even your house, looks like USSR work.
second, its house not houses cause you only posted one pic
third, your not welcome to any server if you keep up the rate
forth, who ever made it
9.5/10 , very nice, nothing i ever seen in fourms.

OnT: its o.k. if this is your first time, the colors do destroy the looks of it tho, it looks ..... gay (no offence and not pointing fingers)(points at someone) try having normal colors like blue or something not the rainbow
6.9/10 , it could be better.
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