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Build Renovation Competition
    °To renew; to revamp something to make it look new again.
    °To tear down and rebuild.



Basically, I've been watching too many home reno shows lately, so I thought that this would be a good idea.

During every renovation period, a save file will be released here. The save file can be anything, but will usually be a house, store or some kind of building. If you wish to enter this competition, simply download the file, then start renovating it! You may renovate exterior, interior, back yard, front yard, whatever you like. After you're finished, simply submit your renovation as a reply to this topic.


- no stealing other builds
- help is allowed, but if there are prizes at stake, only one person will receive the prize
- just use your common sense to differentiate from right and wrong

Entry and submission

- download the save file and start renovating to enter
- submit your finished product as a reply to this topic
- include brickcount
- the more pictures you post, the better, because it gives judges more materials to rate off of
- you may post cinematic shots and stuff like that
- basically, you can post pictures and weird angles that make the house better than it looks, but be sure not to have such weird angles that it would deduct points because the judges don't know what's going on in the house
- deadlines will be edited into the topic title

don't ask to be a judge

- mrcookie ID 9889
- Blocktim ID 4869
- prandomguy ID
- Randomguy ID 4508
- Devastator ID 2174
- Manty ID 2059


- the way how renovations will be judged will be based on design and concept mainly
- the ratio between brick usage and output will also be considered
  - such as if you used 300 bricks to create something really nice, when it could've been done with 100
- time taken, but this will give a very small percentage of points
- effort ^


Reno #4:
- bragging rights
- Humble Bundle 4

Reno #3:
- bragging rights
- Humble Bundle 4

Reno #2:
- Humble Introversion Bundle


- Check "Current Reno" section.

Save file

Current Reno

Previous Renos

Reno House 4
 1133 bricks
 by: MrCookie ID 9889 & Blocktim ID 4869
 Jan. 14, 2012
  - Yard will be a main feature
  - Must have master bedroom
 Prize: Humble Bundle

 JVS doors
 tophius windows
 trueno's colorset
 pole bricks

Reno House 3
 952 bricks
 by: MrCookie ID 9889
 Dec. 24, 2011
  - main floor should have some kind of support pillar/pole (If you don't know how to do this properly, you don't have to, but it is worth points
  - maximum extension of lot is 4 bricks (This does not effect height)
 Prize: Humble Indie Bundle 4

 JVS doors
 tophius windows

Reno House 2
 548 bricks
 by: MrCookie ID 9889
 Dec. 10, 2011
 Restrictions: none
 Prize: Humble Introversion Bundle

 JVS doors
 tophius windows

_____________________________ _____________________

Reno House 1
 790 bricks
 by: MrCookie ID 9889
 Nov. 19, 2011
 Restrictions: none
 Prize: TBA

 JVS doors
 tophius windows

Past Winners

Reno #4 - 1st Mr. Man

Reno #3 - 1st Lordy Lord, 2nd Sleven, 3rd Kazami

Reno #2 - 1st Redliub, 2nd Lordy Lord, 3rd Mr Man

Reno #1 - 1st Redliub, 2nd Sleven, 3rd Lordy Lord
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I'd join if I had my building skills back

Neat idea. I might give it a shot for stuffs and giggles. We can use any add-ons we see fit?
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Have a day off this friday.
I'll try then.

This will sure be fun.

Have a day off this friday.
I'll try then.
And there goes..

This will sure be fun. chances of winning.

Don't you build well, demian? :c

I'd laugh if Ike tried this

Don't you build well, demian? :c
Sleven and Army Guy build amazing things.

I finished the interior structure renovation. I'm tearing out the exterior walls tomorrow.

I might renovate it for fun, no promises though.

Is there a certain brick limit could I exceed it off the baseplate and make it big or keep it the same size with new interior and exterior?

>Destroy everything
>Build different house