Author Topic: Map won't load  (Read 2319 times)

My map, Hillz, wont load.  I have the .ter and .mis files but wont load

Download if u want to find the problem

It's a broken map. I haven't seen it yet but look in the console on mission start to find the corrupted data info in the mission file.

I have the console log if you want

>>> Some error context, with ## on sides of error halt:
         head = "1";

         textObj = "5506";

         tail = "0";

         line0 = "<spush>\c3Server is running DarkLight\'s Achievements Mod Version 10.<spop>";

         time0 = "7395310";


   new ScriptObject(ClientGameModeStorerSO) {

         modeRuleDef-1##_##0 = "0";

         modeRuleDef0_2 = "0";

         modeRuleCount-1 = "2";

         modeCount = "1";

         modeRuleDef0_1 = "0";

         modeRuleDef1_2 = "0";

         modeRuleDef0_0 = "0";

         modeRuleDef1_1 = "0";

         modeUsesTeams0 = "0";
>>> Error report complete.

Get rid of the number signs or the Script Object, if it is unnecessary.

Also, I found this:

Code: [Select]
No 'MissionGroup' found in mission "".
BackTrace: ->SM_StartMission->createServer->loadMission->loadMissionStage2

You don't have a MissionGroup? And the mission is titled ""? There are some problems going on there.

I fixed all of the errors you noted plus the ones I found