Author Topic: Movable sentery and aircraft turret.  (Read 3288 times)

Yeah.. I made a vehicle that you get in. It has a usable mini gun thing. You can look up and down and shoot down planes. And why this is not in add ons because i'm never going to let you get it. It rests in MY server. BUT MY SERVERS ALWAYS DEAD!!!
So no one can ever use it except for me. Yeah, and whats great is i scripted it and when ever it's hit by bullets (only) it will deflect them. So, you guys can wimper and cry to not use my BLOCKO turret. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! But I DO have a picture.

dude that's fake, you simply built a little house thing, than you went in it while holding a minigun.
Your not fooling anyone.


Oh sweet, and one rocket hit ensures you die.


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If you cant even run a server properly, than I highly doubt that this is real.

congrats, you have acheived one of the lowest ratings i ahve yet given

congrats, you have achieved one of the lowest ratings

Incredible, simply by saying you made it, but none of us can see it or have it, tells me its fake. dude, dont try to fool people with poorly made builds that vaguely resemble a turret -_-

congrats, you have achieved one of the lowest ratings
You don't even deserve to own blockland, so just go away, I really hate you



(No 'ph' instead of 'f' because it fails so much.)

Wow im sorry but thats pathetic, thats low >.>