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So far, in Blockland, I have learned to make maps very easily and made quite a collection available for the community.  I am providing them in this easy list for the community to easily access.

All Links have pictures provided, so don't post any idiocy of "No pix no clix"

Direct Download
Currently affects only Rusty Desert, The Slopes and Desert Oasis.

My 1st map:  (and first made - an edit, original map by Jimmg)
Alpines Revised Snow

My 2nd map:
Rusty Desert

My 3rd map:

My 4th map:

My 5th map:

My 6th map:
Nova Green

My 7th map:
Nova Ultraviolet

My 8th map:
Fiery Isles

There are more to come, including "Fissure" and "Supernova".

Some of the maps are having the glitch known as the Slopes glitch.
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I love them all <3
Can't wait for Fissure, sounds epic.

Fissure sounds fun. Do you plan on using interiors on future maps?
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Fiery Isles is an RTB Isles edit.

Fiery Isles is an RTB Isles edit.
Stop assuming random crap and jumping to conclusions.  I made BOTH the original and the new edition Fiery Isles from scratch.
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no pic no clix

JK! there are epic but not as epic as my new laptop :D

I absolutely love Rusty Desert, Tuevon. Remember me  :cookieMonster:?

Oh yes, Rusty Desert is a great map too. Almost forgot about that one. You're really good with terrain. :D

I absolutely love Rusty Desert, Tuevon. Remember me  :cookieMonster:?
Yes I do :3

I absolutely love Rusty Desert and Blizzard, but haven't found a decent use for either yet.

Blizzard I have a Siege in progress but its coming out only meh.

          Ok, so I'll tell you all this.  The terrain is important, but what matters the most for my terrain maps is the lighting, fog and visibility.  For instance, on Fiery Isles, the fog allows for 3 advantages.
1)  Better view underwater.
2)  Ability to see faraway islands more like shady sillouettes.
3)  Allows spacing effect between sky and clouds.

Rusty Desert's and lighting simulates the time at about 4:00 in the afternoon.  The fog and visibility distance makes the air seem dry and seem like there's a weak sandstorm.

I usually spend a good half-hour just on these effects in order to make your expiriences more realistic.
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You did a good job on the lighting and such on Rusty Desert, the air really does seem dry like you said.

Yeah, I have to say I can almost feel the bite of the wind on Blizzard.

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EDIT:  I will post a picture of how Fissure is going to look like.  I wanted to finish it and post it.  I was 93% done.  My .mis and .ter failed to save.  I am reduced to 15%.
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