Flipnote Memo, Might come out on August 14th


Have any of you 3Ds users heard of a sequel of flipnote studio coming to the 3Ds? That's why they didn't let you transfer Flipnote studio.

"So far 3Ds lacks a program to compare to the DSi's Flipnote Studio, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has recently announced that Nintendo is working on an updated version of the program called Flipnote Memo."

"No official news about Flipnote memo other than what you already know so lets just be patient and wait for more stuff to be known. I actually knew that it wouldn't come out at release because Nintendo didn't either."

I was really disappointed when Flipnote Memo didn't come out on July 6th. I wasn't a good animator back in the old days, but I still loved to see other's flipnotes. Thanks for helping me understand.

"He said that he was working on it, and that it will be available for free (I guess very soon and through eShop, maybe with the May update... Also, you should be able to exchange your creations with your friends, but Nintendo is having a hard time because of the possibility that some create "adult" animations and children see it."

Yeah, I get it. Sometimes I accidentally see those, and I report them. But I cant find a good reason... Did you hear that they are going to update the report system in flipnote memo (below)?

"Check the nintendo website. Memo festures new things, such as
-Color picker/gradient
-Improved reporting system
-New and improved flipnote making system c:
But its not out..."

It will come out, but Nintendo had only assumed it would come out then. The most recent guess is Thursday, August 14th, or August 25th. Most likely a Thursday in August, for all I know.

"As of today, August 5th, 2011, no. There is not an official release date. If anyone else responds differently, ignore."

You don't have to ignore different posts. Some of them might be actual guesses from Nintendo.

Well, I hope that cleared up things about Nintendo's plans for the 3Ds, Flipnote memo (So that we have something to compare with those braggers with DSi's!  :cookieMonster:)


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