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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1693222 times)

add the science guy to the list

mabi ill make a map for this

mabi ill make a map for this
Ya! Would be the best map!

Ok from what I read Firebug is now useless, please do not nerf infiltrator's speed, it is the last fast class, everyone who used runner moved to firebug and now I guess its time for them to move to infiltrator.

I have to check this out sometime, I wish life wasn't so hard when your going to graduate from School.

Made it so you get to see the artist and album of a song whenever it plays.

Made it so you get to see the artist and album of a song whenever it plays.
Wasn't expecting this; you made it easier for me to find a song

Wasn't expecting this; you made it easier for me to find a song

I think they have an app for that. (tm)

Name: Aim shark       
ID: 7884       
Experience: I have been an admin on a lot of different servers, mostly friends. I have never been called a badmin because I don't even act like an admin (I don't brag about being an admin because that is very annoying), I just play the game and if something is wrong I help fix it.   
What is my job: I believe that an admin's job is to make sure that nobody is breaking rules, and everybody that is breaking rules should get the proper punishment. I think that an admin is someone who is loyal to the server and the players, and trustworthy to make sure everybody's having a great experience.
Why should you accept me: I think that you should accept me because I am not the best player on your server but I am a great sport. I know that doesn't sound like it will help my case much, but I think that it doesn't matter if someone is good or bad at playing, it only matters if they try and they are good sports while they do it. I am a very trustworthy person and I will not destroy the server and I will not abuse power (I know that is expected of me anyway but I thought I may add it just in case). I am very loyal admin because I always follow the rules and keep everything in line. That being said, if I do not become an admin I will still be a loyal and trustworthy player on your server.  That is why I think that I am a good candidate for admin.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 25, 2015

Pecon7: No. "I don't even act like an admin" Sounds like you aren't there to actually administrate.
Tophat: No. Too many buzzwords for my liking, seems uncertain.
Jetz: No. Seems decent, but when we ask for experience, we are actually looking for specific examples.
Soroxzion: No, seems rather generic and does not drive me to say yes to this application.
Ipquarx: No, you seem nice but you need to give actual examples of experience administrating.
Ike: I'm saying no. No real examples given of being an admin, therefore there's nothing to go off of your claims to be a good admin.
Aware: No, your application is alright but your reasons to accept you are all very generic. You even admit that they are generic so I have no idea why you added them.
BlackStorm: egghaaa No
Visolator: No... Um. "I think that you should accept me because I am not the best player", stop it right there. What do you mean by this?
Narkro: No. Not being called a badmin does not make you a good administrator. I vote no.
Ry: No; pretty much what everyone else said.
Trifornt: No. "I don't act like an admin." So you don't act like you're someone who is required to take charge and keep the server under control? You probably meant to say "I act natural, instead of going power-hungry and purging the server." And even then, what I just said is something MANDATORY for admins.
Marioguy0:  No.  "I don't even act like an admin."

Name: Emerson       
ID: 31013
Experience: Pineapple's City RPG (A)
Cowman's DM (A)
FunkyMunkey's Deathrun (SA)
Terminator1337's Throwmod (A)
TheHellSpy's Futuristic Military Roleplay (A)
Tetronaught's Jailbreak/Freeze Tag (A)
Nameisthis123' Rocket Jump DM (SA)
rggbnnnnn's Super Murder Mystery (A)
You can ask these people, these are legitimate.
What is my job: I think in admin's job is to be there in the game when something is going wrong. To keep balance among people and help the host keep the server in order. An admin should be prepared for when something goes wrong and to be able to handle said situation with ease without causing more disorder. An admin should keeps balance and enforce discipline without personal preference on anyone. I think an admin should follow all guidelines at all times and enforce them in a way that will help the server and the people playing in a generalization.
Why should you accept me: I think you should accept me because I do my job as an administrator the best I can. I put much effort into administrating a server. I don't take personal matters into enforcing rules as an admin. I enforce rules unless necessary. I take it seriously when I enforce a rule on someone. I take everything into mind not just what they did. Such as if they have a history of breaking rules and who was affected by this person's actions. Another thing I think strongly of is not bringing judgment based off of personal problems, the only reason a person playing the game should be disciplined is if they are breaking a rule, not due to personal vendetta. I also think you should accept me because I want what almost every host wants in their server, a fun environment for the players on the server. People breaking rules can disrupt these people's gameplay and what I strive for is to keep those people in line and to not ruin the game for the people who are playing fairly. I come into play when the host isn't there to do these things. I am a calm person and I can handle situations with ease under any circumstance even by myself since I have been administrating for a decent amount of time to know what I am doing. I think you should accept me because accepting me can only mean good things for your server. I am confident in my abilities to administrate servers and many others think so. I can ultimately say that if you accept me I can help your server stay in a good condition and keep the server in line with an environment people can play with when I administrate. That is why I think you should accept me.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 26, 2015

Pecon7: No
Tophat: Yes. I like the application. I've seen you around, don't cause trouble. I'll go with this one.
Jetz: No. The general message seems clear enough but it's awkward as hell to read, which is usually a sign of a violation of my guideline that if you can rearrange all the sentences in the paragraph at random without losing anything, you've done it wrong.
Ipquarx: No, this application seems to be riddled with errors that seem to indicate you didn't put a whole lot of thought into this application. Stuff like "I enforce rules unless necessary." So you're going to enforce rules when it's not necessary, but when it is necessary, you'll just ignore everything? You need to show that you want this as much as you actually do.
Ike: Yes
BlackStorm: yeah
Visolaor: Recommended, I haven't had any issues with you, good layout of application.
Narkro: Yes. I like how he focused primarily on what an admin is supposed to do. Some of it is written confusingly, but I'd have to vote yes.
Trifornt: No. A lot of errors that could have been easily fixed by just re-reading your application. Just for that, I'm going to curl it up into a ball, throw it down my toilet, and then show off my overworking bladder and stomach not having gone to the bathroom for two weeks all over it.
Ry: No, give this a proof read and modify some of your phrases as they sound borderline buzzword-like.
Marioguy0:  No.
Aware: No, you did a nice job on describing the job of an admin, but your reasons to accept you are very short and seem to look more like a list. The reasons themself seem lacking in information and do not really show off any good reasons to accept you.

Name: [LegoTween98]       
ID: 37319       
Experience: My previous admin experience where on a custom freebuild server (I have forgotten who owned it, sorry.) I was given admin by the host before he left because of my knowledge of how to be a admin. When he left, some people started spamming chat and kept upsetting people. I soon kicked them twice and never came again.
What is my job: To keep in mind of several players in the server, such as spammers and trolls. A admin shouldn't abuse when given admin. (This means admin betrayal, were a person given admin betrays the host and possibly bans everyone from the server) But there job is keep the server safe and clean, too.
Why should you accept me: I have admin on many servers and I greet people nicely on the servers.
I think this is really useless but i'm gonna list the most servers I join as a admin.
Dark Blockland Guards servers (He has 2 alts that aren't revoked)
Captain Blocklands servers
Avengers servers
And some more, I forgot. I am greeted nicely on servers and got admin, too.
I say to be intelligent while using admin because of how I do.
I hope that's enough.
Timezone: northAmer       
Date: Mar 27, 2015

Pecon7: No
Tophat: No. Seems like it's trying to barely pass. I don't remember fondly of you.
Jetz: No. You put the stuff that was supposed to go in the experience section in the reason to accept you section. First time I've seen anyone do that. "Come back when you know what 'experience' means" sounds like I'm just being rude, but I mean it literally in this case.
Ike: No Not enough of a reason to give you administrative abilities.
BlackStorm: No
Soroxzion: No, This lacks so much information to even make a concrete statement.
Visolator: No, "I think this is really useless but i'm gonna list the most servers I join as a admin", this was supposed to be on your experience, taking this entire part makes your app not look structured.
Narkro: No, not convincing. It all just seems poorly structured and I can't seem to make myself trust someone who brings up a special way admins could abuse power.
Ipquarx: No, was going to say not enough experience but I think not filling out the form correctly counts too. Gotta let us know how much you actually care about this by taking the time to make sure your application is as good as it can be.
Trifornt: No. Your grammar and structure of your application is hilarious to look at, though. It's just a mess. Also, excruciatingly lacking.
Ry: No, "I say to be intelligent while using admin because of how I do" is not proper english. If english is not your first language, please say so in your application.
Marioguy0:  No.  I only had to skim over this one to determine it was of insufficient quality.  Just no.
Aware: No, you mixed up the "why should you accept me" part and the "previous experience" part. Your previous experiences should not be the only reason why you are accepted.

Name: YoshiDude1251       
ID: 172983
Experience: Several servers throughout different games, cannot name every exact server.
What is my job: An Admin's job is to keep an eye out for suspicious activities and bad crimes, help non-admins with troubles, code, build, event, help OTHER admins with bigger troubles. And to keep a steady server withe the Host is offline or online.
Why should you accept me: Despite my current BL_ID, I had an old account with a BL_ID of 33068. And I am friends with a lot of the server's admins. I am very nice, and if anyone needs any help, I'd be glad of assistance. I join the server at least 4-5 times a day, and stay for at least 20-50 minutes each time, so if anyone stirs trouble, I can try to resolve it without kicking or banning or muting. And if he continues, I will kick him as a "first warning". And that's why I think I'd qualify
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 28, 2015

Pecon7: No. We are looking for explaination of specific administration experiences.
Tophat: No. Nice, but not enough content overall, nor refined.
Jetz: No. You aren't expected to give you're entire history of experience administrating stuff on the internet, but it'd be nice if you at least gave us more than zero examples.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: No.
BlackStorm: No, you lost me at Experiences.
Visolator: No, experiences from this game, not from others.
Narkro: No. While administration experience is administration experience, you should probably have listed them anyway. Plus. IDs really aren't important and you need to be on more than 20-50 minutes each time in general.
Ipquarx: No, you need to have past experience to get admin here.
Ry: No, get more experience.
Trifornt: No. "several severs throughout different games, cannot name every exact server." sounds like a way of saying "I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, BUT HERE'S A FAIRY TALE SAYING I DO!" Also, what servers in Blockland? This game has very little servers right now.
Marioguy0:  No.  "Crimes."  We don't put people in jail, we kick and ban them for violating the rules of the server, not the state.  Not sure what games you've been playing, but Blockland doesn't work like that.
Aware: No, please atleast describe something about your experiences if you can not remember the specific name of the host/server.

Name: Metario       
ID: 5167
Experience: Garry's Mod Servers/DarkRP, CityRPG's server, and currently Super Admin on Pitariotect's server (currently down.)
What is my job: I believe that, an admin, whether he likes it or not, is commited to help the players, and to serve the players in fixing any issues that rise up, or randomly occur, due to certain glitches and bugs. I also think that an admin's job is to find any exploiters and cheaters, and immediately give them a warning if reported or if I manage to discover them. I believe in a equal community, so I can't/won't use my abilities to, otherwise, gain a advantage in the game. I also believe that an admin's job is to have fun, and to just hang around, and watch for any problems that occur on that day.
Why should you accept me: Necessarily, you shouldn't, but, I feel as if I fit the position of the admin role, due to the reasons I have listed up above, Instead of being a total butthurt admin, who gets easily offended. I am mature enough to believe that I fit the role of admin, and I also think that non-abusive admins are the ones you really need. I? I am one of those un-abusive admins. I believe in fun, and playing around. When I am needed, I will switch to being mature, from my play-side, to my judgement side. I also won't stop playing for a while, if so happens, I will make sure to tell my boss (Pecon7 or whoever).
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Mar 28, 2015

Pecon7: No. If you doubt yourself you give us no reason to believe you're better than you think.
Tophat: No. I can't say yes, so I have to say no. Doesn't give me a good vibe, first part of the application shot it down for me.
Jetz: No. Pecon insisted I put the verdict before the reasoning so it's less funny when I just quote "Why should you accept me: Necessarily, you shouldn't" before saying No and moving on.
Soroxzion:No. Necessarily I don't want to waste my time.
Ike: I guess it's necessary to say no? No.
BlackStorm: "Necessarily, you shouldn't", alright then.
Visolator: No. "Necessarily, you shouldn't", why did you apply then?
Narkro: No. Written like a third grader's persuasive essay.
Trifornt: No.
Ipquarx: No, not enough reason to accept. We don't need glitch hunters, we need rule enforcers. All the glitches that are in this game are not bannable.
Ry: No, too short and not specific enough with examples, also use of "butthurt".
Marioguy0:  No.  Your "What is my job" section was passable, but your reasons to be accepted were detrimental.
Aware: No, I was liking the admin application. But then you said we shouldn't accept you. Get some confidence if you apply again.

Name: Yobobs01       
ID: 47554
Experience: I, unfortunately, have had no administrator experience, besides hosting my own server.
What is my job: I believe an Admin's job is to oversee game-play, help players, and to stop arguments.
Why should you accept me: I find that often there is not an admin while playing Pecon7's Boss Battles, so players insult each other. I would like to be an admin so that I can assist others, and stop arguments. This is why I think I should be accepted as an admin.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 29, 2015

Pecon7: No. Lacks content, much more explanation is required in pretty much every field.
Tophat: No. Needs more content, but heading the right direction.
Jetz: No. Off to a good start but needs much more content. Having no experience is a huge drawback to any application.
Soroxzion: No. You need to understand the fundamentals of administration.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Visolator:: No. Good start layout, but you need to have more experience in my opinion for a server like this. It's not easy as you think when there's always idiots running around with broken glass in their hands.
Narkro: No. You can help players without admin abilities. If you need admin to help them, it's probably cheating.
Trifornt: No. "I, unfortunately, have no administrator experience." Sorry pal, we don't accept your kind. Also, "I find often that there is not an admin while playing Pecon7's Boss Battles, so players insult each other." THEN. REPORT. THEM! I'm sick of saying this.
Ipquarx: No, not enough experience and not enough effort put into the application.
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Marioguy0:  No.  tl;dr
Aware: No, way to short.

Name: Block king124       
ID: 42524
Experience: Well, i been through a bunch of servers that reccomend me to be admin, mostly be friends servers.
I however banned a bit of people for well made reasons, decent, and can be understandable.
A example of my good banning reasons are Authorizing private  information, admittance trolling and public spam.
There is also a conflict that involves admins which i had bunch of experiences in the past about: (These didn't really happen, its just a example of what happened)
Blockhead: dkajdiwjiaidoaldkajdajakdjakj dkjdkajdkadjkd
Me: Blockhead, you have been warned, if you keep disobeying server rules and trolling, you will be banned.
Blockhead: Bull [Bleep].
Blockhead has been banned by Block king124 [BL_ID 42524] Reason: You have been warned multiple times for disobeying and spamming public chat. One hour ban.
That is most of my experiences with administration.
What is my job: Well, a admin job comes to many responsibilityies and not to abbuse it.
A admin's job is to watch over a server to be like a co-host with not all the powers unless you are ranked higher in adminstration.
Lets say host is AFK and a few people are insulting everybody and admittancing trolling.
A admin will simply warn them, kick them, or ban them for being so foolish and trolling in a public server.
Why should you accept me: Well, i felt like Boss battles needed more strict admins, and i am a strict admin most of the time.
But im not completely a jerk, i can be nice to be also.
So, i am hoping to be accepted for this job in Boss Battles.
It would be like a dream come true or something for a new thing to do.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 29, 2015

Pecon7: No. You seem to have good intentions, but you really need to work on your writing skills.
Tophat: No. Example killed it for me, along with the incomplete grammar checks. Have to say no.
Jetz: No. You only warned that example blockhead once, but the ban reason says "multiple times." Counting skills are necessary here.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: "good proof", No
Visolator. No. The experience, you need to list them, giving weird examples does not make your admin application better.
Narkro: No. The example, while good natured, just seemed really unprofessional and made me feel like you wouldn't take this very seriously. Plus, your spelling is horrible.
Trifornt: No. Terrible wording, terrible grammar, terrible spelling. Don't Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera all have spellcheck... or are you using Internet Explorer?
Ry: No, Your example is painful to read; and you  don't even capitalize your I's, comon dude seriously? I thought spell check auto-fixed that crap.
Marioguy0:  No.  Bad example to otherwise ratio.
Aware: No, a basic requirement is proper grammar and spelling, and you have neither.
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Name: Backara       
ID: 42573
Experience: Poofin/Urolic - Super Admin
BlueDevil - Super Admin
Caramel - Super Admin
ghostride - Super Admin
CrockPot - Super Admin
MasterOfGames24 - Admin
xWither - Admin
Deokotaru - Admin
That Blue Creeper - Admin
Biotracks - Admin
JesusFreak - Admin
Mr.Swag - Admin
DragonoidSlayer - Mod
A-Spec - Mod
What is my job: -To keep server under control, make sure everyone is in order (no spamming, being rude, or stalling, etc.)
-Play with the members to keep them interested
-Come up with New, creative, fun ideas
-Time and effort
-Follow the WKB Rule (Warn, Kick, Ban)
Why should you accept me: -I have had plenty of Admin experience, Ive supported Boss Battles since it was came out in 2011 (I got a new key)
-I can come up with creative ideas, like new classes and stuff, etc.
-I am capable of getting on very frequently
-I am in the beginning stage of scripting (which could result in Great potential)
-I am an experienced Blocklander (this is my 4th year in the community, my 6th year introduced to Blockland)
-I am easy to get along with
-I am well known in the Boss Battles, and Knifing community (Means I will be respected greatly)
-I helped with the Death Valley map, but Redconer didnt give me any credit D:
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 29, 2015

Pecon7: Yes. I'm actually a bit unsure about this one but I'm just going to tip the vote enough here that we'll give your app a discussion.
Tophat: No. Started off okay, fell a bit, decent overall, but I'm pretty sure ThatBlueCreeper and JesusFreak have both been banned/perma'd for trolling, so it doesn't score too well. That aside, it doesn't seem to have enough for me to accept.
Jetz: Yes. Good structure, and several good points in there. Would have been nice to see some recommendations to go with that statement that you were well known in the boss battles/knife community, though.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: Hm nice, yes
Visolator: No. "-I can come up with creative ideas, like new classes and stuff, etc." "-I am easy to get along with" "-I helped with the Death Valley map, but Redconer didnt give me any credit D:" etc, these should never be in the "Why should you accept me", these have nothing to deal with that.
Narkro: Yes. Substancial experiece, and although many of the acceptance reasons are unnecessary, I still have a good feeling about this guy. This is the most promising application I've seen so far.
Trifornt: No. Kinda crappy in a lot of areas, but at least you know what you're doing. Make no mistake, I think you could take the job, but not now. Also, Redconer's maps are notorious and you should kinda be glad your name isn't on it.
Ry: No, a little too barebones; you actually need to write an application, not make a list of bulletpoints.
Marioguy0:  No.  Not a very strong no, mind you, but associating yourself with maps I have heard nothing good about is a negative flag for your creativity points.
Aware: No. The experiences were good. The description of the job could be in less of a list so it seems more organized. The reasons probably should not be in a list and many of them have little if anything to do with being an admin.

Name: Blahblahman       
ID: 170177
Experience: i did not have any admin last time.
What is my job: An admin's job is to make people follow the rules.If the people dont follow the rules,the admin bans them.I believe.
Why should you accept me: I really want to be an admin because i enjoy Pecon7's boss battles.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 31, 2015

Pecon7: No - Previous experience is required.
Tophat. No. You tried.
Soroxzion: No. You Tried so hard.
Ike: No Not a good enough reason.
Jetz: No. This sounds like it was written by someone in elementary school. Extremely short and simplistic.
BlackStorm: 2sad4me, no
Visolator: No. Hey Jetz, this should be in the hall of admin applications of shame.
Narkro:No. I think this might have been a joke.
Trifornt: No. Blahblahnextapp.
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Marioguy0:  No.  Wtf is this.
Aware: No. Can we just leave these applications out?

Name: iStoofeh ®²       
ID: 11461
Experience: I've been an admin on several RPing servers. Examples include Arkenov's, Arekan's, Annie's, Cysero's, and others. I've also been admin on smaller FB servers, and mini-game servers.
What is my job: In my opinion, an admin's job is to look after the server and monitor the behavior of other people. They are to keep the people in the server in line while the host is either gone or busy.
Why should you accept me: I feel that you should accept me because I understand the rules, know how to deal with people, and active on the server. I know the rules in the server, and what to do if someone isn't following them. I just know what to do with people after playing this game for several years. I will not go against what people in higher positions say, and will follow all directions. I understand if this is not the best application, but in the end, I'm just doing this cause I want to.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 31, 2015

Pecon7: No. I really like Jetz's classic "A line is a terrible boss fighting formation" response to counter the cliché "Keep people in line" reasoning.
Tophat: No. I don't believe you know the rules, considering I've had to deal with you to a minor extent before. Reasoning isn't the greatest.
Ike: No.
Soroxzion: No.
Jetz: No. Really fumbled it at the ending of the reasoning there. Also a line is still a terrible boss fighting formation.
BlackStorm...ya-, no. just no
Visolator: No. "I understand the rules", you should always understand them.
Narkro: No. Don't short-sell yourself in an application. You might think it sounds humble, but you're trying to prove you're top quality, not okay.
Ry: No, too short and not even close to enough experience.
Trifornt: No. Crummy wording and while I love the idea of being humble and tame in an application, that doesn't boad well when dealing with the Supernational socialistBoshyTimes who go on the server and break rules. Being timid there just tempts them to come back after your "calm and collected" five minute ban. It's nice to be humble and kind, but you can't be shy on the battlefield. Unless you're Gentlespy.
Marioguy0:  No.  Phrasing is critical.  Saying you are doing something because you simply want to is a bad way to go about this sort of thing.
Aware: No. Do not add things like "I know you won't accept me," "I probably will not get admin," and "I understand if this is not the best application" to your application. It tells us that you do not see yourself as able to be an admin.

Name: Joser22 the Psychic       
ID: 86254
Experience: I have super admin in another server.       
What is my job: Is too keep the server free of bad people and to make sure that the fun stays.
Why should you accept me: Because i am a nice guy and i want to make sure the server is not full of bad people.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 01, 2015

Pecon7: No. Previous experience is too vague.
Tophat: No.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: No. I'm sorry but your going to half to right more than this and learn how to drive a point
Jetz: No. Another one that sounds like it was written by an elementary school student.
BlackStorm: gg kid, no
Visolator: No. Hey Jetz, another one to go in the hall of admin applications of shame.
Narkro: No. Bare and poorly written.
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Trifornt: No. If you really were psychic, you would know that this application sucked dongs and that you needed to rewrite it entirely.
Marioguy0:  No.  Give it some effort instead of not caring.
Aware: No. Answering questions in one sentence is a terrible idea, eventually you will have to start adding depth when you answer questions.

Name: OfficerKenny       
ID: 37651
Experience: I am currently and admin on Tezuni's servers, as well as Agent Blue's servers.  I like to challenge myself to do the admin task.  I have submitted many submissions to me admins on other servers and I hope to hear back from them soon.
What is my job: An admin Job is to help out the server, make sure everything is running smoothly.  Also, it is to make sure none is messing it up: spamming chat, trolling, etc.  I believe being an admin is a privilege, there are many other people that would die to be in the same position as i am and i respect that, that is why i don't find myself superior to others when i am an admin.
Why should you accept me: I think i am good at being an administrator, i like doing the job and i am a friendly person.  I enjoy the time i have around others and am willing to help others anytime they need me too.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 01, 2015

Pecon7: No. You seem to have the best intentions at heart like many of the applicants, but you lack properly writing your application. Some information is disorganized and crucial points missing in each area.
Tophat: No. Application implies that you're already an admin. Still, decent. I'd reapply in your case.
Ike: Yes. You seem like a responsible person from my experience
Jetz: No. Put your application into microsoft word and fix everything with a green wiggly line under it.
BlackStorm: No
Soroxzion: No.
Visolator: Recommended. I've seen you moderate, but it's still hard to tell on what side you are on because Tezuni's moderation site is just crazy.
Narkro: Yes. I like the humility in regards to the very state of being an admin. Recognizing privelage is important.
Ry: No, too short, Tezuni's server is not a server you want to be a known affiliate of.
Marioguy0:  No.  Tezuni does not appear to be a bad guy, and I refuse to use him as a reason to decline apps at this stage, unlike some others.  Your app fails to generate a significant level of interest for me, even though the content that is there is not bad.
Aware: No. Ike seems to think you are one of the good admins from Tezuni's server, but this application is very weak. Try to fix grammar and spelling errors, along with trying to add unique reasons why we should accept you. Do not attempt to rush your application, it is very easy to spot the applications that are rushed.

Name: Jjosiah98       
ID: 22685
Experience: TheFlamingLemon has given me admin for being very trustworthy.
What is my job: I believe being an admin is about making sure everyone follows the rules while still having a good time. They make sure the server is kept up to date and nothing is messed up.
Why should you accept me: I am very trustworthy and honest. I can handle responsibilities given to me and I never abuse my rank.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 04, 2015

Pecon7: No. Has no valuable content.
Tophat: No. Lack of content.
Ike: No
Soroxzion:No. 404 Content not found.
Jetz: No. Needs more of everything. Except reassurances that you won't abuse your position. That much is assumed.
BlackStorm: No
Narkro: No. Just barren.
Visolator: "No. Hey Jetz, another one to go in the hall of admin applications of shame."
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Marioguy0:  No.  We need a filter for short apps that are certain to die.  Like, seriously, the U.S. Congress has a special interest for killing bills before they even reach the floor if they suck badly enough.  This app is just contentless, does not get my attention, and really should not have even been something to waste time on.
Aware: No. Answering questions in one or two sentences is a terrible idea, eventually you will have to start adding depth when you answer questions.

Name: Walker       
ID: 31940
Experience: I became admin in a couple of servers due to my trusted responsibility. I respect every server I visit, especially yours. It would be a pleasure for me to help your server!
What is my job: AN administrator keeps the server free from any problems. If anyone breaks a rule, they will be given a warning or kick. Also, the administrator can help people with problems such as arguments which can be covered.
Why should you accept me: If I am accepted, I would spend most of my time here. Keeping the server safe and sound. I would also like to bond with more people in this server so they can trust me. However, it would be a needle in a haystack for me to be chosen as the next administrator, but I still have my hopes up!
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 04, 2015

Pecon7: No. Specific examples of administration experience is required.
Tophat: No. Uncertain application, sounds a bit backwards, but in the right mindset. May want to get to know the players first. Still, I suggest you reapply.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: No
Jetz: No. Experience needs to be more specific.
BlackStorm: No
Narkro: No. Damn this was a hard decision. He's got what it takes written down, but I guess not having experience listed kills it. I hope he reapplies.
Visolator: No. "If I am accepted", don't put things like this in an application.
Ry: No, AN application is written with better phrasing and more words.
Marioguy0:  No.  Your app is too vague due to the lack of content.
Aware: No. Do not try to rush your application. Try to add unique answers to the questions, these are supposed to be reasons why we should accept YOU.

Name: Count       
ID: 11426
Experience: Previous admin experiences have been an interesting experience with me with all the different servers, I've used perks before but I've improved on keeping servers tidy. Have you seen the chaos admins have been doing on Tezuni? Well I gotta look after them sometimes but I don't experience much admin on servers but to be honest I'm decent.
What is my job: Admin isn't about the perks, only using perks for necessary uses. (example: Broken map parts or glitches with players, I would leave the minigame and try to fix.)
Helping other players isn't about banning people, its more of stopping the fight and helping them get along, and if that doesn't work the admin menu is up. I really think admins have too much power.
Why should you accept me: Boss Battles has been an interesting topic to me and I would like to apply to be a tool on the shelf. I don't believe admin is the epic perk where you can do whatever you want and if your looking for admins I'm a decent guy. I'm humble and prefer not to start a chat fight, and if I get involved I try the easy way to make it right and not make it worse. That's what I'm good at, if its not enough I understand completely.
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Apr 05, 2015

Pecon7: No. Usage of the experience section is wrong. You're not explaining where you actually had experience, just complaining about another host.
Tophat: No. Application doesn't hit me the right way, but the mindset is nice. Reapplying would be in your interests, I believe.
Ike: I'm gonna say yes
Jetz: No. Tone sounds like it's trying to be both casual and sophisticated. Also I can't tell how you're using the word "admin" in several places. ("I don't experience much admin").
BlackStorm: Nope
Soroxzion: No, If you don't "Experience much admin", then you should learn the fundamentals of being one.
Narkro: No. Experience kills it.
Visolator: No. What are you doing during your experience writing time?
Trifornt: No. Reasoning is nice, but it's a little crummy overall.
Ry: No, no experience, poorly written, give your applications a proofread first.
Marioguy0:  No.  Not a bad starting point, but also not fully developed.
Aware: Yes. Your application seems pretty rushed and does not show off your qualities very well. Application be damned, I know you would make a good admin. If you choose to apply again (which I suggest you do) you should really focus on why you are the best choice for admin in the reasons to accept section.

Name: Alphabite       
ID: 33769
Experience: In my previous administration experiences, I have been loyal and kind to all of the server players. I am not admin most of the time, perhaps only on about 5 or 6 servers. Each host on about 3/4 of those servers normally expects me to come on, because I am mostly their co-host or their most favorite admin. This may sound a bit strange, but I am an admin that listens to all "higher admins" (Ex: More Favorited, super, or host) when I am "below them."
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to be a backup for the host, or a separate helper for the server! If an admin is neither of those, then he/she is most likely just a friend of the host from being a good RP-er on some server or because the host just was running a free admin server, and forgot to change the password afterwards.
Why should you accept me: For I shall accept my duties as admin, and do my duty, for that is why I might be accepted for! The administrative abilities I was given was to help keep the server in control, to make sure no rules are broken or anything else that is stated in the "Tips for Applying," "Why should I accept you" section! The reason why the other admins were accepted was because they were fluid and seemed trustworthy in their applications! (Unless they were already admin on some of Pecon's other servers, which I'm pretty sure none were) The admins of Boss Battles are what keep this server in control, and I feel like that's what I am going to help in doing. I feel nothing if I am accepted, or denied. I am but trying to become one of the controllers of the chaos that is sealed. Accept or deny me, I just am trying.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 05, 2015

Pecon7: No. A lot of really akward sounding content here. I'd probably say yes next time if you wrote a cleaner application (and included some specific examples in your experience).
Tophat: No. Application is nice, showing you're eager. I've had to deal with you in the past though, so I can't say yes.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: No. Revise this a bit. Has some strong points, but reads awkwardly in other places. Also, specific examples. Worth reapplying.
Narkro: No. Needs better experience.
Visolator: No, you've caused some issues on the server that was semi-resistible.
Trifornt: No. Application is thought out, pretty good, but you're a player who has had his fair share of punishments from the admin team, some fairly recently. Wait for those scars to go away instead of re-entering the fray.
Ry: No, personal experience as well as a few searches indicate you should probably not be allowed in charge of a stove, let alone a server.
Marioguy0:  No.  I was told I would be banned from review sessions for using reasons other than "yes," "no," and "recommend."  Since I cannot very faintly say yes, I must say no.
Aware: No. Avoid over-explaining, while going in depth is a good thing, over-explaining makes your application seem to go too far off topic and then you start discussing irrelivant information. It really makes an application hard to focus on.

Name: Strat       
ID: 35952
Experience: I have been an admin on about 4 popular server and 2 on other servers. I have been told that I was a good admin and I want to be an admin on a classic Blockland server that has been on for a long time and those long times there have been lots on good and bad admins. I know how to be an admin I read rules before I start playing in any server.
What is my job: I think an admin's job is to keep the server a friendly place and to keep people that are disrespectful or tribal away fro  the server.
Why should you accept me: You should accept me to be an admin because I have been an admin on many other servers and have been told that I have been good at admin. I also come on this server very often and when I do there are very rude people on and no admins on and i would like to kick those rude or tribal people on the server for 5 minutes if that is ok.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 05, 2015

Pecon7: No.
Tophat: No. Repeats a bit to increase application length.
Ike: I'm going to say no. The "very rude people" is a big red flag.
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: No. So frequently we see claims that they come on and see no admins online and someone bing a jerk, and yet nobody ever bothers reporting said jerks by name. It might actually be a substantial point if supported in that way.
Narkro: No, needs more examples, and a better description of what an admin is fully supposed to do.
Soroxzion: No.
Trifornt: No. "there are no admins online, there's a jerk there being a meanie head." Well, then why not report him on the forum or show us pictures when we log on? It's like saying that you're ready to be a Doctor and you go into the nearest hospital looking for a job, and your resume is "I GOT A BOOBOO AND THERE WAS NOBODY TO KISS IT, SO I NEED TO BE THE DOCTOR WHO CAN KISS IT!" No. Just stop.
Ry: No, way too short, needs some work; your inability to use the correct tense is really painful.
Marioguy0:  No.
Visolator: No.
Aware: No. Do you want to tell us what the popular servers you were admin on, or just give us a number and let us guess? One sentence description on what you think an admin's job is. No thanks.

Name: Land       
ID: 28543
Experience: TheHellSpy's Server was a future military Role-Play server which was very popular among a lot of people. He trusted me with Admin because he saw that I help other fellow Admins out whether It's enforcing rules or even helping people! He could trust me.
Another server I was Admin was in Bloodage2 Death run server(I don't know if you know who these people are) That server was among the popular group of servers in Blockland. Anyways Admin was very hard to get in that server he said "I could only give Admin to those who I trust" I helped him event/remake part of his map and I was given Mod, He told me "You're very helpful but I just don't give out Admin, You will have to prove it to me that your Admin worthy" About a One month passed and then I joined his server and I was granted Admin. He could trust me and so can many other servers I have been on.
What is my job: I believe that an Admin job is making sure that the Job they are assigned to do is done correctly. Whether it be running servers, or even running an Organization. Admins are extremely helpful is every job as they make sure people are following rules or doing stuff the way It's supposed to be done. An Admin job is very Important and should not be taken for granite. An Admin is like a second owner, they keep everything running and make sure people are doing there jobs, If they're not doing there jobs the admin's normally talk to that person and something bad will normally happen or nothing at all will happen.
Why should you accept me: I think you should accept me because I've noticed that sometimes there are no Admins online at all and people go crazy breaking all the rules. Sometimes a person gets muted for like 10 seconds but I don't think that's enough. Like if they broke a rule and keep doing it, it should be more than a mute or something.
I know my responsibilities as an Administrator to keep the server Friendly and let people have fun. I know my rights as an Admin to whats necessary to whats abuse.
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Apr 05, 2015

Pecon7: No. You gave it a fair amount of effort which I can appreciate, but you have to improve your writing skills in general and put forth more actual content in your application.
Tophat: No. Decent. It feels like there was one final step you didn't take here to wrap it all up, but a nice application. I'd like to see you reapply.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: No. You really padded out that experience section, considering it only has two people in it. If you read what you wrote, you might have also noticed that "I know my rights as an Admin to whats necessary to whats abuse" makes no sense. Also, "admin" isn't a proper noun.
Narkro: No, I kinda like it in a sense, with the strong ideologies. But you only actually have one experience, and while good, its not enough (and poorly worded).
Ry: No, Not enough experience, weird wording on some things.
Trifornt: No. Terrible wording and overall sentencing. Also, there are only two things in Experience section noteworthy, yet you kept it the size of a paragraph. TheHellSpy's Future Military RP is just a "get ordered around by the admins all day long" fest, just like every other Military RP out on the planet.
Marioguy0:  No.  Experience section killed it in a bad way.
Aware: No. Ehh, try not to tell the people reviewing your application that they are not doing a good enough job at administrating the server. Many of us try to be on as much as we can, but we are restricted by school or work. If you truely want to make the "I will be on when other admins are not" a reason, then you should atleast have a unique timezone.

Name: The Adventurer       
ID: 33480
Experience: Even though I have been admin on a VERY small amount of servers, I still have run Free Builds, an inspired Boss Battles, I almost ran a Grapple Knife, and a bit more.
Basically I have ran quite a bit of servers
(I know that still makes me an amateur, but lets think outside of the box here)
To me, it feels like whoever is on my servers, the people like them because I add as many add-ons as possible to not bore them to death. Basically I feel happy since my players are happy.
It CAN be possible when I have to be harsh on another player, but that is very rare because they are constantly spamming or other things that break the rules.
What is my job: I believe an admins job is to make people happy while also kicking/banning the people who break the rules. Another thing I believe an admin does is helps the server and makes it a better place for both the people AND the admins.
I also believe an admin is to do their job while also being chilled out and nice. Nobody would like it if the admin was stressed because they are not supposed to do it.
Why should you accept me: I am a hard worker who never gives up no matter HOW frustrated and I know how to keep everything calm and nice (and I hope i will NEVER have to bring up the golden chest, you know what happens if I have to on the server... people will wan to open it........ no one likes that EVER).
I know that this one is only a bit longer than the last one, but that is all... so, yeah.
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Apr 07, 2015

Pecon7: No. I'm a big fan of your drama topic.
Tophat: No. No. I've dealt with you to my displeasure in the past.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: No. "I know that still makes me an amateur, but lets think outside of the box here" What does that even mean in this context? Also "I add as many add-ons as possible" is a bad strategy when people then have to download it all.
Narkro: No. THE way you write....... makes me NOT trust you (really).
Trifornt: No. Your wording, your typing, the way you act in-game all pile-up to an application that should be burned. Adding you would be like pouring ten gallons of sulphuric acid all over the server.
Marioguy0:  No.  Apparently, you told Tophat to go die in a fire in addition to a weak application.  These are not qualities I find favorable.
Aware: No. I've seen YOU on the server but I do not think that THIS application is VERY good.

Name: Bonezkiller       
ID: 40591
Experience: I don't have any previous admin experience.
and i hope that's not a problem.
What is my job: I think that an admins job is to make sure that most people enjoys playing on the server, by removing those people who disrespect others and starts offending others.
Even though they carry the title as an admin, they still have to be equal with the normal players.
they have to be able to answer a question if someone needs answers.
Why should you accept me: When i'm on i often don't see an admin there, and i think there should be admins watching as much as possible, and because i live in a different timezone, i could be on when other admins aren't, so the server is more secured for cheaters/jerks/rulebreakers.
I'm respectful, i accept everyone, and i'd love to be a part of the system and help improving.
Timezone: europe       
Date: Apr 11, 2015

Pecon7: No - Previous experience is required.
Tophat: No. Few errors here and there, not exactly enough content but the mindset is good. Probably want to reapply.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: Nope
Jetz: No. "I don't have any previous admin experience. and i hope that's not a problem." It is.
Narkro: No. It is a problem.
Trifornt: No. Jetz: No. "I don't have any previous admin experience. And I hope that's not a problem." It is. I copy-pasted Jetz' review because I was too lazy and I hope that's not a problem. You just can't do that stuff... even though now it seems hypocritical on my point.
Ry: No, too short too many really bad phrases "Cheaters/jerks/rulebreakers." Also you failed to capitalize your I's. Why is this a reoccuring issue, holy potato.
Marioguy0:  No.  You were honest about your experience, and I appreciate that because it saved me some time.  Please go get some experience, then come back later and write an actual application.
Aware: No. Please use proper grammar and spelling. Capitalizing your I's is a good place to start.

Name: Nova Flare       
ID: 21725
Experience: I have been featured in multiple servers as either an Administrator, or as a Super-Administrator on servers owned by players such as Port, Flying-Fortress, Clare the Xenomorph (who is notorious), and many other servers as well over the course of my years.

In the world, I operate as an assistant to a manager.  However, I had to design a lot of the schedule and database.  I am also responsible for informing people of their responsibilities, as it gets rotated.  I work on Thursdays and Sundays, and I am busy in the week - though, I am online regularly on Mondays and Fridays, perhaps on some other days depending on who requires my services.
What is my job: An Administrator's job is to be an extension of the Host's will, to some degree - or at least that is what I have observed.  The job of the Admin is to regulate, moderate, and provide security.  An Admin, although superior to players, are in a position of authority - because of this, they must cultivate a more humble attitude and treat others as if they were superior to themselves, not allowing their position to make them overstep their authority.

An Administrator is a part of the clockwork that makes a server tick.  It is their job to make sure the server ticks, and that is what I am inclined to do if I am an administrator.

-And, of course, provide light humor.
Why should you accept me: I am an experienced player, and I am willing to come under the head of those higher than myself.  If anything is required of me and I am on the server,  I will not refuse and I will get right to it.  Others have encouraged me to sign up anyway, so here I am.
There isn't a whole lot of reason why you should accept me at all, but I can contribute as much as you will allow me to and with your permission.  I am not unruly, and I will work for the betterment of the server.

P.S. You can always trust me.

P.S.S. ^not suspicious at all^
Timezone: europe       
Date: Apr 12, 2015

Pecon7: No. Attempting to say that you're always trustworthy when we know next to nothing about you is almost guaranteed to make people untrustworthy of you. P.S.: I don't trust you.
Soroxzion: P.S.S.S. I said No.
Tophat: No. Does not bode well with me. Being a super admin of Port is questionable. I've never visited Port's servers, so I would not be able to confirm this.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: Yes. Think you may be mixing up authority and responsibility in the job description, but you seem competent after the last several.
Narkro: Yes. I don't think the PS at the end rules out the very solid body.
Trifornt: Yes. You seem like you have plentiful amounts of knowledge in administration, and the times I do get to see you, you're like the Admin's Favorite. Follows the rules, knows the rules, helps out players, is funny, etc.
Ry: Yes, I like the writing on this, humour is always good, you're pushing the envelope with that ending statement for a lot of people; but for me, it made me chuckle.
Marioguy0:  Yes.  The "P.S." garbage is awful, but still less awful than every other app so far.  I am willing to give you a shot.
Aware: No. Your experiences and description of an admin job are good. I like how you used a real world example in your experiences. You seem like you would be a good admin. Sadly the reasons to accept you are pretty generic. I would be willing to shrug off the reasons but then you put the "P.S.S" stuff.

Name: Gontron       
ID: 30350
Experience: I've not been in an Administrative position on a popular server in a while, though I was a moderator on Tezuni's Prison Escape about 6 months ago. I have been an administrator on several Mini Empire servers, Team Death Match servers, and have been well liked by most players.
What is my job: An Admin is a person who helps not only enforce the rules of a server, but strives to make it better and help create a player friendly community, while adding to the game to make it as best as possible. Admins should always give the benefit of the doubt when dealing with someone and shouldn't abuse their power based on personal feelings or bias towards a player. An admin is a person that can self regulate a server and help bring it to its highest quality.
Why should you accept me: I hope to bring this server to its highest quality possible. I have been visiting this server since its days in V20, and have mostly kept with it since. I am fairly good with moderating and regulating servers, have a decent relation with several players, and hope to bring several ideas to the table to help improve and innovate the server itself, whether its balancing a certain class or boss or doing small things such as making the maps look more appealing [Not saying they don't]. I am also very good with keeping responsibility of a job [I'm a lifeguard in real life] and dealing with certain scenarios of conflict, whether it be between two players arguing or an issue with the server.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 12, 2015

Pecon7: Yes.
Tophat: No. I like the application. Something about it makes me feel uneasy, so I'll say no. I highly suggest you reapply.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Narkro: No
Jetz: Yes. Sufficiently well written but still to the point.
Trifornt: Yes. Gontron, as a player, is not very untrustworthy. He's actually a pretty nice guy, and clearly knows the rules, but I don't know if he can wield the position of admin. This application, however, makes me think that he can.
Ry: No. Also be more specific with which servers you administrate, not just what types. Also, a server that self regulates is a server that does not need an admin, your use of vocabulary needs work, I recommend dictionary.com.
Marioguy0:  Yes.  Was not horribly impressed, but not largely irritated either
Aware: No. I can agree with Trifornt, but keeping a "Redconer Eye" on a player did not work very well last time.

Name: super space man 34       
ID: 43055
Experience: really nice, only bans when it needs to be done
What is my job: to keep things under control
Why should you accept me: i only ban when people use bad language or when it needs to be done
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 13, 2015

Pecon7: No
Tophat: No thanks.
Ike: No.
Soroxzion: No.
Visolator: "No. Hey Jetz, another one to go in the hall of admin applications of shame." No.
Narkro: No. Banning for bad language is far below the margin of appropriate admin use.
Trifornt: "I only ban when people use bad language." There goes like, 90% of the Admin Team and Blockland. But the last part takes the cake. "or when it needs to be done." Bravo, gentlemen. No.
Jetz: No. As much as we need our userbase getting banned for non-existant rules, I think you're a few sentences short of a full application. In more ways than one.
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Marioguy0:  No.  See my last comment about how I feel about ultra-short applications.
Aware: No. No. No. I feel like I put more effort into saying "no" than what was put into this application.

Name: Tyler410       
ID: 46024       
Experience: In lahill's server helping out building a school.
What is my job: to help out, make people happy to be on a good and awesome server.
Why should you accept me: cause i am kind,nice and good (just to note i will do my best as an admin
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 14, 2015

Pecon7: No. Poor English skills and far too weak reasoning.
Tophat: No.
Ike: I'm gonna say no. Kind, nice and good are synonyms bro.
Visolator: "No. Hey Jetz, another one to go in the hall of admin applications of shame." No.
BlackStorm: No
Narkro: No.
Trifornt: No. Your reasoning is laughable. Instead of noting that you're nice in good, you're noting that you'll do your best as an admin. That's the main thing you want to convince us, that you're dabest and that you will do yabest when you're a part of the server. But instead, THAT'S A SIDENOTE!
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Jetz: No. "kind, nice and good" all mean virtually the same thing in this context. And all are pretty meaningless.
Marioguy0:  No.  See my last actual comment about ultra-short applications.
Aware: No. Does not meet minimum requirements.
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Name: Gentle Spy       
ID: 166053
Experience: I am SA on Agron's, SA on CheeseAndButter's, SA on Luigi of Luigi's, I am SA on FreddieBlockMan's, and I am moderator on Tezuni's.
What is my job: enforce rules, help others learn rules, try to make people be more kind (for those who aren't nice already), and admins them selves should follow the rules.
Why should you accept me: I am willing to help with building or eventing (if needed.), I enforce rules, I follow rules (if I know them) and I try to be as kind as possible.
Timezone: central       
Date: Apr 18, 2015

Pecon7: No.
Tophat: No. Fairly short, does get to the point though.
Ike: No
BlackStorm:  ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) No
Narkro: No. Enforcing rules is something taken for granted.
Trifornt: No. It's far too short for my liking. Also, "help others learn rules." Sorry, but a website called bossbattles.pecon.us does that for you. Eventing is hardly necessary on this server anymore because practically anything is just a single-lined event or a script, and you went out terrible. "I follow rules (if I know them). The heck's that supposed to mean? If you're applying for admin, you should thorougly know EVERY rule!
Visolator: No. Your job description is already stating what you should already be doing.
Jetz: No. What's with all the apps making kindness out as a critical virtue?
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Marioguy0:  No.  See my last actual comment about ultra-short applications.
Aware: No. Application is too short.

Name: Trinko       
ID: 33152
Experience: I have been admin in some small servers. These include: Blake1's Simon Says (Rank: Admin), Kong123's Falling Platforms (Rank: Super Admin), and one of Mango's Old TDMs (Rank: Admin). I also have recommendations from the following people: Aware, Trifornt, Bidoof, and Boba Fett.
What is my job: As an administrator it is my job to keep a keen eye on the chat and gameplay to make sure everything is orderly, to enforce the rules, and to rid the server of troublemakers, exploiters, etc.  It is my responsibility to set an example for others; it is like being the oldest of one or many a brethren. I am also responsible for my own actions, for if I do something wrong, it is my own fault and I take full punishment for it.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the administration is also responsible for fixing bugs and implementing patches where they are needed by discussing the problem with other people in the committee to gain opinions and to get the job done.
Why should you accept me: Well for the record, my personal experience in this server has been beyond the definition of great. I’ve always been able to grasp a few good memories here even though I was easy to spark in the past, so I want to help this server’s development and produce just of a good time for everyone as I always have. I’m aware of what the admins expect from me and by swearing oath to this server, I know that it is to be taken as seriously as a full time "job,” so I am fully more than capable of handling the stress it will put on me. I’ve been playing this server actively, so if a problem comes my way, I am always on high alert to ensure that the server stays in perfect working condition. When I discipline someone, I may not have the correct idea on how to rid of the offender, so I will ask another admin about it before proceeding with an accusation. A few unique skills I have are mainly drawing and possibly making logos, so I can draw just about anything this server may need. If someone is discouraged or needs help with something, I am always the first to assist, encourage, and lift their spirits. And in short, I will end all arguments and commotions from which they start to maximize everyone’s enjoyment, and guarantee that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 19, 2015

Pecon7: Yes
Tophat: Yes. Recommendations are interesting. Application is very nice. Mindset is also great with this one. I trust in the recommendations, what you've written here, and from my own experience with you in the server.
Ike: I'm gonna say yes
Soroxzion: Yes. Highly reccomended. :^)
BlackStorm: ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ oh yeah good job
Ry: Yes, I actually read something that sounds like it was written by someone with a high school diploma for once. Nice job.
Narkro: Yes. Very well-written and convincing.
Visolator: Yes. Nice applicaiton layout. You have changed a lot, and I can see you become admin here and do well, there are at times where we don't have admins during when you are on.
Jetz: Yes. First name so far I clearly recognise. Also probably the best written application so far.
Trifornt: Recommended. I recommended this guy. That should say enough. But it doesn't. Trinko is a player who is on the server quite a lot (and by quite a lot I mean there isn't a moment he ISN'T on) and he hardly breaks any rules at all. Past that, he clearly knows the rules and is very helpful to the playerbase. This application, just like a few others (TOPHAT) are unnecessary in my eyes, as pretty much everyone knows that you're suited for the task.
Marioguy0:  Recommended.  Your application actually was good, which expresses to me that you genuinely care and can treat things seriously.  I may not know you, but you present a good face here.  Please do not disappoint us, it means quite a bit to see somebody like you.
Aware: Recommended. The most dedicated person that I have seen in a long time.

Name: -Phantom-       
ID: 27424
Experience: My sister used to have a well developed server, a rock climbing server, and I was (of course) the Admin. The server was pretty popular, nothing compared to your server, or anything like that, but it had it's moments. Anyway, I was to help her with sorts of which she did not understand, as well as the players. And I made sure she stated in the rules that there were no griefing, fighting, or swearing, etc...and of course people did it anyway, so of course I stepped in and stopped it and what-not. I never perma-banned one, but I made sure they knew who they were dealing with.
What is my job: I see them as a sort of "Enforcement", much like an officer, as they are known to enforce proper rules, and to keep anything that conflicts with these rules, out. They're much like police, in a sense, they are simply promoting the rules, but all people see them are mean, ruthless people.
Why should you accept me: I like to think as myself as a person that is a thinker, now, before you downright decline me right there, I'm not just any thinker, I like to think outside the box, I love to think outside the box, as it proves there is more than the simple, easy solution, but more of a "fun" solution, a solution with actual "variety". Now, don't worry, I'm not a OVER THINKER, I just like to take the fun way, or at least the way that applies to the average individual. And before I go, I wanna give an example about that "thinking outside the box" idea...the tresure boxes...now, I understand they have no "real" impact on the game, their just a nice little tid bit, just for fun right? Well, with my ideas, I could put them in not a un-reachable, un-findable place, but a place that will spin their minds, asking themselves "Who in the world would put this here?" It's funny, and rewarding for both us, and them.
Timezone: central       
Date: Apr 19, 2015

Pecon7: No. Not perma-banning people isn't a point in your favor. There are definitely times where a perma-ban is the correct administration move.
Tophat: No. Doesn't hit the right note on me. Experience was nice, but doesn't seem like you could put the force behind it if required.
Ike: No
BlackStorm: No
Ry: No. Courteously, I will request that a box be delivered to you so that you can think outside of it as to why this application was rejected.
Narkro: No. I'm starting to think that anyone who uses ... or () completely unnecesarily is to be auto-no'd by me.
Visolator: No.
Jetz: No. Not seeing any examples of out-of-the-box thinking on display here.
Marioguy0:  No.
Aware: No. Yeah, admin on your sisters server. Because no one has ever given their siblings admin.

Name: Jman1308       
ID: 40678
Experience: regular on tezuni's server
What is my job: To uphold the law!
Why should you accept me: Because i will uphold the law be honest and respectful to everyone and judge fairly. :)
Timezone: australia       
Date: Apr 22, 2015

Pecon7: No. Far too weak reasoning.
Ike: No
Tophat: No.
Soroxzion: Nope.
Visolator: "No. Hey Jetz, another one to go in the hall of admin applications of shame."
BlackStorm: No
Ry: No, Too short didn't read.
Narkro: No.
Jetz: No. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycmH1tMp_0s
Marioguy0:  No.  I almost recorded a video for this one.
Aware: No. You are too weak to uphold the law!

Name: Btrpo       
ID: 8265
Experience: I am currently a moderator on Tezuni's prison escape, one of the most popular servers. I have admined many friend servers back in 2011 but took a long break until recently.
What is my job: An admins job is to watch over the server and make sure that everyone is making the server as good as it is. There should be no times when people are ruining the game experience for other whether its through spam, flaming, or some sort of cheating. I believe all servers should have a working staff that can watch over the server.
Why should you accept me: I am on at late night hours, which is helpful a lot when there isn't other admins on. I have experience as an admin and I feel I could contribute a lot to this server. I feel like this server definitely has a staff, but I believe it could use a stronger one and I definitely think I could fulfill any needs of that sort. I feel like I have been playing BL for a long time, notice my BL ID so I know a lot about the game and I have good judgement as well. I know whether to mute someone, whether to kick them, or when to ban. I don't take things personally when said over Blockland, and I feel like I am a fair person that won't punish someone just because they might have hurt my feelings. I won't get into rage and go straight to banning, I will promise to give fair warnings before doing anything to lessen anyones fun on this great server. I seriously hope you take this application into consideration.
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Apr 22, 2015

Pecon7: No. Very plain. You give an example of experience but don't elaborate at all as to how that makes you experienced.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Nice application, mindset I like. I would reapply in your shoes.
Narkro: Yes. Honestly this isn't written poorly and I like his ideology.
Visolator: No.
BlackStorm: No
Jetz: No. Tempted to say yes but I think that's just due to this being mixed in with a ton of low quality applications. Nothing particularly stands out about you. Application feels plain.
Marioguy0:  No.  This one was closer on than some, though.
Aware: No. I'm considering Ike the expert on Tezuni's admins/moderators.

Name: Altidias       
ID: 35214
Experience: Aokis Cityrp, Gunmasters town rp and Ty's city rpg, I confess it was really hard administrating those servers.
What is my job: I believe its more about helping the server out than getting like all the weapons and stuff and its about the Moderation and administration and helping out.
Why should you accept me: Because i have had lots of past experiences and am a great admin and good at handling peoples problems or issues and if someone is exploiting i will be there to stop them.
Timezone: australia       
Date: Apr 23, 2015

Pecon7: No. Needs more content.
Tophat: No. Experience is decent, but the hosts aren't well-liked. Rest is okay. Mindset is ideal. Needs more content as well, but is heading in the correct direction. I suggest you reapply.
Ike: No
Ry: No, Too short didn't read.
Narkro: No. Sounds like you aren't up-to-par if less-known city RPs give you excessive trouble.
Jetz: No. Cross between a lack of content and uninteresting points.
Marioguy0:  No.
Aware: No.

Name: Mr. Mister       
ID: 44793
Experience: I have admin experience in multiple different games, but in blockland majorly in my own server. I managed and ran my own server and admins of my server with up to 45 players at a time. This gave me very good problem solving skills, I know how to deal with a variety of issues including rule-breakers, and game errors.
What is my job: An admin's job is to give player's the best possible playing environment, this means, fixing bugs and errors in the game, and getting rid of people who make the game difficult/unfair, i.e Cheaters, exploiters...
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I have multiple years of administrative experience and I know how to manage a server. I can stand up in sticky situations with cheaters, rule breakers, exploiters. I can step back and stay out of people's way most of the time, but when a problem arises I stand up and solve it.
Timezone: central       
Date: Apr 23, 2015

Pecon7: No.
Ike: No. No really examples of experience.
Tophat: No. I feel the application repeats itself a tad much, which indirectly takes from its content. Consider reapplying, though.
Ry: No, clear lack of actual experience, and too short. Running your own server does not give you enough experience to be an admin for someone else.
Narkro: No.
Jetz: No. Another recurring thing I'm seeing in these applications is that people claim to know how to deal with people who exploit and cheat. That isn't exactly a remarkable skill.
Marioguy0:  No.
Aware: No. I'm getting the sense that you are going to ban people that outplay you from your description of your job.

Name: Deokotaru       
ID: 2205
Experience: I've had previous admin experience at many other servers. Here's the list:
Sanctus Rem's
That Blue Creeper's
Along with a multitude of other servers, if you have any questions, you can add me on steam. I'm Deokotaru on everything.
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to promote fairness, and equality. Enforcing the rules and keeping the server running smoothly accordingly to the host as well.
Why should you accept me: I have a lot of previous admin experience, and I believe I have the maturity as well. I'm easily reachable at almost any time, and I play at your server quite often. I have the ability to admin and still have a sense of humor. I can 3Dmodel/animate and code a small bit. I've also made faces, decals, prints, GUIs, colorsets, and all that. (+Maps before v21) I'm not very good at talking myself up, so sorry if I did poorly on this section.
                                               Thanks for reading
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 23, 2015

Pecon7: No. Try explaining more about what positions you held/what you did on those servers you listed in experience rather than just bulleting them.
Ike: No.
Tophat: No. Experience is vast, although doesn't shift in your favor. Mindset is good but reasoning isn't exactly great. You should reapply, I think.
Ry: No, Application is just long enough for me to look at it slightly, but still too short to be good. Also, having particular talents that can contribute to the server, while nice, does not make you qualified for the task. Also avoid using buzzwords like "Maturity" as they make any application worse.
Narkro: No, but do reapply. Structure it more professionally and I'd approve.
Jetz: No. Your experience sounds good but is poorly communicated.
Marioguy0:  No.
Aware: No. "so sorry if I did poorly on this section" ehh, it was not the worst but definitly not the best. Do not say things like this in your application.

Name: TKH2000       
ID: 140442
Experience: I love admin and i wish if i become and i will be good with people and i love Helping Them
What is my job: its a good job for Playing and helping other Admins and people
Why should you accept me: I am admin on 24 server and SA on 6 servers so 30 server i am admin on them and i love playing Boss battles and i was gicken on it and i wish if you like my Talking :D
Timezone: africa       
Date: Apr 23, 2015

Pecon7: No. No content, needs better writing skill.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Sorry. May want to have some tips from others before reapplying.
Ry: No, too short didn't read.
Narkro. No. i hate It when People tlak like This
Jetz: No. "I love admin and i wish if i become and i will be good with people and i love Helping Them" Pecon are you running apps through translation party again?
Marioguy0:  No.  Seriously, see my last serious comment about ultra-short applications.
Aware: No. I'm getting real tired of these short applications. You need to put in at least a little effort to get admin.

Name: That Blue Creeper²       
ID: 17904
Experience: Sorry I do not have any.
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to handle certain situations that must be handled to maintain a safe community environment, therefore an admin's job must be vigilant, responsible, and reliable. They protect the game from becoming insecure. An admin's job is to be respectful, have a positive attitude towards other players, even when the player acts negative toward the admin, the admin must stay calm, and handle the situation.
Why should you accept me: Well, let's start off-
    I want the server to remain guarded, free of trolls, safe. I will take care of situations, that must be handled immediately. I will help the server if needed, even when I am very busy, I will help it out. Of course I want to make sure that players have positive attitudes, a player must never have a negative attitude, you must respect players, they are citizens of the server itself. Respect all citizens.
With Regards,
-That Blue Creeper
Timezone: central       
Date: Apr 23, 2015

Pecon: No. Experience is required.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Lack of experience combined with having to deal with you in the past, doesn't mix well. Application is average but mindset is good. Although how true, is questionable.
Ry: No, you should have someone proof read your application before submitting it; as the writing quality of this application is absolutely horendous.
Narkro: No. Quality too poor.
Jetz: No. "a player must never have a negative attitude" PLAYER EMOTIONS BELOW THRESHOLD. INCREASE EMOTIONAL STATE OR BE ELIMINATED.
Marioguy0:  No. No experience.
Aware: No. Why did you not add any experience? I am fairly sure I have seen you hosting before and someone even put your server in their previous experience. Why not put your hosting as an experience? It is much better than putting nothing.

Name: Thesargent       
ID: 140475
Experience: i am a good eventer every 1 hire me for being there eventer
What is my job: Its helping out in the server if there is any problem or help building new maps and add new bosses/survivals
Why should you accept me: if pecon like to accepts me its ok if she dont want its ok i just want to help out in the server
Timezone: africa       
Date: Apr 24, 2015

Pecon7: No.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Believed to be a joke application.
Ry: No, Too short didn't read.
Narkro: No. Although the "she don't want it" part sounds like you could make it into a little song.
Jetz: No. You can tell I'm feeling emotionally drained by all the apps when I can't think of anything funny to say about "i am a good eventer every 1 hire me for being there eventer."
Marioguy0:  No.  Merciful God, everybody needs to go read my last actual comment about ultra-short applications.
Aware: No. Wow you are so funny, this has never been done before.

Name: Falcon 11       
ID: 27727
Experience: I have no previous experience as an admin. I have never been an admin with a professional server. I want to start with a good server with a good community
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to keep the peace on a server and to help the owner in anyway. I want to help people with any problems anyone has including trouble makers and people who need help with anything they need that is within their limits as a player.
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because i know good and bad and i know i can keep the peace with the players that are active in your server and not to take sides in an argument. I am experienced in this game and want to make this a good and fun server that will be fair and just.       
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Apr 24, 2015

Pecon7: No. Experience is required.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Ideal mindset, but lack of experience makes me shoot this down.
Ry: No, Too short didn't read.
Narkro: No. First sentence killed me.
Jetz: No. If we used Boss Battles applications to give grammar lessons, yours would be the example of what not to do when we're talking about run-on sentences.
Marioguy0:  No.  No experience.
Aware: No. Needs to provide some experience.

Name: gorgi       
ID: 87166
Experience: Cat In Heaven's server, Hosting, Dean's server.
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to ensure that no players are out of line, for example, admins dont ban many players, especially on such a big server because it will get less popular. I find the only reason for kicking is being mean to other players and making said player not want to join again, even so, they get 3 chances in my servers. I think the only reason for banning is hacking and/or exploiting.
Why should you accept me: I think you should accept me because I have alot of experience hosting my own server. I love hosting. Whenever i host a minigame like Knife TDM, I never abuse (using an admin orb). I am constantly improving and getting better. I do not look down on people who have a higher BL_ID because i dont think that BL_ID judges what kind of person he or she is.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 25, 2015

Pecon7: No. You really need to explain more about your experience. What positions did you hold? What good did you do when you were there?
Ike: No. An admin's job is to be a server janitor. You're expected to enforce a set of rules and failing to do so is considered bad administration.
Tophat: No. Reasoning is not fit for an admin application.
Ry: No, too short, didn't capitalize your name.
Narkro: No. If you are constantly getting better, then it means you need more time to be an idea admin.
Jetz: No. Being too relaxed on the rules can be just as bad as being too strict. Also a line is still a terrible boss-fighting formation.
Marioguy0:  No.  Your definition for when to ban people disgusts me.
Aware: No. Misunderstanding of an admin's job and generic reasons.

Name: Freddy Fazbear       
ID: 4789
Experience: I'm an Admin on Tezuni's servers, SA on CheeseAndButter's Rising Lava and Super Smash Block and on Meta_Knight's Speedkart, in addition to one or two other servers I don't remember.
What is my job: To help keep the server as high-quality as they can, improve things, keep the players in line and make sure it's fun for everyone
Why should you accept me: I'm often called one of the best Tezuni admins - which, admittedly, doesn't seem to be all that hard, looking back - and will do my best to help the server out whenever I'm on; I also happen to, for the most part, play Blockland daily, so that's always helpful.
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Apr 27, 2015

Pecon7: No. Just needs more actual content and less reuse.
Ike: No
Tophat: No. Didn't get a good vibe from this although you're fine in the server.
Ry: No, Too short, didn't read, name is unoriginal.
BlackStorm: Everyone is the best on Tezuni, so no
Narkro: No, too short.
Jetz: No. Reason to accept overlaps with other sections. Also see above for usual response to "keeping players in line."
Trifornt: No. You're a lovable person on Tezuni's and a pretty dang good admin... but we're talking Tezuni here. While, yes, his administration team has indeed improved dramatically, that's can be entirely directed on the fact that Tezuni uses an automated system to ban freekillers and warn admins of their prescence for them. Also, your reasoning's kinda bad. I'd love to pick favorites, but you can't.
Marioguy0:  No.  This was largely content-less.
Aware: No. Following Ike's knowledge of Tezuni's admins. You seem decent on the server, but the application is way too short.

Name: Doaler4sBack       
ID: 43019
Experience: Mr Queeba's Servers, Ezraph2001's Servers..
What is my job: To protect a server from spammers, scammers, hackers, and people who are just plan ol, BAD
Why should you accept me: To protect the server from people who try to be way too rude or bad. Mostly hackers, spammers, etc, whatever it is, it is my duty to protect. And you may think im OP with banning, but I have improved over the past years.
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Apr 28, 2015

Pecon7: No. Disposition is nonprofessional, has attempted to steal content from the server in the past.
Ike: Heck no
Tophat: No. You're like ItsBoshyTime #2. Except you went further. I also witnessed you spamming the chat in some New Year's server for some addon in the Boss Battles. I don't believe you to have changed.
Ry: No, Litearlly just searching your name on the forums tells me all anyone needs to know.
BlackStorm: No "You're done, go home. Unless you're already home. In which case you should go home to the home inside your home"
Narkro: No. You seem very untrustworthy.
Soroxzion: No. lol.
Jetz: No. Reason to accept totally restates the job description. We ask those questions separately specifically so you realize you're not supposed to mix these things together.
Trifornt: No. Not only have you attempted to make your own "RIVAL TO PECON7'S BOSS BATTLES" but whenever we log on to there you expect us to be your admins for you. That's not even touching how you literally tried to steal the server away from us, and your awful, awful, AWFUL history with us admins.
Marioguy0:  No.  Your application is not acceptable, and I could personally testify as to why you should not be trusted with power.
Aware: No. I highly recommend never applying for admin here again.

Name: metome9       
ID: 45936
Experience: my own server, Zombie_Hunters, rolfey248's (the numbers may be wrong), AngryLizzard's, blockking397 (numbers are most likely to be wrong because I have not played with him in ages) and some blockhead's servers.
What is my job: An admin's job is about controlling the server and making sure crap does not happen E.G. flying
Why should you accept me: The server seems to be low on admins, and the less admins there are, the more out-of-control the server is, plus, when no admins are on the server or they are afk, people start to leave because nobody's being a host. I'm also a very good at hosting and controlling the server, even if the servers is full of Hackers! Okay so you may be thinking right now, 'well maybe your good at controlling a server because you ban everyone' well I tell you NO! I never ban or kick unless it's necessary, let me give you an example: Two players are on boss battles and are cheating by being invincible, I'll say "(name of player) turn off your invincible. it's not fair to others" now i would say this admin or not, if i was admin, he would stop cheating, but if I wasn't, he would continue hacking. This is why you should give me Admin, anyways say if he continues hacking, I will say it again. If he still does not stop which is highly unlikely because I'm admin, I would most likely need to kick him, and it would be necessary would it not? if he comes back, and still uses the hack, I will say it twice again, if he is still continuing then I will ban about for 1-5 minutes, and it would get higher each time. fair right?
Thank you for listening/reading my admin application. and i hope to see you in Admin room :)
Timezone: australia       
Date: Apr 29, 2015

Pecon7: No. Your explanation of what an admin does is extremely weak and uninteresting.
Ike: No.
Tophat: No. Example shot it down for me.
Ry: No, Not a lot on the "your job" section; example made me cringe, also the smiley, also name is not capitalized, show some professionality dang it this is an application for being an administrator, not a library card.
BlackStorm: No
Narkro: No. Job section was cringy.
Jetz: No. I have no idea why "flying" was your go-to example for unacceptable behavior. Also, when have you had experience controlling a server full of hackers? I don't think doing the obvious thing an admin should do in this hacker fantasy you came up with is much of a qualification.
Marioguy0:  No.  Administrators are more than what you think.
Aware: No. Mmm yes, being admin on "some blockheads server," 10/10 experience. Your understanding of the admin's job is very short and inaccurate. I have no idea what you mean.

Name: EV0_       
ID: 122066       
Experience: 13+ servers , here are some of them:
Yoke's [SA]
Kyber's [SA]
Ethan8014's [SA]
shawn6013's [SA]
Devarture [A]
Xquavier the S. Umbreon [A]
Kai Darrison's [A]
EeOneGuy's [A]
DatSpaceGuy's [A]
Nuclear Bear's [A]
CheeseAndButter's [A]
c[_]'s [Mod]
Aoki's [Mod]
What is my job: An admin's job is to help the server in many ways:
Making sure people follow the rules.
Helping people understand things (eg. the rules, how to play)
Make sure he doesn't abuse (At least not in a bad way. I'll try to come up with some good ways in the future).
(This is one of my beliefs, I don't know about other people) Giving other people a second--and maybe even third--chance if they do something wrong. After all, they can't change if you perma ban them.
Staying faithful to the server, especially when other admins aren't on.
Giving fair punishment for rule-breaks, instead of (eg.) perma-banning someone because they spammed.
Why should you accept me: I've been successfully hosting my server for months now, and the only complaints about my administrating are when someone wants me to ban someone for something I didn't see, and I ask for proof and they just fuss.
I enjoy helping people.
I always give fair punishment. (Although really, I've never had to ban anyone before)
I know how to deal with almost any situation.
I never lose my temper (Unless it's on a player sometimes called "No Name_" (BL_ID 122811). He's my brother).
(This may not matter much) I always vote on admin applications people ask me to vote on. I've had too much trouble with people not voting on the apps I ask them to vote on.
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Apr 29, 2015

Pecon7: No. I appreciate your effort in formatting your application, but our submission form does not support any formatting tags, and it caused me about five minutes of effort to remove all the tags so your application didn't look absurdly silly. I'll probably add a note about this to the website now.
Ike: Yes, you seem like an alright chap.
Tophat: No. Decent all around, but too many hosts are questionable. I like the application, but it doesn't push enough for me to say yes, so I have to deny.
Visolator: No. Everything looks good, but I don't think your capable of handling this server.
BlackStorm: Your dong is strong, but not strong enough. No, but its really good.( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Narkro: No. But somewhat acceptable, I suggest you reapply.
Jetz: No. Looks like you took my guideline about rearranging sentences and just formatted your application as a list. That's not what I meant you should do.
Trifornt: No.  Failure to follow the format properly, and a lot of unnecessary info.
Marioguy0:  No.  Formatting things properly is not very hard.  Please try it some time.
Aware: Yes. I voted yes on your last application and I keep that position.