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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1693567 times)

Double Toast:
I decided to do a Boss Battles parody of Save Me, so here I go:
(NOTE: Watch original before you compare)
See me, take, my points,
And I'm, heading for the airship,
I can't stick around.

This fight's been hard,
And I can't see the sense of fighting them (the bosses), anymore,
Can't you let me go,
Won't you, show me the score.

'Cause I, made mistakes,
The have hurt the ones I've trained,
And I've, thrown the in the drain,
One too many times.

There can be no king, for a traitor, such as I,
Won't you wish me to the respawn now,
Won't you help me stop living or die.

So here I am in the inside of my arena,
The same way, as before,
Along, with these stragical thoughts,
And a Golden Wrench in my hand.

But a foolish part of me,
Still holds out for a chance of victory,
For my beautiful queen, or Sir Kalim the 1st,
Can't you see I'm just a Runner with the lack of skill.

Help, me, from, the, boss-es,
And points, will rain on me,
Help me, to-day,
Before Sky Captain, finds me as rest.

Help, me, from, the, boss-es,
And points, will rain down on me,
Help me, to-day,
For Sky Captain, finds me as rest.

Now I'm standing alone, in the moment of truth,
As the Jugger's (Juggernaut), fallen down,
And my feet are stained, from my dead soldiers,
Spread across the map.

Then you join the Normals,
And only to you I said,
"That I've been shielded (Dark Samus), and yielded (William),
And shotted (Kaje), and spotted (Mocheeze)",
For the very, very last time,

Help, me, from, the, boss-es,
And points, reign over me,
Help me, help me to-day,
Before Sky Captain, finds me as rest.

Help, me, from, the, boss-es,
And points, will rain on me,
Help me, to-day,
Before Sky Captain, finds me as rest.

Hey, you'd be fancier if you had a top hat.

The Godfather does not wear a tophat

The Godfather does not wear a tophat

You rang? What'd I miss?

I'll make your username make sense.

Didn't expect that, but thank you.

Name: Johnny Blockhead
BL_ID: 26520 (forum account is 14903)
Previous administration experience:
1.Visolator's Servers
2.George's Servers
3.DrumStix's Jail Escape,
4.Armando's Various RPs
5.Hyaku's various servers
6.Box's servers
7.Cromey's Deathmatches
8.Thex0r's Scallywag TDM
9.Sid Sopwith's Guardian's Freebuild
10.Major Kong's Island Exploration
[I'd also like to note I am the creator of Globeservers 1, Globeservers 2, and The Hub]  This isn't even 1/4 of all of the servers I have administrated on, I  just can't remember. The clans I have created will not distract me. If I  get accepted, I will full-on devote myself to the server.
Who recommends you?:'
1. Zuki (He is admin on this server, also known as Tophat)
2. Soroxzion
3. Visolator
4. KelBlock
5. Redconer
6. Jonathant1 (aka ThePlasticRobot)
7. DrumStix
(I used to have 42 reccomendations, but I went with quality over quantity)
Why should I accept you?:  As administrator of this server, I will live up to the average  expectations as admin, and more. When I administrate, the server comes  before me. If any of the players are being disturbed, I will use logic  and reasoning to fix it. I can operate on my own, and I am not a  “robot”, as some admins on other servers are. I can handle the stress of  being admin, and if one of my fellow administrators is having a hard  time, I will do my best to help them. If there is an argument, I am sure  to listen to both sides of the story and not just ban the first person I  see. These are all basic parts of being an admin. When I administrate, I  go above and beyond to make sure that players can get the best  experience as possible out of the server. I also notice that at very  late and early times, there is a lack of admins on the server. I am  indeed a night owl, playing as much as humanely possible. With the new  audience of steam members playing Blockland, I will also be sure to help  them if they are confused. I have observed other admins, and have  learned from their triumphs, and their mistakes.
Timezone/Region: Pacific Time Zone (California), USA

Ike: Judging from personal experience and opinion, I'm going to say no. Johnny Blockhead isn't exactly mature, nor would I trust his judgement.
Zuki: From experience, I recommend Johnny Blockhead.
Aware: I've seen Johny Blockhead in game, and you have decent recommendations and experiences. A lot of your reasons are generic, but from what I've seen you are very competent. Yes
Marioguy0:  Half of your recommendations mean nothing to me, but I suppose you are passable.  Yes.
Dr. Zegobob: I have mixed feelings about this app. While it is mostly well written and you have some recommendations that I could relate to (like Zuki and Sorox), I somewhat have to agree with Ike here. You do put a lot of time into the server, which I love, but you do act somewhat immature and a little... unpredictable.
TheBlackParrot: once again, no.
siba: no
Mr. J: I hate to be blunt and to the point, but no.
Jetz: I feel this one got ran over last time by the denial train due to the momentum it had from the other apps. I'm well aware you spend plenty of time on the server, and your recommendations and history are good. Yes.
Bester Bageler: N0
Ipquarx: I think you'd do just fine here. Yes.
Greek2me: While you're not always the most mature member of the community, I like you. Yes.
Fastlex: I have seen Jonny on the server he could be a good admin. But you act a little immature at times. yes.
Gamefandan: I've had Johnny as one of my personal admins, he is to be trusted as far as I'm concerned; yes.
Gizmo: I suppose this app isn't bad, but I can't say yes. So no.
Score: 2. Debate required

Name: Drumstix
BL_ID: 42059 (Do not judge me by my ID, many people do and think I'm new because of it which I'm not)
Experiences: I am admin on the following--
1) Zapk's Prop Hunt
2) Tezuni's Prison Escape
3) Count's Server [Super Admin]
4) A-Spec's Throw Mod
5) Psyche's Bounty Hunter
6) Loose Valve's FortWars [Super Admin]
7) Sabre's Server
8) Crown's Prison Escape
9) Jawbreaker's Server [Super Admin]
10) Berint's Server
11) Nail's Jail Escape [Super Admin]
12) Brotatoe's Boulder Dash
13) Bloodage12's Server
14) Psudoz's Server [Super Admin]
My Administrating Technique This is how I use my administrating skills--
Spamming: 1st Time | Warning
Spamming: 2nd Time | Kick
Spamming: 3rd Time | Ban [Expiration Date | 1 Day]
Trolling: 1st Time | Kick
Trolling: 2nd Time | Ban [Expiration Date | 2 Days]
Flaming: 1st Time | Ban [Expiration Date | 60 Minutes]
Flaming: 2nd Time | Ban [Expiration Date | 1 Day]
Hackers:Immediate Ban [Expiration Date | Never]
I will also think of a system for other things players do to cause the server to fall.
And  a few other small servers. I also have hosting experiences, (I am  working on an AirRace right now.) and situation experiences.
Why?  I generally want the server to be better than it already is! Simply  doing that by dealing with people who cause the server to fall, such as  spammers, Trollers, etc. I am very fair to players who cause trouble, I  treat them like any other player, I treat them politely and let them  explain to me what they did wrong before I kick/ban.  I am a very  experienced admin, and many people would recommend me. I am always on  Blockland, and would love to help out, and be apart of the admin team!
Recommendations: feel free to ask them, all of them trust me and recommend me.
1) Crown
2) XR_7
3) Tezuni
4) Eagle
5) Jawbreaker
6) Jibblito
7) Made O Rubber
8) Johnny Blockhead
9) A-Spec
10) Goof
11) Mcloler
12) Scriode
13) Hyperion
14) Champion108
15) Zapk (Maybe, haven't asked)
And countless other players.
Time Zone/Area: Alaska, U.S.A

Ike: From what I've seen, Drumstix is an alright admin, I'm going to say yes.
Zuki: A fair admin, although the "Technique" part seems a bit flawed. Passed.
Aware: There is no need to add sections to your application, or move them around. We also have a mute feature, so there is no need to kick for a 2nd offense with spaming. Your reasons are also generic. I have to say no.
Dr. Zegobob: I feel bad to say no to this, but I feel like that's what I need to do. I see that you have many recommendations and experiences, but the format, like Marioguy said, is annoying, and from what I see of you, I don't think you are up for the job. Sorry.
siba: Undecided
Marioguy0: I could not bring myself to read this due to the format.  Abstain.
Mr. J: Your recommendations have brought me to say no when I actually waded through how you organized it twice.
TBP: no
Bester Bageler: Yes I think you will make a valuable contribution.
Jetz: Thank you for listing your own server rules that don't apply to our server. No.
Ipquarx: Just judging by the fact that you think we're stupid enough to think that your BLID actually matters in the reviewing process, and that you'd add someone to your reccommendations list without asking them, my answer is no.
Greek2me: No.
Fastlex: no.
Gamefandan: The fact that he would consider our ever taking his BL_ID further into account than simply "how long has this person been playing" seems to exude a lack of faith in his own maturity; no.
Gizmo: No
Score: -7. Denied

Most often used IGN: Mr Queeba
BL_ID: 44574
Who recommends me: Frozen X2, Chocolatetoast, Superbro11, possibly more.
Admin expirience:  I have a lot of experience with admin, like sometimes I would tinker  with admin stuff in my server. I am a admin on Doaler4back's and Frozen  X2's servers. Possibly more.
Moderator expirience: Not much, I  am only a moderator on Skelesys's prison escape which was once a  popular server but then they stopped hosting it for some reason.
Why I want to be admin:  Well, you see, I really like to play these servers and be helpful in  them. I will go forward, without a doubt, to help all players in servers  and respect them and the rules. I have played Blockland for a few  months now, and I believe I am ready to post this admin app. Other than  being helpful, I am also kind and serious. I will ban the rule breakers,  as I must do as a Admin. I want to see this server grow more and more,  and I want to help the server grow. And you know, administrating is a  kinda hard job. When you receive reports of a rule being broken by a  player, you need to see the evidence and then take appropriate action.  But, I can easily handle being a admin. I am also a Active player, but  due to things like School, I cannot be on blockland like a whole lot.

Ike: I'm going to have to say no.
Zuki: I think you need just a little more time to get more to recommend you as well as some experience.
Aware: No, Mr Queeba is not admin material.
Marioguy0: You need more "expirience" than what you listed.  No.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Not at all. What Aware said.
siba: no
TBP: no
Mr. J: I am afraid not.
Bester Bageler: No, please. I'm sorry but your name sounds to much like "Mister Queer ba!" and I dislike gays
Jetz: Well done creating a part of your application that wasn't in our format, then doing a stuffty job filling it in. No.
Ipquarx: all glory to the hypnotoad
Greek2me: I'm sorry, but no.
Fastlex: No.
Gamefandan: That's going to have to be a no.
Gizmo: lol
Score: -13. Denied

Name: Ethan The (loving awesome) Great
BL_ID: 12523
Previous administration experience: Aoki's, people, I'm mod on TONS of places, HellSpys, other places, YEAHHHH
Who recommends you?: Aoki, everyone, people, yeahhhh
Why should I accept you?: Cause everyone loves me, and I do what the people want, and im awesome, and great
Timezone/Region: Antarctica

Ike: pls no
Zuki: Yeeaaahhh, no.
Aware: Guess.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk.
TBP: no, ethan the (you tried to be and failed horribly) great.
Mr. J: Really?
Bester Bageler: Yes! I agree fully with everything you said, everyone does love you is 100% correct! that is a yes from me!
Jetz: I hate joke apps. forget off. No.
Ipquarx: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no
Greek2me: No.
Fastlex: No.
Gamefandan: No.
Gizmo: I hate joke apps. forget off. No.
Score: -14. Denied

Name: Fiscon
BL_ID: 10933
Previous experience as an Admin
Xenos109 City RPG
Victory's Server
Hazel's Server
Fiscon's  City RPG - I understand that is mine, and it shows that I understand  the position of host, which is the only reason I listed it.
Redoctober2009's server - Not very well known, but I figured if I don't have quality like you mentioned, next best thing.
Jerky's Server - Similar to above.
Who would recommend Fiscon:  Jerky, Xenos109, Honytawk, Mr.Berlin and Hazel. I have a fifth option.  His name is Storm Surge, but he was apparently banned for spamming, so  I'm going to take quality over quantity and go with Jerky, Xenos,  Honytawk, Mr.Berlin and Hazel on this one.
Timezone/Region: Phoenix, USA
Why should you accept me?
 Don't worry, I did not forget this question, it'd destroy my whole  attempt if I did. I don't have many outstanding features, I'm not  famous, I don't know everyone, and I certainly don't know how to do much  when it comes to the neat and fun things with Torque script.  All of  the previous just brings down my standard of quality, but I believe  there is one thing that is a reason that can wipe the previous lacks  away. It is something that many may consider foolish or not even worth  their time, but I find it special simply because it shows that I just  don't give two stuffs about someones opinion on me when it comes to this.  I can ask questions, no matter how noobish or stupid they can or may  be. It progresses ones learning and has always been an advantage in my  gaming. From the first time I learned to open JVS doors to the time I  learned maps were removed after my vacation, this special thing has  assisted me everywhere. Sadly it is a small and useless way to sell ones  self to many.
    Something small to note. I host many things  ranging from Blockland servers to Teamspeaks and even my own website.  All of this is done under the name Fiscon. I have no intention of  ruining my small name by making a mistake I will regret on Blockland, or  anywhere else for that matter.
http://www.embergaming.net - To show I own a website.
embergaming.no-ip.biz - Proof of teamspeak. No password just this address.
 - Missing a image of Hazel's response due to his absence.
Thank you for any time spent reading.

Ike: Good-quality app, so I'm saying yes.
Aware: Images, hnnnng. I've seen you ingame and you are very trolly. No.
Marioguy0:  I am going to go with you having your hands full already.  No.
siba: no
Dr. Zegobob: I don't think this is approve-worthy material.
TBP: no
Mr. J: I think I remember seeing you on the server before, and I must say no.
Zuki: It seems like you don't have the time for this server, even if you were accepted.
Jetz: Like, 80% of that reason to accept you was useless padding, and about half of that useless padding was self derogatory. No.
Bester Bageler: I say no because http://youtu.be/q2yDw0OwvQQ?t=11m56s
Ipquarx: No
Greek2me: Sorry.
Fastlex: No, sorry.
Gamefandan: Going to have to say no.
Gizmo: No
Score: -13. Denied
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Name: XR_7
BL_ID: 50690 (alt)
Previous administration experience: Hosts include:
DrumStix [SA]
Apak [SA]
WorstedBark3 [SA]
Chester Molester [A]
Vovka5545 [A]
Tezuni [Moderator]
Who  recommends you?: DrumStix and Apak would probably be best bet, but I'm  assuming the majority of my lengthy friends list (50 or so people) would  recommend me. I can get more if you would like.
Why should I  accept you?: First off, I have to admit I'm not the boss battles master.  My admin work excels in server help (pretty good at basic eventing) and  I can be very valuable with player management. I give warnings before  kicking and banning unless the problem is imminent and intentional. My  usual Blockland activity revolves around administration (usually around  six hours per week).
Time zone: Central, USA

Ike: I'm going to say no, this app seems a bit rushed. Try putting a bit more effort into the fields of requirement next time.
Zuki: I have to agree with Ike here. Need a little more work.
Aware: If you aren't going to spend time making an applications, why should we spend time reading your application? No.
siba: no
Dr. Zegobob: Needs more effort and explanation.
Marioguy0:  ^
TBP: why would you app with an alt, no. that's just a sign you'll screw something up.
Mr. J: An application should never be rushed like this one was. No.
Jetz: It's an understatement to say your reason doesn't stand out to us when you start off by saying what you're bad at. No.
Bester Bageler: I am extremly biased and have a unprovoked grudge against you, so no.
Ipquarx: Not enough effort, nope
Greek2me: You seem okay. Yes.
Fastlex: You didn't realllyyy, tell anything about you. No.
Gizmo: No
Gamefandan: Not very informative; no.
Score: -13. Denied

Name: Jawbreaker
BL_ID: 45086
Experiences:  I am a very trusted and understanding player. I am a super admin for  DrumStix and an admin for Coconut219. On these servers I protect from  spammers, trollers, etc. I have a limited amount of experience, but  could be a big help to your server and it's players.
Recommendations: DrumStix, Coconut219, Fiscon, Max Pain Ultra, and Jetpack Guy
Why Should I admin you:  You should admin me because as I said before, I'm loyal and willing to  do your dirty work. I am an exceptional worker and as I said before I  have experience with these duties.
Time zone/Area: Alaska USA

Ike: I don't really think you'd make a good admin on the server, I'm gonna say no.
Zuki: Needs more experience. Maybe a couple more to recommend you. In addition to what's below.
Aware: Hardly any effort. No
Dr. Zegobob: I don't see effort here.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.
TBP: no
Mr. J: "Loyal and willing to do your dirty work?" Do you take us other administrators as slave-drivers? No.
Jetz: "I am an exceptional worker" If this is any indication, no you're not. "but  could be a big help to your server and it's players." No you couldn't. No.
Bester Bageler: we need some one to do our dirty work, so yes.
Ipquarx: my dirty work? okay go clean out my cats litter box for 500 points
Greek2me: No, sorry.
Fastlex: Nope.
Gizmo: No
Gamefandan: This app is insulting. No.
Score: -11. Denied

Name: Doaler4sBack

BL_ID: 43019

Previous administration experience: Adam2's Family RP (Did a good job not abusing) and Mr Queeba's Jail Escape

Who  recommends you?: Pablo NEkram Trifront (has been admin on my server)  Adam2 DragonoidSlayer little bit of Aware and not really with  Filipe1020

Why should I accept you?: Well, I'm not going to beg for  that mother loving xana blade because I'm not add-on-holic I'm just  curious but mostly there is troll around this server that are raging and  stuffs. If say something like I WILL F*** YOUR P3NIS WITH MY D!CK then I  will ban him. Mostly protecting and having fun with other admins like  Tophat.

Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Ike: Can't administrate if you've left blockland 4ever :^)
Zuki: First of all, when did Trifornt recommend you? Second, when did Aware recommend you? "and not really with Filipe1020", so you're not sure there either? And you've had a past of being banned over begging for addons. Do I count for more than one "no"??
Aware: I never recommended you. No.
Dr. Zegobob: From how you acted on the forum and from what I see here, I'm going to have to give this my full "No."
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk.
TBP: heeellll the forget no
Mr. J: Based on what Aware said, I have to say no as well. Do not lie about recommendations.
Jetz: I'm sitting here trying to think of a worse app I've read than the one which is so eager to draw the reader's attention to "I WILL F*** YOUR P3NIS WITH MY D!CK." Not coming up with anything. No.
Bester Bageler: No, im sorry but I think you will try to go around and "F*** YOUR P3NIS WITH MY D!CK". I do not want the servers good name ruined by an admin who is a child enthusiast/rapist.
Ipquarx: you hacked my watter bottle
Greek2me: Based on Aware's statement, no.
Fastlex: No.
Gizmo: No
Gamefandan: No.
Score: -14. Denied

Name: Blake1
BL_ID: 31622
Previous administration experience:
I am currently Administrator on these servers:
Anthonyrules144's KnifeTDM
Kong123's servers (SA)
I administrated Brotatoe's Boulder Dash and RC Car Wars, and Cat123's for a while.
I also frequently host a server called Simon Says, which gets a lot of players each time I host it.
Who recommends you?:
Johnny Blockhead
Why should I accept you?:  As a server host myself, I understand how to properly administrate a  server. Unlike some Admins, I try to engage with the players instead of  just focusing on the job and ignoring the players. People enjoy the  Administrator better when he's talking and playing with them instead of  sitting AFK outside of the minigame. I'm a friendly player but I do take  my job seriously. I'm not too quick to ban and I generally go on a  warning system, but if there's any special instructions I'll be glad to  follow them.
Timezone/Region: Central, USA

Ike: Eh, I'm going to say no on this one.
Aware: No, generic reasons...
Dr. Zegobob: Too mediocre
Zuki: I'm not going to take offense to this, but this is kinda saying most don't like an admin if they're out of the minigame. It's not like all admins outside of it are AFK, merely working to fix something. Needs more work on the app itself, I deny this for now
Marioguy0:  Needs more effort, but not worth a chicken noise.
TBP: isn't this like your 4th app? no
siba: no
Mr. J: Your reasons for why we should accept you seem a tad...weak. No.
Jetz: Bland. Pledges to do a bunch of stuff that's already in the job description. No.
Bester Bageler: You say you will do your job and you list servers that don't really count for being an admin in. Yes
Ipquarx: I would insert carets here but marioguy's response isnt above mine
Greek2me: I like you. Yes.
Fastlex: The reasons listed seems weak. no
Gizmo: No
Gamefandan: His reasoning behind his wanting to be admin is based upon the idea that he would do a better job than us. Insulting and too ambitious. No.
Score: -9. Denied

Name: Alive
BL_ID: 41373
Previous administration experience:  Tetronaught's Jailbreak, Sanctus Rem's AOKE Grapple Knife, Altar's  Jailbreak, []Falcon[]'s Grapple Knife, and many other servers (outside  of BL).
Who recommends me: Kalim, Zuki (would like to see me in action), Ipq, Sirgir, General R, and Johnny Blockhead.
Why  should you accept me?  I have been a member of Boss Battles since the  beginning of Hangar. I know almost all of the admins, and had some fun  with them. I think I know the major values of the server, and enjoy it  very much. I offer, and have more experience with the administration  class then the average BL user applying. I am friendly to users, and  admins alike. When the users asks a question, I answer them honestly. I  am very active on the server, going on for at least 2 hours every day.  This means I can cover while the other admins on are AFK, or goofing  around. For example, at 1:00 A.M (Eastern) on Friday, no admins were on,  and the server was at the top of the list. If I took a step up to  admin, I would be joyful, because I spend so much time and effort into  this game, giving me admin would mean you give me your trust. And I like  trust. I am loyal, and will play even more if I do get admin, to make  sure the server stays calm. I know I could help when there is not  someone that can watch over.
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Ike: If you're willing to administrate early in the morning, I'm gonna say yes.
Aware: I've seen you ingame. Yes.
Marioguy0:  Personal reasons incline me to say no, but I cannot remember why.  No.
Dr. Zegobob: My first yes. If you can put time every day and do what you say you are going to do, but you should stick to your words.
TBP: sure
Zuki: Good experience and recommendations. However, with personal experience. I heard of an issue a while back, so I've kept this in mind. I'll have to pass for now.
Mr. J: I would have to say no, based on a few past experiences.
Jetz: I know you've spent a lot of time on the server. Answering questions for other users is also a plus; admins tend to get swamped if they start answering them. Yes.
Bester Bageler: n0!!
Ipquarx: You seem to be capable. Yes
Greek2me: Yes.
Fastlex: Yes
Gizmo: I must say no
Gamefandan: Yes.
Score: 6. Accepted

Name: Soroxzion
BL_ID: 19578
Previous administration experience:
I have previous experience under the following server hosts:
SGT. Blocky
Juno eclipse
Toxic Waffle
[GG] Puff
War Monger
Black Bird
Who recommends you?: In addition to all hosts above, the following recommend me also:
Johnny Blockhead
Why should I accept you?
I  would like to put my full effort toward contributing to the server and  improving the experience for other people. If new Blockland players  connect to the server for the first time, I'll be one of those people  willing to answer their questions and showing them how to play. The  atmosphere that lives within your server is nice and well kept by your  admins. I spend a tremendous amount of time in your server because I  can't stand some of the other servers out there. In fact, this remains  about the only server on Blockland that I enjoy to play on, and have  been active for a year. The most important thing to me when executing  punishment to rule-breakers or otherwise annoying trolls on the server  is to keep an impartial mind and unbiased viewpoint towards them. No one  should be treated too unfairly under any condition. In conclusion, my  punishments are not too harsh, I am both fully capable of enduring the  stress of moderating and trusted by a lot of people in the server's  community.
Timezone/Region: (UTC-06:00) Central Time, US

Ike: Yes
Zuki: I recommend Soroxzion. I can also confirm Kalim recommends as well. From personal experience as well, you'd be more than fit for this.
Aware: Obviously Yes.
TBP: alright hold up hold up. this sounds like every other app i've read so far, yet you guys aren't complaining about it. didn't impress me, no.
Dr. Zegobob: I already read through this and I have to say: Hell yeah, recommended.
siba: Yes.
Marioguy0:  I am a bit unimpressed.  No.  Also, TBP -tried- to copy me.
Mr. J: I do indeed recommend Soroxzion. Coming from a personal perspective, there is no one on this list of applications more deserving of the job.
Jetz: Strong recommendations. I'd point out how you plan to not treat anyone too unfairly, as if there's a good threshold for unfairness, but I think it's an overall solid app. Yes.
Bester Bageler: Yeah ok, your name has an S in it and since S stands for Super i think you will do a Super job!
Greek2me: Yes.
Fastlex: Seems like a generic app, the players recomending you is good. Yes
Gizmo: Yes even though you didn't put me in the recommendations, regardless of how obscure my recommendation was
Gamefandan: Always.
Score: 10. Accepted.

Name: -Tails-
BL_ID: 294
Previous administration experience: Tezuni's Prison escape and slopes ctf.
Who  recommends you?: Redconer. ( just a person from pecons server) I don't  really have very many recommendations. it is up to you.
Why should I  accept you?: I would not assume that there is any reason for you to  accept me other then if you need, or want somebody who is a more active,  older, and willing to keep the peace, I do it at Tezuni's server on a  regular basis, weather that makes me good or not is not up to me.
Timezone/Region: Central, USA

Ike: Gonna need a bit more in-depth app, I'm going to have to say no.
Zuki: Needs more experience, as well as people to recommend you.
Aware: I have only seen a few applications that are this low quality. No.
Dr. Zegobob: Too short, very little effort. No.
siba: no
TBP: no
Marioguy0:  I remember talking at Jetz briefly, complaining about there being no effort here. No.
Mr. J: I smiled at "keep the peace on Tezuni's server," but no.
Jetz: No thanks, we don't need a freelance admin. No.
Bester Bageler: Yes so you can say some one believed in you!!
Greek2me: You've seemed fairly level-headed. Yes.
Fastlex: Real short, not many recomdations. No.
Gizmo: No
Gamefandan: I guess I'm in the minority by thinking Tails would be fine. I don't, however, want to say yes here, rather I think we should watch his activities on the server. So I guess, technically: No.
Score: -10. Denied

Accepted this round: Soroxzion (10 points), Alive (6 points)
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omg you didnt include my line 666 you monster

omg you didnt include my line 666 you monster

It was blown up many times.

Yay for those two
Also those denied stamps gave me laugh
Quite sad that Johnny was close enough

EDIT: Some of my friends are starting to get admin in this server, making me want to join the fray
But at the same time, some force is telling me not to do so
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I'm happy for Alive and Sorox who got accepted. Congrats guys!


Name: DrumStix

BL_ID: 42059

Previous Administration Experiences: I am admin on the following--

1) Zapk's Prop Hunt
2) Tezuni's Prison Escape
3) Count's Server [Super Admin]
4) A-Spec's Throw Mod
5) Psyche's Bounty Hunter
6) Loose Valve's FortWars [Super Admin]
7) Sabre's Server
8) Crown's Prison Escape
9) Jawbreaker's Server [Super Admin]
10) Berint's Server
11) Nail's Jail Escape [Super Admin]
12) Brotatoe's Boulder Dash
13) Bloodage12's Server
14) Psudoz's Server [Super Admin]
15) Mr. Queeba's Server [Admin]
16) Jakob's Server [Moderator]

Why  Should I Accept You? I generally want the server to be better than  it already is! Simply doing that by dealing with people who cause the  server to fall, such as spammers, Trollers, etc. This would Also be one  of the greatest accomplishments in Blockland if I succeed.  I am very  fair to players who cause trouble, I treat them like any other player, I  treat them politely and let them explain to me what they did wrong  before I kick/ban.  I am a very experienced admin, and many people would  recommend me. The more places I get accepted as admin, the more  knowledge I take in about admin, therefore I become more, and more  experienced. I am always on Blockland, and would love to help out, and  be apart of the admin team!

Who Recommends You?: feel free to ask them, all of them trust me and recommend me.

• Crown
• XR_7
• Tetronaught
• Emerson
• Eagle
• Jawbreaker
• Jibblito
• Made O Rubber
• Johnny Blockhead
• A-Spec
• Goof
• Mcloler
• Scriode
• Hyperion
• Champion108
• Zapk (Maybe, haven't asked)

And a few others...

Time Zone/Area: Alaska, U.S.A
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