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Could I have one? Kinda a British gentalman kinda thing :P

You just quoted your above post... Now you're not getting it...


Shall I use this as my actual avatar?
I actually love this

can someone add a fedora and shotgun to this? (im busy and cannot do it)

I now want one of this:

You want this after someone make a pixel avatar and you didn't even say "thanks"?

Bump. Btw, Greeph, look in my personal text.


And then you double post the same post?

You are really retarded.
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Alright, I hate to say this, but Tingalz is right.

The reason that Mak's look so good is because he only uses 1 size of pixels.

Using smaller pixels looks bad.

Yes, it is tempting to add details but it really doesn't end well.

Camera, sorry if I missed something on a couple pages back, but mind if I use that as an avatar?
Oh.. nevermind I can't save gifs :/

I now want one of this:

Ill try.
But im taking it.

You could crop it.

I don't know how to do that without painstakingly copying and pasting it in a 75x75 box. The program I use will not allow gif resizing to best quality.