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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1696526 times)

I think I obviously would be the best and most responsible admin

I think I obviously would be the best and most responsible admin out there, it'll be yeeeeeeaaaaaars before I let some troll the server.  I'm clearly the admins favorite player
10/10 do recommend

Name: DrumStix
BL_ID: 42059

Previous Administration Experiences: I am admin on the following--
1) Zapk's Prop Hunt
2) Tezuni's Prison Escape
3) Count's Server [Super Admin]
4) A-Spec's Throw Mod
5) Psyche's Bounty Hunter
6) Loose Valve's FortWars [Super Admin]
7) Sabre's Server
8) Crown's Prison Escape
9) Jawbreaker's Server [Super Admin]
10) Berint's Server
11) Nail's Jail Escape [Super Admin]
12) Brotatoe's Boulder Dash
13) Bloodage12's Server
14) Psudoz's Server [Super Admin]
15) Mr. Queeba's Server [Admin]
16) Jakob's Server [Moderator]

Why Should I Accept You?  I generally want the server to be better than it already is! Simply doing that by dealing with people who cause the server to fall, such as spammers, Trollers, etc. This would Also be one of the greatest accomplishments in Blockland if I succeed. I am very fair to players who cause trouble, I treat them like any other player, I treat them politely and let them explain to me what they did wrong before I kick/ban. I am a very experienced admin, and many people would recommend me. The more places I get accepted as admin, the more  knowledge I take in about admin, therefore I become more, and more experienced. I am always on Blockland, and would love to help out, and be apart of the admin team!

Who Recommends You?: feel free to ask them, all of them trust me and recommend me.
• Crown
• XR_7
• Tetronaught
• Emerson
• Eagle
• Jawbreaker
• Jibblito
• Made O Rubber
• Johnny Blockhead
• A-Spec
• Goof
• Mcloler
• Scriode
• Hyperion
• Champion108
• Zapk (Maybe, haven't asked)
And a few others...

Time Zone/Area: Alaska, U.S.A

Tophat: Recommendations are good, previous experience is a little odds and ends, but it's solid. I deny this app for now.
Soroxzion: ^
Aware: Your reasons are strange, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. But you seem level headed enough to become admin. But I made the mistake of not knowing a person well enough and saying Yes on an application before. See Alive. I am going to pass on this one.
siba: Not convinced.
Ike: Gonna say yes
Ry: Okay so I'm still forced to enter like 3 times instead of actually writing on the line I want to but.... HOLY stuff HE MADE A LIST OF THINGS. If they take details and put them in a nice oragnized list they are already 50x as intelligent as the people who do not. That being said, the "Why i want to be admin" section is for determining their writing skills / competance more than an actual reason but, your experience speaks for itself, and I like lists :D
Danny Boy: While your recommendations are good as well as your past experience, your reasons for acceptance don't sell to me so I'm afraid I'm going to have to say no.
Narkro: Looks pretty solid to me. Yes.
Jetz: Off to a flying start. Nicely formatted one that spends the entire reason to accept discussing irrelevant things or listing things that are already expected of you. No.
TBP: ask before putting down recommendations. no.
Marioguy0:  Jetz asked me not to abstain here, so I am afraid I have to say no.  Blame him.  Your app does not look bad, but I feel you might need more experience with possibly the game and simply being an administrator.
Ipquarx: I'm sorry to say this but we have enough regular admins, and you seem like you fit squarely in average. It's a no.
Xalos: Flip-flopped a few times, but ultimately I'm going to have to say no.
Political Pastry: It's pretty solid, but can be improved in some areas. Tell us why you are above average, not just average. No.

Score: -7, denied

Name: Visolator
BL_ID: 20490

Previous administration experience:
Prince Jay's servers
Kong123's servers
My servers (RPG, Freebuild, Survive the Disasters)
Wrapperup's servers
Agent Blue's Jail Escape and Zombie
Chrisbot6's Super Creeper
That Blue Creeper's servers

Who recommends you?:
Johnny Blockhead
Chromomaina/PowerDag (Forums account)
Carbon Zypher/Darksaber2213 (Forums account)

Why should I accept you?:
The server has had things go on and off with things, such as arguments, unreasoning rage, but sometimes they just do not stop, and when there are not any admins around, things can get pretty bad. If a new player connects, I will be there to help them if they have any questions, as well for the others too. No other people shall be treated differently at  all, so they will be cared at all times. I care about everyone on the  server, willing to serve for administration. There are a lack of admins  sometimes when I am on the server, I am able to watch the server as much as possible.
I know I have had bad experiences from being on blockland, but I have learned from all of them. I have changed over the years of my administration and my maturity about everything. There might be some days that I will act very stupid, it's probably because I am having a bad day, but we all have our days. I don't change my status when I change my mood. I don't want to be that kind of person that wants  to ban everyone when not in a mood, or takes things too seriously. Sometimes I do because I care about the server, as well as the people  inside the server. I love to see people cooperate instead of fighting, as long as I see people having fun, I am happy.
I would help new players to learn how to play and how to win as boss or normal. If  something breaks (Which rarely happens), I would be there to attempt to fix it.

Timezone/Region: Mountain Time, USA

Tophat: From personal experience, and seeing Visolator host his own maps, he is true to his word. I recommend him.
Soroxzion: I would reccomend Visolator. Yes.
Pastry: I reccomend him. Yeah!
Aware: An undoubted Yes.
siba: Unconvinced; I don't like it when a user tells me he can fly off the handle on 'bad days'
Ike: Based on personal experience, I'll have to say yes
Ry: I'm going to borrow Ike's line again because I'm apparently not aloud to make my own. I
have no idea who this person is, but if Tophat thinks he's cool, then I'm all good.
Danny Boy: A refreshing application. Yes
Narkro: Very honest, yes from me.
Jetz: "There might be some days that I will act very stupid, it's probably because I am having a bad day, but we all have our days." Sounds like a winner to me. Still, the rest of it is solid, and an impressive history and list of recommendations to go with it. Yes.
TBP: yes
Marioguy0:  Honesty is a good thing, but your wording here makes me question you.  No.
Ipquarx: Sure. I've seen you around and you seem like you're fit for admin here.
Xalos: I can recommend Viso. Yes.

Score: 10, accepted

Name: Raddition
BL_ID: 20310

Previous administration experience: Pizza Man's Army RP & Feline's Deadliest Warrior TDM
Who recommends you?: Pizza Man, Feline

Why should I accept you?: Although I have not been playing for years, and the above probably aren't all that I recall (but are definitely the recent), I still possess the qualities of being a good admin. I support small humor and provide a good leg to stand on for others. I am a natural leader, and I've been told so by numerous people that I've met over the past 3 years. When the going gets tough, I am the go-to guy for ideas and overall help. Although I may not please well enough, I can be very persistent and will do anything I can to please anyone, no matter what the character. And on a side note, I have also been known as Sir  Vince, Vincenzo Dematos, Aokark the Saiyanhog Mario Gonzalez, and Markus Enderton.

Timezone/Region: Pacific, United States of America

Tophat: Needs all around more experience, I would think. Denied.
Soroxzion: I will deny this one.
Political Pastry: I believe that you need more reccomendations, try to aim for recognized people in the community. If you are a solid admin, this should not be so hard. Try and expand your application, too. Also, be above adverage, not just the norm.
siba: I like the sound of you but your app is too small for me to consider.
Aware: No, to small and doesn't look like you put much effort into it.
Ry: Who the poop is Feline and "Pizza Man", and those servers sound terribad. Also this feels bare and uninterested, either that or you're just totally not involved with blockland at all, and are probably looking for a reason to be.
Danny Boy: Reasons sound more like an application to become a youth worker rather than an admin. Going to have to say no here.
Narkro: Limited reccomendations and acceptance reason is pretty weak. No.
Jetz: "I can be very persistent and will do anything I can to please anyone" Word of advice: don't put that on your résumé. No.
TBP: no
Marioguy0:  So you have been an admin on two types of servers and only those two hosts would support you?  Definite no.
Ipquarx: Whoever Pizza Man and Feline are, if they ever decide to apply here, I'm denything them too. Nop.
Xalos: Feline rings a vague bell of bad in my mind and everything else is just general admin duties. No.

Score: -13, denied

Name: Ultimate Murderer
BL_ID: 33887
Previous administration  experience: Velor's mini empires M.F, (All who I remember Who recommends  you?: Velor (All I remember, forgive me)
Why should I accept you?: I  think I should be A admin is because I love Pecon7s boss battles and I am very responsible with admin, I just really hope this app with be accepted, If it does then my life will be complete

Timezone/Region: South Western, USA

Tophat: Not enough effort was put into this. No.
Soroxzion: Not enough effort put forth into somthing as important as this. No.
siba: Nope.
Ike: Terrible app, nnope
Political Pastry: It's too short for my liking, and can be improved in the departments of grammar and spelling. Also, try to get more reccomendations. No.
Aware: No
Ry: He capitalized the A in "A admin" wtf is going on, I think this person is drunk. From the way he writes I'm assuming he's extremely young and udnerexperienced, hence why he seems to be begging, BEGGERS GET BONES, NOT ADMIN.
Danny Boy: No
Narkro: Negative.
Jetz: What could go wrong with a name like "Ultimate Murderer?" No.
TBP: no
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk fawk no
Ipquarx: We need people with a bit more sophistication, notably the ability to form complete thoughts and follow simple instructions. No.
Xalos: No. Is this a joke app?   NINJA: Tophat informs me it isn't. -3.7 Faith in Humanity points.

Score:-14, denied

Next post coming soon.

Name: TheIronGuy
Previous administration experience: Well...only photokevv's server and Mr Queeba's...that's about it.
Who recommends you?: Eagle517, Oreo, photokevv, TheHellSpy, and Mr Queeba.

Why should I accept you?: I have great behavior, most of the time. About 99% of the time. I am VERY  grateful on all of the other administrators on this server. I would like to be an admin so I can contribute with other admins and protect  the community on the server. Admins are good for moderating the server, they are good for all servers. There has to be at least 1 admin to  protect the server from those who are hackers, those who troll, and those who spam. Those kind of people can crash the server if they are not careful on their actions. Those kinds of people should "get a full meal of ban." Banning those who hack, troll, and spam deserve a warning (kick) and then a 2nd warning (10 minute ban), and finally, a 3rd  warning (1 hour ban). The warnings show that the person that was doing a thing that could crash the server and they should learn a lesson from it.

Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Tophat: Unsure/shady on most of the app. No.
Pastry: As I start reading, the first thing that comes to mind is more solid reccomendations. Also, this seems a bit too shady, as said. You should be able to control yourself. Also, set responses are a no-no if you really want to be great. No.
Soroxzion: I find something not quite right with this app.
Ike: No
Aware: Low quality experiences and recommendations. Uninteresting reasons. No.
siba: No.
Ry: "I have great behavior, most of the time. About 99% of the time. I am VERY  grateful on all of the other administrators on this server." And lost (my respect), ggwp, no.
Danny Boy: No
Narkro: I dont like that 1%.
Jetz: Maybe we should add a separate field to the app that reads "Recite an admin's job description here" so people know that it is not one and the same as the reason to accept. No.
TBP: no
Marioguy0:  I cringed somewhere in there.  No.  You are paying my medical bill.
Ipquarx: Not even reading the whole application, you don't have enough experience. Nope.
Xalos: Your recommendations and admin experience contain people who I've never heard of or know of only as bad hosts. No.

Score: -14, denied

Name: Redconer
BL_ID: 33688
Previous administration experience:  tetronaught(co-host), BlueDryBones1, Mantax64(co-host),  Brotatoe, Swollow, Wrapperup (moderator), Visolator, Kong123, slowsnow2,  Blake1, Kalim, Agent Blue, Prince Jay, Mauritsio, Trifornt, Boink!, Kong123, Hammereditor. I had also instructed students in my Father's Martial Arts business.

Who recommends you?: Everyone in the  previous administration experience including the students that I  instructed, along with Blocklegend, Dogling, Champion, Tophat, Ipquarx,  Sirgir, pipblade, Kel'Block, Bomb Kirby, Soroxzion
Why should I accept you?: Administration is not a game to me, it is a serious opportunity for me to help out a server. I had quizzed myself of administration about my do's and don't's such as keeping a calm temper and not become a big-mouthed flamer. I also watch what I say, for that I am a role model to show players what it's like to become one. Just like Kalim, I warn those who break the rules with only one stern warning, however, if they are new, I'll give them another warning. Continuation will lead to a punishment, but if it pushes to far, the consequences are more lethal. An admin like I should be, I respect players and other fellow administrators with honor and courtesy, nemesis or not. One of the only problems I encountered in the server is the fact that all of  the admins tend to snooze, leaving me willing to administrate for them.  Caring about other administrators, I hesitate to help them out or even do the job for them. I only suggest a request if its necessary for the  gameplay itself, which occurs every now and then. Be aware that I don't  take a simple joke like "healing" acid pool then a "jk" lightly when administrating, for that its serious business. I only do this to prevent entertainment collapse, and I never allow party poopers destruct the server's gameplay, even if they attempt with low effort. Although I might have a beefed-up attitude, I treat newcomers like they are my children. Helping them out and willing to answer their questions in a snap, I'm a multi-subject teacher without getting ticked off at their total misunderstandings. Corrections are always welcomed by me to newcomers and veterans whenever they're in need.
TL;DR:  Administration may be serious business such as punishments after  warnings and patrolling for non-social criminals, but I tend to help out  and make it fun for rookies and elders.

Timezone/Region: Central

Tophat: From personal experience, and throughout speaking to Redconer, I recommend him.
Soroxzion: I would recommend him.
Pastry: I reccomend him, he's great. Yes.
Ry: I've actually encountered this individual before, he's uhhh.... sketchy sketchster. Administrate at your own risk, but at least he knows how to write quite well. So sure, just keep an eye on him.
Danny Boy: Its strange for myself and redcorner because it's like I've known him for a long time but at the same time I don't know him at all. That being said he does seem to be a dedicated and mature player, with recommenations and experience so I'm going to say Yes.
(Just an FYI though, putting Kong down twice only counts once bud :P)
Narkro: I've played with reconder a lot and he seems like a very good potential admin. Very mature.
TBP: no
Jetz: "Be aware that I don't  take a simple joke like 'healing' acid pool then a 'jk' lightly when administrating" - Haven't seen this one in an app before. Good job having some original thought. Yes.
Marioguy0:  I will not say what put me off in your app.  No.
Ipquarx: Hell yes, cool guy. Recommended.
Xalos: Definitely seems helpful on the server. Yes.

Score: 7, debate required

Name: Carbon Zypher
BL_ID: 2213
Previous administration experience: Zealot's Servers, Dragonoid X's servers, Leon S. Kennedy's Servers, My own.
Who recommends you?: Zealot, Dragonoid X, Spratticus, GWT, Visolator, and Navaro.

Why should I accept you?: I am a frequent visitor to the server and have been a part of it ever since the first bedroom map. I am friendly to normal players, and admins too. I can put time into the server almost every day. New players come into the server every day and I am delighted to show them the ins and  outs of the server. I keep an unbiased view to both sides of the story  when punishing rule breakers and trolls alike. I also have modding  skills in both coding and modeling. In conclusion, I am a capable admin that has had years of experience on the server and in Blockland  as a whole, and fully capable to handle the privilege of admin status.
Timezone/Region: Mountain, USA
Tophat: My opinion on Carbon isn't the same as my vote. I only feel as he is not a suitable  admin. No.
Soroxzion: I feel as though Carbon is not suited enough for admin, so no.
Ike: No
Aware: No.
siba: Personal past reasons; no.
Ry: Zealot is a tard last time I checked, and Leon Kennedy has some adminsitrator problems, Carbon is probably one of them.
Danny Boy: I've never understood why people use coding and modelling in an admin application. Yeah it is a great feature to have but frankly several of the current admins can do it and it in no way reflects administrative ability.  Furthermore the reasons are quite cliched so I'm going to say no.
Narkro: ^
TBP: no
Pastry: No. It's a bit generic.
Jetz: Insubstantial. Coding/Modeling skills are a nice bonus but can't carry the rest of it, unfortunately. No.
Marioguy0:  I vaguely remember liking him ingame, but this app is a downvote.  No.
Xalos: No, both because it seems like a generic admin app and because, well, Zealot.

Score: -13, denied

Name: Bladeboy
BL_ID: 28621
Previous administration expierience:  been admin on 3adminserver3's server, Dryalex10's server, Soule's  server, Outpact's server, ZangoTrango's server, Daniel.S's server, Maybe  more, idk
Who recommends you: Solaire/islondar, Shroombot, Purpleshift, ZangoTrango, Unicorncuddle,
Why should i accept you: I spend along of time in servers to administrate to help hosts and players, I've been administrating for a couple of years now.

Timezone/region: Western Europe, Belgium

Tophat: Not enough effort was put into this app. No.
Soroxzion: Need more effort put into the app. No.
Ike: No
Aware: Short application, put more effort in it. No.
Pastry: WAY too short, also "maybe more, idk" is a very bad thing to say because it sounds like you are not putting your full effort into the app, like you should be. No.
siba: No.
Ry: Who the heck plays Blockland in Belgium. Also all of those people he listed sound stupid. Nope Nope Nope.
Narkro: No effort. No.
Danny Boy: Just no.
TBP: no. also ryk wtf, "Who the heck plays Blockland in Belgium." :/
Jetz: When your one sentence reason to accept is still difficult to interpret as a coherent thought, you probably need to start over. No.
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk fawk no.  What am effortses?
Xalos: Cringed and stopped reading at "3adminserver3's server". No.
Ipquarx: no no no no no no no no no no no

Score: -14, denied

Name: Cheese And Butter
BL_ID: 45175
Past Experiences: I have been an admin on many minecraft servers, and had a couple of my own servers.
Who Recommends You: my brother golden sonic

Why Should I accept You: You should accept me because im very good at gaming and I host minecraft servers and a gamer.
Why I would like to be an Admin: I would like to be an admin because I enjoy playing rising lava and could help make the server better by sharing my ideas with the owner. Book has been very nice to me and told me how to apply to be an admin. I like to help people and follow the rules.
Other Notes: I would very much appreciate the opportunity to become an admin, I love this game and would take the job seriously

Tophat: Accepting because you're a gamer....I'm confused. I have to say no out of confusion from this app. Edit: Timezone wasn't put in, I missed it!
Soroxzion: I would say no due to being a gamer in retrospect has nothing to do with administraing a server.
Pastry: No, minecraft and blockland are different games. Also, your brother doesn't really count as a good reccomendation. Also, bad reasons.
Ike: I don't really think playing a game is grounds for moderation abilities
Aware: Doesn't meet minimum requirements. No.
siba: No.
Ry: If they say "I'd appreciate being admin" just no, just no. They obviously just want to feel important and don't care about the job they have to do. Also wtf, this isn't a combat clan, being good at video games does not make you a good admin. Sai is probably the worst gamer in existance, and he makes a pretty decent project manager. You sir are fat and I have no problem telling you so.
Narkro: Being a gamer is not a qualification. No.
Danny Boy: No.
TBP: no
Jetz: "I would like to be an admin because I enjoy playing rising lava and could help make the server better by sharing my ideas with the owner." You have the wrong number. This is Boss Battles. No.
Marioguy0:  Failed to meet minimum requirements.  No.
Xalos: No.
Ipquarx: "my brother golden sonic" Denied simply because of that alone. One recommendation only, and from your brother no less??

Score: -14, denied

Name: Solaire
BL_ID: 73988
Previous administration experience:  I've been an admin on 3 Admin Server 3's server, Bladeboy's server,  Shroombot's server and Purpleshift's server.
Who recommends you?: Bladeboy,3 Admin Server 3,Undead Knight,Shroombot and Purpleshift.
Why should i accept you?: I am a mature gamer (For a 70k BL_ID), that spends most of his free-time in Blockland administrating the server's of his friends, i've been administrating for couple months now.

Timezone/Region: Central European Time,Greece

Tophat: I only suggest more experience, passing for now.
Soroxzion: I will deny this, you need more experience elsewhere.
Ike: No
Aware: Short. No.
Pastry: Too short, could go with better reccomendations and overall experience.
siba: No.
Ry: "I've been an admin on 3 Admin Server 3's server" I think that speaks for itself. Also I think we should start compiling a list of servers taht people administrate in that generally result in terrible admins. Might be useful for quicker rejections!
Danny Boy: No
TBP: no
Jetz: You've brought nothing to the table. There isn't even anything particularly funny about your application to nitpick. It's just... devoid of content. No.
Marioguy0:  You have put enough effort into this that I typed a full sentence to simply say no.
Xalos: Brought BL_ID into it and also 3adminserver3. No.
Ipquarx: Seems like you have given me absolutely no explanation on why I should type those three simple letters here, so I'm going to be lazy and type a two letter one: No.

Score: -13, denied

Name: Kaotrem²
BL_ID: 33962

Previous administration experience: I hosted my own renderman server under the name of Pngu12970, which achieved
third on the player list. Admin on various other servers I cannot clearly remember
Who recommends you?: Super Cookie, Deokotaru(unsure), HAD², Outpact(I checked), Snaked Snake

Why should I accept you?: I believe that during the day, most people either go to bed, or simply get off blockland and those who are still left on your server, are left there with no admin to manage things and keep those people in-line. I think my job is not just banning, kicking and being above most people in ranking, but helping others when they are new to the server and may not know what exactly to do and to keep general things under control. Since I am in Australia it means that when the majority of your admins hop off blockland I will still be there to administrate as there is very rarely an admin on at say 5:00 PM. I also  play on this server quite a bit, meaning I know my way around quite well.

Timezone/Region: AEST UTC +10:00

Tophat: The recommendations are a bit of the unknown, but you've hosted your own server, and it's a decent app. I'm flip-flopping, I'll have to veto.
Soroxzion: No
Ike: Ehhh, I'm gonna have to say no
Ry: How are you not sure if someone would recommend you or not, also snaked snake is a handicap so... Where's my giant "NOPE" stamp.
Pastry: No.
Danny Boy: No thanks.
TBP: no
Jetz: While it's true that we need some coverage at night, that, like someone else who put their mod-making skills in their app, is only a bonus and cannot carry the rest of the app. No.
Marioguy0:  Not impressed by experience and recommendations.
Xalos: Included "being above most people" as part of being an admin. No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Picket
BL_ID: 38990
Previous administration experience: Prince Jay, Tezuni, Buttman,
Who recommends you?: Prince Jay, Tezuni, Buttman, Aluxion, JKeric, and several others
Why should I accept you?: I have very good leadership skills. I am very  laid back and easy to get along with. I don't use my powers in a  destructive way, but I inflict punishment when necessary.

Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Tophat: Not enough effort. No.
Soroxzion: Needs more effort put forth on something like this.
Ike: No
Pastry: No. Too short, and you describe yourself as average, while we are looking for above that.
Aware: Prince Jay and Tezuni? Those are two people you shouldn't put on your application, regardless it is still to short. No.
siba: No
Ry: If Tezuni thinks you're cool, then I'm pretty sure you aren't. Plus, wtf, I wrote a significantly longer app in 5 minutes, you have no excuse for being this stupidly lazy. Nope.
Narkro: I saw Tezuni and he's notable for badmins. No.
Danny Boy: No
TBP: no
Jetz: Yeah this kinda supports my idea of having a separate field where the applicant recites the role of an admin so they know it's not the same as the reason to accept someone. No.
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk, fawk no.  srsly br0
Xalos: Nope.

Score: -13, denied

Congratulations Visolator, you have been accepted. There will be a debate later on for Redconer.

Debate for me? I am trembling

Congrats Viso.

we are all so surprised that you made it

Debate for me? I am trembling
By debate we mean we lock you in a cage with a coked-up gorilla that has a chainsaw for a left arm for 3 minutes. If you survive, you're in.

By debate we mean we lock you in a cage with a coked-up gorilla that has a chainsaw for a left arm for 3 minutes. If you survive, you're in.
I would like to help

I was kind of surprised I wouldn't have made it. I wouldn't have a few years ago since I didn't know the word "admin".

By debate we mean we lock you in a cage with a coked-up gorilla that has a chainsaw for a left arm for 3 minutes. If you survive, you're in.
Oh man, that is gonna be a serious debate

Oh man, that is gonna be a serious debate
Professional attire only.

would apply but im pretty sure all the admins hate me anyway lol

could've sworn redconer was a admin already.
really though I think he deserves the position, he's a really nice guy and is dedicated to the server.
just wanted to give my 2 cents on him.

could've sworn redconer was a admin already.
really though I think he deserves the position, he's a really nice guy and is dedicated to the server.
just wanted to give my 2 cents on him.
You can be his tag-team partner for the chainsaw-gorilla match. If you do that, though, the gorilla gets a flamethrower for a right arm, too.