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This is my first pixel build and its not that great, but I decided to post it.

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I vomited a little in my mouth.

lmao @ his comment.
I guess it's good...but could be better. (much better) much much much much much better
Oh snap, I just realised you don't know how to pictures and you prnt screened and your desktop is in there too..
your original rating was a 2/10, not being able to take a proper screenshot lowers it by 3.
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Everytime Otis posts, I die a little inside :( (Watch him spam now)

I'm serious, that is the scariest and ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Really?  If so, it comes very close to this:  .

I don't know about scary, but it certainly is ugly.  And somewhat scary, due to its ugliness.

As for the brick art, if I was a LEGO guy, I'd take offense that someone would deface my world with such a structure.  As a LEGO guy, the fact that we shared anything in common (we're both made out of blocks and plastic) would be cause for consideration of melting myself, or building a large magnifying glass, and melting the art...

Excluding the content, congratulation's.  I may not like the picture, but at least you did the work.  I appreciate the effort, and I hope you learned something from it.  I am saddened that the time spent wasn't used in a less detestable manner though.  Good luck on your next build.  Hopefully it won't be something quite so...  (I'll be nice) controversial...  Mouser X over and out.

The fact that you compare yourself to a minifig shows you have no life

The image seems to have been taken away. What was it?

Anyway, here's the fix for ugly pixel art:

He removed the pic :(

because it was hideous.  There is some rule that says not to post gross images.

Also, a pixel is not a pixel art!
Want me to post a group of pixels? There: .

yes you did, it's not there anymore and it says that you edited your post yesterday.