Author Topic: How Do I Make a Map?  (Read 589 times)

Some old wise creepy guy once said "If you cant figure this out on your own, youll never be able to do it." Again. At least to me map=add-on.

use mision editor  :cookieMonster:
press f11 for mision editor :3

ugh. I don't understand this topic allready.

To make a map, first download Mission editor. when you did that, make sure you enabled it and press F11.
Then mess around with it until you know how to use it.

To make Interiors (like the bedroom) use Torque Constructor or some other program.

To package it, make a new folder in your Add - ons folder in your blockland folder then name it Map_Your_map_name. In your map name make sure it has no spaces, Do_this_Instaid. (spell check says that spelling is right.)

in it, save your map in it. make sure it has a DOF picture of your map in it (named the same as the map) and a description in it. (named description)  Then you make the folder into the .zip and your done.

This Mini - Tutorial works for me, should for you.