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Fire Themed Deathrun:

It's online right now:
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I think we have a Winner[/b!

c wut i did thar^^

Goddamn! Momentum took like, the only fire pun.

Anyways, nice build! Really digging the dragon head.

Looks fun, Im gonna come now

It looks like there will be some very heated competitions.

I played it for a while, its hard, mainly because for a good bit of it I didn't have a clue what to do :P

Killer perspective:

I prefer my victims well done.

Killer perspective:

I prefer my victims well done.
I like mine medium-well. 

There was a guy named Goku!
He was really annoying cause he kept rpging

Bump for being hosted again

Don't forget, if you really are pissed at someone and half the server people agree with you, /votekick them.

Ontopic: Its a bit cramped for so many people. Maybe make two parallel ones that work on the same buttons?