Author Topic: Carzo's newest old style house.  (Read 4465 times)

Interior pics added.

Nice, would fit right into Morrowind, Oblivion etc. 8/10
Funny you should mention that, it looks almost identical to the house style in Skingrad from Oblivion.

Rosethorn Hall.

Almost Identacle ouside, But EXTREMLY identicle inside. lol.
Yeah I can tell. In terms of outside it could be a number of houses in Skingrad, but from the interior it definately looks like Rosethorn Hall. Not fully upgraded of course.  :cookieMonster:

Oh, it's from Oblivion? Dude, great idea. I'm gonna go try to, well, first, find your build, and then find another for me to make :).

EDIT: Found it. Some resemblance, yeah. Now gotta find something for myself!
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Ooo, dis one so eeeeeeeviiiilll.
..K, not really, but.. V2?

Looks better darker and Eviler.  :cookieMonster:

very nice Carzo, 9.5/10
lol, the windows do look like staked ice.