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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 919704 times)

« August 11, 2015, 11:00:00 AM »

I hate to be that guy, but what's up with the random capitalization.
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Mr. Noobalot

« August 11, 2015, 11:07:58 AM »

There's an achievement...

Ruin Curse - Secret achievement!

How do you obtain it?
« Last Edit: August 11, 2015, 11:14:52 AM by Mr. Noobalot » Logged

« August 11, 2015, 05:18:15 PM »

There's an achievement...

Ruin Curse - Secret achievement!

How do you obtain it?
you get cursed by the ruins
Lego lad

« August 11, 2015, 06:56:41 PM »

There's an achievement...

Ruin Curse - Secret achievement!

How do you obtain it?
E̬̙̭̭͇L̪̖̖ ͍̺M̶̼̞̻͕̟O̘͘R͉͙Ą̼̯̭̞̺ͅD͔̻̙̲O̝͈͎͢

« August 11, 2015, 07:47:46 PM »

E̬̙̭̭͇L̪̖̖ ͍̺M̶̼̞̻͕̟O̘͘R͉͙Ą̼̯̭̞̺ͅD͔̻̙̲O̝͈͎͢

The purple?
Mr. Noobalot

« August 11, 2015, 08:31:19 PM »

you get cursed by the ruins
and how do you do that?
Lego lad

« August 11, 2015, 09:19:01 PM »

and how do you do that?
be mean to them

« August 11, 2015, 09:21:24 PM »

be mean to them
i curse at the ruins
"forget u ruins pieces of stuff"

« August 11, 2015, 11:38:50 PM »

Applications are in.

Name: Hav3n       
ID: 11630       
Experience: The only major one I can say I have true experience with is Cavik's Mafia Madness. Now, I don't think I got admin on there because I'm a good admin, I think he chose me because we were online friends. Other than that server, I only have "Watch over the server while I'm gone" experience. On the side note, I never have had any other admin experience than Blockland.       
What is my job: Make sure everyone is enjoying playing time without fretting about something. If there's a jerk, hacker, or anyone who disturbs playing time, they should be punished.         
Why should you accept me: Well, ultimately the decision is yours. I'm not gonna say something like; "I feel like I'm qualified for admin, and ready for the challenge." Heck, I'm not the kind of person who says that. But what I can say is that I want the experience to actually know what to do when something happens, and the power to do that. I just want to learn how to be a fair admin.       
Timezone: central       
Date: May 19, 2015

Tophat: No. I feel like you need more confidence in yourself, although I think you should try again.
Pecon: No. You seem like a good candidate for an admin, but you actually have to sell yourself. If you don't believe in yourself why should we?
Ipquarx: No. Not enough experience
Trinko: No thanks. "Now, I don't think I got admin on there because I'm a good admin, I think he chose me because we were online friends" is not experience.
Soroxzion: No. You need to make it sound assertive.
Aware: No. Your only experience listed is admin that you got on a friends server, you clearly state that it is because you were friends and not because you were a good admin. This application shows why you shouldn't be admin, not why you should.
Jetz: No. You spent your entire experience section shooting yourself in the knee.
Narkro: No. Remember, this is an application. Don't speak humbly, you make yourself seem worse off.
Dr. Zegobob: No. You seem humble, however you shot yourself in the foot by saying "I'm not going to say I feel like I'm qualified for admin." To make an application you should make us think that you have a significant value on the team, and part of that is the confidence to have value. Also, add a bit more experience and a bit more assertion as to what you will do as admin.
Danny Boy: No. You did the exact opposite of selling yourself.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. As much as I love the fact that you're being honest, you're also not making yourself sound good at all.

Score: -12, denied

Name: YoshiDude1251
ID: 172983
Experience: Once owned a popular server back in 2011-2012 (under different name), 8's server(he randomizes the types), and previously Blueboy's server.
What is my job: To defend the players from hostile and threatening players, to maintain order, and to be a goodmin, not a badmin, and to make sure someone coordinates with the rules and doesn't have an infraction. That is my belief of an admin. And unless necessary, I do the "3 strikes order" 1 strike: I give the convicted player(s) a warning   2 strikes: I kick the convicted player(s).   3 strikes: *depending on commited crime/infracted rule* 1 hr - 7 day ban. And this can be a good use instead of straight off ban
Why should you accept me: Despite my large BL_ID, I used to be a 33068, very good at architecture and building, events I'm good at too, love the server, good place to hang out, and I do come on alot.
Timezone: eastern
Date: May 22, 2015

Tophat: No. Too many buzzwords, not a lot of content.
Ipquarx: No. Your rules are far too set in stone. A good admin needs to adapt properly to different situations.
Soroxzion: No.
Trinko: I'm sorry, but no. Your reasons for acceptance is too short, and your "what is my job" is extremely in need of work. Let's not forget that I've had to deal with you a few times before, and you always tried to bicker me about my punishments for and with poor reasons.
Aware: No. Do not put "I can event" on your application, everyone can event. We can not take your experience hosting a popular server in 2011 seriously if you do not atleast provide the username you used at the time.
Jetz: No. "alot." Also "goodmin" is a terrible portmanteau. And your low BL_ID isn't a selling point any more than the high one would have been a reason to reject you.
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No. You did not assert much about why we should have you on the team. You need to state the value you will bring, and it does not have to be terribly long, "drawn out" application (like mine was), but you should describe specifically how you will benefit the team rather than unspecified descriptive words such as "goodmin" and "badmin," as those have meaning that highly varies per individual, and we do not know exactly what you mean. I appreciate the effort, but try being descriptive if/when you apply again.
Danny Boy: No. At the point when you used a BL_ID as a reason I stopped reading.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Your experience is... underwhelming, and your "what is your job" statement is generic as ever. You pretty much used "be good at my job" as "what is my job". Then you use your BL_ID. I'm done with this one.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Kangobuild
ID: 42158       
Experience: I've admined lots of free builds and cityRpgs         
What is my job: I believe it is to keep the rules in check and to help anyone in need if there is any problem       
Why should you accept me: Because i have a lot of admin experience and I'm on blockland alot               
Timezone: central
Date: May 22, 2015

Tophat: No. Little content. Needs more all around.
Ipquarx: No. Extremely little effort put into application and no actual server names, if you can't remember them they're probably too old to matter.
Trinko: Nope, too short.
Soroxzion: No. Little effort, needs more everything.
Jetz: No. "alot." Also insubstantial.
Aware: No. This application is so tiny I accidentally scrolled past it.
Narkro: No. Needs more in what actual experience you have.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Dr. Zegobob: Try adding more description, gaining more experience, and being specific. No.
Trifornt: No. "because i have a lot of admin experience and I'm on blockland alot"... Experience: "I've admined lots of free builds and cityRpgs". You did not mention a single CityRPG that you admined on, or a freebuild, you just said that you admined on a lot of them. Also, great reasoning.

Score: -11, denied

Name: The Brick Builder
ID: 38783       
Experience: Mr.Queebas servers, Elias' servers, RocketBot's and Icedragon's.       
What is my job: To be on the watch for the server and to fix glitches/bugs discovered in the events, minigame, etc.       
Why should you accept me: Because I try to be loyal and honest to players especially newer ones no matter how high their BL_ID is.
I also will not try to abuse.
I will promise not to get angry at players since I lost.
I'm not trying to earn admin to boast/brag to other players that I got admin on one of the top BL servers and not them.
Finally I've seen the server lately and I think it could use a few more admins and I haven't seen many recently.               
Timezone: central
Date: May 22, 2015

Tophat: No. Doesn't have much to it and the "I also will not try to abuse" does not give me a good vibe.
Ipquarx: No. An admin's job is more than just to find glitches.
Soroxzion: No. Way too many buzzwords.
Trinko: No. "I try not to abuse" is something you never put in an app.
Jetz: No. "I'm not trying to earn admin to boast/brag to other players that I got admin on one of the top BL servers and not them." That's worryingly specific.
Aware: No. Your reason as to why we should accept you does not relate to admin at all, it just relates to being a decent person.
Narkro: No. "trying" to not abuse means that there is the chance you will.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Lost me at "I also try not to abuse." Promises and "trying" are useless statements to us. We want members on our team that will benefit us, not that we have to worry about.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. From seeing you in-game, you are not someone who could admin very well.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Kaminari
ID: 16913       
Experience: Most commonly known as Akuryo, and Jonathant1 in the Blockland community, I have administrated at numerous Blockland servers in the past. A couple of them were Visolator's server (Mod), Dragonoid_X's server (SA), and other smaller servers. I have recommendations and/or been told to apply, from Soroxzion, Tophat and Trinko.         
What is my job: Administrators are supposed to keep an open eye in the chat and gameplay to ensure the rules are reinforced, clean of troublemakers, nuisances, exploiters, etc. Not only monitoring the conversation, but they must be flexible and can do other tasks such as fixing exploitable areas in the map, building, and scripting if they have experience. Every admin should be able to set an example for others who are willing to apply. If I have done anything wrong during my time as an admin, I am responsible for my actions and must be prepared to accept the full punishment of it. Opinions and suggestions in the chat and from other admins, should be paid attention to, and should be implemented in if needed.       
Why should you accept me: Most of the hours I have put into Blockland can be traced to Pecon's Boss Battles. This server has kept me entertained for an extensive amount of hours. I have thought about applying because I want to participate in the development of the server. Aside from that, I also want to keep the server as an environment of enjoyment and entertainment for others. The expectation of being an administrator here is very high from what I've seen. Considering there are points where the server is packed with people, and there can be little to no admins online, I hope to be on at those times and help keep the server intact and orderly. Just like a regular occupation, there is stress that will be put on me, but I am still capable of efficiently carrying out tasks and staying alert as if it was a full-time job. If I don't have a firm idea on how to discipline someone, I can contact another admin in the server, or on steam on what should be done to him/her. If there is a time where I am not able to contact anyone, I'll keep a note of the person's actions, name and BLID, and keep an eye on him/her. I will report it to another admin later for further actions. If anyone is confused, needs help, or discouraged by the amount of information being thrown at them, I am more than willing to assist them in their issue, big or small. I have experienced numerous times where there are very decent suggestions being voiced, but not taken into consideration of whether it should be considered. Complaints can eventually lead to ideas or uncontrollable anger. If they are not dealt with soon, it might become a bigger issue for the administration team to manage in the future. Some of the skills that I possess include knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator, drawing and partly building/eventing. Because I can efficiently use Adobe Illustrator, I can create assets for a logo, item, etc. To sum it all up, I am more than willing to keep the server as a source of enjoyment for others and
can ensure that players will be coming back to the server.               
Timezone: pacific
Date: May 22, 2015

Tophat: No. Application is good if not excellent, but I am revoking my recommendation. Not for personal issues, but rather player interactions that were quite unfriendly.
Soroxzion: No. Application is very well done yes, but I revoke my recommendation to this application for other matters.
Ipquarx: No. Due to what Tophat has said about you you don't seem mature enough.
Trinko: Um, I don't remember recommending you at all. Aside from that, I like your app, but I have to say no.
Jetz: Yes. Seems like a decent application and I haven't had any problems with you. Good luck convincing everyone else, though.
Aware: Yes. The application is really well written and you seem very responsible. Contrary to what other admins are saying, my interactions with this user have always been fairly pleasant aside from the occasional arrogant comments.
Narkro: No. While your application is well done, players have come to me complaining about their relations with you during gameplay. Being an admin seems far too risky.
Dr. Zegobob: No. A well written application, however since all three of your recommendations are right here saying they no longer recommend you, I have to say no. Great job on the written part though.
Danny Boy: Yes. Very strong application and I personally think you deserve a chance.
Marioguy0:  No.  Claimed to have the support of Tophat, Soroxzion, and Trinko, but did not.  What the heck is up with that?  I do not like this at all.
Trifornt: No. You are a complete jerk in-game, even if your appeal is well made.

Score: -6, denied

Name: Thatblockheadyouknow
ID: 79757       
Experience: On A few servers, I have had admin and usually only kicked a few people and banned a few hackers/cheaters. I also usually responded quickly to reports.       
What is my job: An admin is like a guard or helper, helping people and getting rid of hackers and offensive rule-breakers.       
Why should you accept me: I have had good expirience I wont abuse it and will help               
Timezone: eastern
Date: May 23, 2015

Soroxzion: No. Effort is needed to even have the administration consider anyone obtaining admin here, try harder.
Tophat: No. Nowhere near enough effort put forth into this application.
Ipquarx: No. No servers named and extremely little effort put into the application.
Trinko: No, too short. And to add to that, "I promise not to abuse" is something we expect  from you, and we even mention not to put it in your app.
Jetz: No. And will help.... Just in general? Or did you forget to finish writing the application?
Aware: No. Your application seriously lacks effort.
Narkro: No way.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Not enough substance, a useless, if not detrimental, promise - "I won't abuse it," and just needs more everything.
Danny Boy: No. Didn't even bother reading. Could tell there was a massive lack of effort.
Tetris: Nope. Didn't mention servers by name and even spelled "experience" wrong.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Despite your name, I have never seen you on the server. You also failed at making your application worthwhile at all.

Score: -12, denied

Name: Kai Darrison
ID: 51126       
Experience: I have hosted free-builds in the past, and have also been an administrator on a server or two.       
What is my job: I believe that admins are supposed to help make the server they are on a better place, and to ensure that nobody breaks the server rules.       
Why should you accept me: I want to help keep Boss-Battles in order and help those who may have problems on the server.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: May 24, 2015

Tophat: No. Not enough content.
Soroxzion: No. Sorry Kai, needs more effort.
Ipquarx: No. Not enough experience and too little effort put into the app.
Trinko: I'm sorry, but I have to say no to this. Your app is too short.
Jetz: No. This is like the equivalent of [Insert application here]. Completely insubstantial.
Aware: No. Really short application. From interactions with you I fear what you would do if you could ban players.
Narkro: No. Poor app notwithstanding, your player relations with people have been sub-par.
Dr. Zegobob: No. I need to stop spending so much time on applications this small. You don't say "I want admin" and get admin - you show us why you want to be on the team, and prove to us your value.
Danny Boy: No
Tetris: No. Managing a freebuild server is completely different than a PvP server, and there are ways you can help keep boss battles in order without moderator status.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Kai Darrison is a mixed bag for me, but for the most part I would not call him "admin material." Even then, your application is laughably short.

Score: -12, denied

« August 11, 2015, 11:40:10 PM »

Name: DragonoidSlayer
ID: 29131       
Experience: Previous Experience: I have been admin at many small scale servers, and large scale. Here are some of the most memorable.
Co-Host Deokotaru's Freebuild
Super Admin CASEY's Family RP
Super Admin Chill's server
Super Admin Metaroid's server. (There will be a large project coming out soon under his name)
Super admin Khaz's servers
Super admin TheHellSpy's Military thing
Super admin Gavizt's server
Super admin Rammboy's server (Aka clayman)
Admin Klarck's server
Admin Ostinyo's server
Admin Jayce's server
Admin Amy's server
Admin Dglider's server
Admin Brickitect's Neighborhood
Admin Blobo's server
Admin Daveman's server
Admin Crispy's server
Admin Akio's server
Admin Achoo's Pick challenge
Super Admin ChocoboPah's server
Admin NinjazGamerz' server
Admin Xenos' server
Admin Cyber's server
Super Admin Woolly's server
I tried to list as many as I could.       
What is my job: Admins Job: Well, an admin has more than one job, so I'm going to describe it as multiple jobs of an admin. The first, and probably the most important job of an admin, is to enforce the rules, obviously. But also to keep balance among all the players, and make sure nothing is going wrong in the game. After all, this server isn't for you the admin, but for the players. So the main job is to keep the server entertaining, and interesting for all players. Well, not all players, as I must interact the players that are being a nuisance and making the server less enjoyable, which means dealing with exploiters, muting unruly/crude people, and just generally removing problems. Another extremely important job as an admin, is to be ready for anything, as you never know when you will need to take action to a situation. But dealing with the situation, also means that I have to look at the situation from both the admins view, and the players's view. So, I could go on about the steps of warn / kick / ect, but that is implied. I should not have to describe that.       
Why should you accept me: What makes me stand out?: Well, for one, I have been going to the Boss Battles servers since I started blockland. Meaning, that I can deal with almost anything that the players throw at me. It also means, that I have a growing loving for the server, as I would not be who I am today, without the boss battles server. Now, that is not a "I like the server" thing. That was me saying that I have developed around the server, and can make the server better as I have a view as the player. I have helped the server building wise, and I plan to help it much more. But even then, I must admit. I did have 1 or 2 forgetups on the server. I am saying this, because I have long regretted it, because I knew that I was already tainting my reputation in the eyes of some of the admins. But disregarding that, my commitment to the server has been extremely immense. At one point, I even made a server trailer, but it was complete stuff. But that doesn't matter, what matters, is that I will not let the server down, but bring the server up. My skill: eventing. I have been working on VCE for about 2 years, and have gotten better and better with it. Although I may not be the best, I can probably provide anything you need in the world of events. Now, i'm not sure if this really helps or not, but if there is anything that I cannot provide, and the admins cannot provide, I have hundreds of people to contact for help. So if the server is ever stuck on something, and cannot proceed on it. You can always get to me, to contact people within my reach.And finally, I have always admired the server staff, and soon, I hope to be the one that I have always admired.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: May 24, 2015

Tophat: No. Experience evens out, extreme use of commas was not fun to go through. Applicant does not seem like admin material from my experience. I did not like the application as it was kind of annoying to read through. Some errors made me stop and there was a decent amount of irrelevant information included in the application.
Trinko: No. As much as I like this application, I can't say yes. I don't like how choppy you've made the ending of your app.
Jetz: No. I think you need to edit this a bit. Reread it, proofread it, then reapply. It has the guts of a good application, but guts alone does not a pretty sight make, as anyone who's seen the inside of Tophat's garage can tell you.
Aware: Yes. Holy list of experiences and holy number of comma splices. Grammatical errors aside, I believe I have recommended you as an admin for a different server and I think that you would make a good admin for this server.
Narkro: Yes. While the text wall is unnerving, you've got a solid application besides grammar.
Dr. Zegobob: No. From the looks I can assume you put time, effort, and thought into this and I respect that. You should elaborate more on what you will provide that we can value, and you should write more about what you will do as an admin rather than telling a personal blockland story that is not highly applicable. You seem to have experience from just looking at the application, and it does look like you are dedicated, which I also respect. Though I will say no due to lack of value described, I do highly recommend you apply again, as I can assume you have potential.
Danny Boy: No. While reading it despite how annoying it was I was on the verge of saying yes but it got to the point in which you seemed to undermine yourself which in my opinion shows lack of confidence. Your previous experience is fantastic. If you redo the last half of your application I will probably be very likely to say yes in the future
Ry: No. Quantity over quality approach of recommendations is an interesting one. I don't recognize about 90% of those people or their servers, and the ones I do recognize do not give me a lot of positive thoughts. From personal experience you seem to have communication issues or something, not a very good trait for administration. Either way its not a bad application if my OCD would allow me to get past all of the grammatical stuff, have someone proofread your app and try again.
Marioguy0:  No.  51 commas found in this application, and the overall writing confused me.  Maybe I am tired, but I should never feel this way about an app.  I am hungry now.
Trifornt: No. A poorly written application trying to use quantity to make us accept him, instead of quality. Sorry mate, it's not a really good appeal.

Score: -6, denied

Name: TKH2000
ID: 140442       
Experience: i need admin on boss battles its my best server       
What is my job:
I love admin job becuse i love helping people :)       
Why should you accept me:  Can i get admin in your server my Blid is 140442 and i am admin on 31 server and co owner in 3 servers and mod on 1 server And i am good on admin so please can i have admin               
Timezone: africa
Date: May 27, 2015

Tophat: No.
Soroxzion: No. If this was a joke or just testing out this system please don't do it again, thank you.
Trinko: Is this a joke?
Jetz: No. I'm gonna wager you're not even gonna read these responses any time soon, and this application is just the result of you interpreting the page as "type anything in these boxes to get admin."
Aware: No. "i need admin on boss battles its my best server" is not really experience...
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No, and I don't think I need to explain why.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. You probably need admin on this server so you can shove in your own 'admin excloosiv bosis' which will crash the server.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Newton
ID: 164884       
Experience: I have administered my own server a while back, however it was kind of unpopular. Otherwise, I haven't, sadly.       
What is my job: I believe that an admin's job is to help out the server they are admin on. They do things such as answer "calls for help". For example, when a player is spamming on the server they should mute that person or ban them if they continue to spam. Banning is when they attempt to evade or don't listen. Another job is to fix bugs or glitches that are happening on the server to improve the players' experiences and keep the playercounts high. I believe that an admin's job is to help the players just play the game the right way and to have fun, which is why people play games, to have fun. And if they don't have fun on the server, they won't return.       
Why should you accept me: You may look at my BLID and say, "no", but my BLID should be something like 29346, you might know me instead as "BB Master Chief". I have played on this server since its beginnings in the bedroom map before the blockade was put up to prevent players from venturing inside of the bed. I am very loyal to fellow players and admins alike, and I enjoy the community in Boss Battles. Throughout my experience hosting my own server, I made some mistakes which ended up getting it messed up, and like they say, "You learn from your mistakes." I will help maintain the server and contact other admins if there are any bugs/glitches on the server. I also play often, so I could help keep an eye on the server. Thank you for your consideration.               
Timezone: pacific
Date: May 27, 2015

Tophat: No. Fairly weak application. In the right spirit though, so I think you should reapply. Needs more information and to cut out the bits that don't matter as much.
Trinko: No. I can't say yes to this. Reason being you have lack of experience, but don't worry too much about that. I like your application though, and you seem like a chill person in the server as far as I've seen.
Jetz: No. What is it with people thinking we judge these based on BLIDs? Also nobody is gonna remember a name as bland as "BB Master Chief;" that's precisely why nobody uses a name like that for more than a year or so before realizing it's a terrible one.
Aware: No. The application is not bad but it could definitely use some work. Try organizing this so that it does not jump from your BLID (which does not matter) to your previous name (which does not matter) to when you started playing (which also does not matter). You should also remove information that does not matter in case you did not know.
Narkro: No. Don't use your mistakes as a talking point. Perhaps with some experience and a better job selling yourself, you could reapply.
Dr. Zegobob: No. You have potential, but this is not worthy in my opinion. We don't care about your BLID, but we do care about what you can do on the team and why you will benefit us. For advice: less talk about trivial BLID stuff, more on what you will do for us, more experience, and be confident in what you will provide. I do respect your attempt.
Danny Boy: No. You should reapply with more experience in the future. You did the opposite of selling yourself and again people need to stop assuming that BL_ID is a selling point.
Marioguy0:  No.  Your experience is vastly inferior of to what I would expect.  Also, I am still hungry.  If you put food in your next application, I will very likely approve of it.
Trifornt: No. As much as I like your appeal, and how you were honest and nice, I can't approve it. You simply do not have enough experience and did not sell yourself off as a good admin.

Score: -9, denied

Name: checkraisefold
ID: 98255       
Experience: I have been admin on a few servers on another game, Platinum on Tezuni's prison escape/all his servers.       
What is my job: I believe an admin job is a job to get rid of rule breakers, make sure everything is in order, and be nice to players who are new, and help everyone.       
Why should you accept me: I am very nice, and I will help everyone. I can be a big help to the server, by helping players and stopping rulebreakers. I can be very nice, and help other players know how to play if they are new. I can help the server stop rulebreakers and help the admin team do what they need. You should accept me because I will be a big help, be on at times there is a lot of players. I can be very helpful, and good to the server.               
Timezone: pacific
Date: May 28, 2015

Tophat: No. Repeated too much when I read it. Seems weak as well. Needs some more content all around.
Soroxzion: No. Buzzwords everywhere.
Trinko: No, you seem to put "Help" too many times.
Jetz: No. "I will help everyone" Confirmed: checkraisefold intends to support DSH's genocide campaigns.
Aware: No. I have no idea what "Platinum on Tezuni's server" is but putting anything about Tezuni in your application is a horrible idea.
Narkro: No. Platinum just sounds like you play there a lot, and even if it is administration, Tezuni is toxic.
Dr. Zegobob: No. The Tezuni thing is highly questionable, but regardless there was not much of value here. For advice: elaborate more, obtain a few more servers of experience (and list them specifically), and think about what admin you would want as a hypothetical popular server owner.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Platinum on Tezuni is a Donator Rank you get for forking more cash to Tezuni, allowing him to further monopolize Blockland. Regardless, your application is weak and simply dumb.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Snack Nsack Chocolate
ID: 28555       
Experience: rggbnnnnn's Super Murder Mystery
Tezuni's Jail Escape
Tetronaught's Jail Escape and City RPG (Now known as TetroBlock.)
Daniel.S' Grand Theft Auto
Buttman's Endless Zombies and Post-Apocalyptic RPG (Now known as NuclearNacho/Espio100.)       
What is my job: To Ban/warn/kick trouble-makers, I.E, hackers, trolls, server crashers, etc...
To help people who are confused, like people who don't know where to find the rules, don't know how other things work.
And finally, to ensure people have fun in the server.       
Why should you accept me: I want to help make the server a better place by helping anyone in need, and getting rid of/sorting out people who break the rules.               
Timezone: europe
Date: May 29, 2015

Tophat: No. Ideal but too weak. Needs more content and experience.
Soroxzion: No.
Trinko: No. Seems to have lack of effort imo.
Jetz: No. Mixed up "i.e." with "e.g." While generally insubstantial, I find it interesting that you specifically noted admins are there to help people who don't understand the game well. That's one most people miss.
Aware: No. More admins in the Europe timezones would be a good thing, but the application is lacking information in the why you should accept me section.
Narkro: No. Lacks effort.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Too little substance. An admin has more to do than to ban/kick cheaters and alert confused people of the rules. I respect that you did have a good bit of experience judging only from the application.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Super Murder Mystery? More like Super RDM-Fest. The admins on that server are never on, and I've seen people literally run around the place sniping people because they can. I have also never seen you on Tezuni's. Your application, just like a ton of others, is extremely weak.

Score: -10, denied

Name: MLG Euphoria
ID: 45143       
Experience: Ive been admin sometimes nor super admin.       
What is my job: An admins job is the make sure nobody breaks any rules (eg. no spamming).       
Why should you accept me: Ive been old since ive been on the server (ive had enough of being a brat when i was almost old when i was new),ive been a good admin on servers when i was admin (eg. super admin) and ive been a good host on my servers. I have RTB,and i never be a badmin. Thanks for reading this.               
Timezone: northAmer
Date: Jun 01, 2015

Tophat: No. Had trouble reading application.
Trinko: No, I can't tell whether this is serious or satire. Either way, your application needs a lot more work.
Soroxzion: No.
Jetz: No. 7 words in and you managed to kill off a handful of my brain cells. Maybe Pecon needs to implement that xkcd Youtube comment thing that reads it back to you via text to speech before you can submit it.
Aware: No. Harder to read than Shakespeare.
Narkro: No. In addition to what everyone else has said, "MLG" does not sound like a mature admin.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Experience needs to be specific, not just "admin sometimes nor super admin." You did not show us why you want to be on the team by showing us what you would bring.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. "MLG Euphoria" was enough to tell me this application was going to be written by a nine year old. It seems so.

Score: -10, denied

Name: epic_poo
ID: 45920       
Experience: I never had been admin before, but I sure do know what it could be like.       
What is my job: To keep the server's population up to great by helping the players and not breaking the map and disobey the rules.       
Why should you accept me: I couldn't donate because I dont have a paypal.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 02, 2015

Tophat: No. Lack of effort and content all around. Does not meet minimum requirements.
Soroxzion: No. In need of effort.
Trinko: Nope. I'm sorry but you don't seem to meet any of the criteria. Needs a lot more work, and for sure a better reason of acceptance.
Jetz: No. "I never had been admin before, but I sure do know what it could be like." This is the part where it cuts to a thought bubble depicting you going mad with power. Also you somehow mixed up "Reason to accept you" with "Reason you didn't donate."
Aware: No. You do not need to donate to be admin.
Narkro: No. Considered skipping due to name, and it sounds like you just want donor abilities without donating.
Dr. Zegobob: No. RIP patience with "nothing" applications.
Danny Boy: No. Feels closer to a piss take than an application.
Tetris: No. Severe lack of experience and no sign of commitment.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -11, denied

Name: pingui7421
ID: 20036       
Experience: I've been an admin on many servers since version 19. No one on any server that i have been an admin on suggested the super admin to de-admin me.       
What is my job: I think an admins job is to moderate the server in the best ways possible.       
Why should you accept me: I've been playing boss battles since v20. I also join the server most of the time when I'm bored because I find it lots of fun. I've also never been kicked or banned. (other than AFK)             
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 08, 2015

Tophat: No. Application is weak. Doesn't really describe experience to the maximum. Needs more all around.
Soroxzion: No. Application's weak.
Trinko: No, your application needs a lot more effort put into it. Also please try to describe your experiences more(i.e: "I have been admin at <servername>" or "I have experience from <person or server name>").
Jetz: No. No specific examples for experience. Yes I am just going for an easy excuse just so I can move on as quickly as possible.
Aware: No. Your application does not meet the minimum requirements.
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

« August 11, 2015, 11:41:00 PM »

oh stuff

« August 11, 2015, 11:41:20 PM »

Name: MattRocksM16
ID: 42519       
Experience: It was a broken down server, but the owner started recruiting admins to help players, it turned out great because all the people he added       
What is my job: I believe an admins job is a helper to the server, not a ruler, a person to help players or the server       
Why should you accept me: Because I love this server and I want to help it and the players               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 09, 2015

Tophat: No. Seems like you didn't finish the application or something.
Soroxzion: No. Little effort.
Trinko: No, seems as if no effort was put into this.
Jetz: No. I'm not sure what sentence you think you composed in the experience section but it seems only tangentially related to what we wanted.
Aware: No. Is this an application for ants?
Narkro: No. Lacks effort and any sort of specific experience.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Be more specific on where you have been administrator, as in name specific servers, people that admined/recommend you, and what roles you served on those servers. Reasoning is two sentences and proves nothing.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: #Moon
ID: 33252       
Experience: I am a Moderator on Tezuni's Cloud. I was supposed to be an admin on CheeseandButter's Rising Lava, but something happened and it didn't work.       
What is my job: To keep a server clean of no-gooders, to make sure the rules are followed and not broken, and to make sure everyone has fun. No one wants a server full of jerks or cheaters.       
Why should you accept me: I would never want to break a rule or being rude to anyone. I would not want to risk losing such a prized rank, and I would follow my role as an admin. I will play a often on this server, and I am going to get from good to great.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 18, 2015

Tophat: No. Does not feel like much effort was put forth into this application.
Trinko: No, too short.
Jetz: No. Your reason to accept you basically says the same thing over and over again.
Aware: No. You were supposed to get admin on a server but it did not work? How did it not work?
Narkro: No. The fact that you failed to get admin is not someone you put in an application towards getting it.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Does Tezuni use applications? Provide more in each section.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -9, denied

Name: Jjosiah98
ID: 22685       
Experience: I am very trustworthy and responsible. I have assisted on many other servers even without being admin. I know the game well and get along with others.       
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to maintain the server to make sure it stays running, as well as to make sure the people on the server have the best experience while on so the will want to come back for more.       
Why should you accept me: I always say that its your choice to do something. In this case, its accept me for admin on the Boss Battles' Server. I never like to make people do something so I suggest that something instead. So I'm going to suggest that you accept me as admin on your server. I like to say that I'm trustworthy, responsible, kind and caring, and that my friends and family would agree, but I'll leave the decision up to you.                 
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 18, 2015

Tophat: No. Application doesn't explain why you should become admin. Personal experience does not show you to be trustworthy either. Consistent rulebreaker as well. The drama should speak for itself. There are also witnesses to back me up if required.
Trinko: No, your reason of acceptance is more of a demand than being as why we SHOULD accept you. Constantly saying you're "trustworthy" kills the entire app for me because of how subtle you seem to make it, as if youre hiding something.
Jetz: No. You put your reason to accept you in the experience section, then spent the reason to accept you section saying nothing.
Aware: No. "I want admin!... if its okay with you guys" sums up this application pretty well.
Narkro: No, especially after the drama.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.  Tophat annihilation detected.  Maybe we can actually fix his broken Sega console someday, but he is too busy destroying people right now for that to be possible.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -9, denied

Name: Son of Renderman
ID: 43488       
Experience: Just so you guys know, I rarely ever get a chance of administration. The last time I was admin was in my own game. First, I would set up everything like the Boss Battles minigame (the special part about it is that there's no map) and wait for a few players to start joining. Second, if a boss or player goes too far I teleport them back to the arena. Third, I check if anyone is breaking the rules or something and do something about it. Finally, I switch game modes once in a while to keep the players happy.       
What is my job: My opinion of what an admin's job is the following:
1. Solving problems other players have
2. If a player is causing problems, kick them from the server as a warning
3. Keeping the server in check
4. Find new ways to improve the server
5. All admins should vow to never abuse admin commands, like Badmins do.       
Why should you accept me: 1. I have at least 100,000 points from gaming.
2. I respect players very, very often
3. I have played Blockland for 3 years
4. Sometimes, I host a Boss Battles server and the players love it.
5. I make amusing minigames, such as The Denpa Men Arena, Find the Tiny Blockhead, etc.               
Timezone: mountain
Date: Jun 19, 2015

Tophat: No. Application doesn't appeal. More like reading a list and less like an application. Weak reasoning too.
Soroxzion: No. This is not an application, it's a list.
Trinko: No. To start, your experience doesnt exactly abide to my standards and doesn't even look like experience at all, but instead instructions on how to create a server. Secondly, your "What is my job" and "Why should you accept me?" reason looks more like a grocery list on how to purchase bragging rights instead of giving us actual reasons to accept you.
Jetz: No. Pecon did you change the text on the "Experience" textbox? Everyone has been misusing it lately.
Aware: No. Did you just describe your server or what you want to do with the boss battles server in the experience section? Also, the number of points you have should not be a reasons why you should have admin...
Narkro: No. Pointage is not a reason, and this is poorly written alongside a lack of experience.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Tell us why you are beneficial to the team rather than how many points you have or how long you played the game (as the final reason).
Danny Boy: No
Ry: No. As much as I really like lists, this application is far too short and doesn't appear very well thought out. Also you should probably not say that you host competing servers, or talk about abusing admin commands/badminship (buzzword galore) and stating the super obvious.
Marioguy0:  No.  Your experience annoyed and confused me.  I am still hungry!!!
Trifornt: No.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Lone Crofftum
ID: 47119       
Experience: Average Administration experience.       
What is my job: An admin's job job is to help people with bullies, hackers, and various others.       
Why should you accept me: I'm a good admin when it comes to the Boss battle's server. And Pecon7 made a good choice with the server.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jun 25, 2015

Tophat: No. Application is weak. Needs more content all around.
Soroxzion: No. Please give *some* Effort.
Trinko: No. Needs less pepper and more work put into this application.
Jetz: No. "An admin's job job-" Better luck next time; NEXT!
Aware: No. What do you consider "average administration experience"? Your reasons are so very bad that I can not even consider them a reason.
Narkro: No. Kissing up? Really?
Dr. Zegobob: Nope.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Dr.Nope
ID: 22472       
Experience: GMOD HTR server: Admin
Blockland:Jitank's Server: Admin (several years ago), AlexBlob's Server: Admin       
What is my job: An Admin is a person that monitors a server and enforces it's rules, and protect the server itself and it's players from any sort of in-game threat. Admins are also responsible for checking the integrity of the game to make sure that It stays in perfect condition, like adjusting in-game mechanics, tweaking spawning, hotfixing exploits/glitches and report results to a higher up. Admins are essentially guardians of the server, made to keep order and protect its people.   
Why should you accept me: I am a stable person that will not perma-ban any person for simply swearing at me or verbally abusing me, I am a person that looks at things from other people's point of view. For Instance I can believe that they had a bad day and needed to vent, they have a bone to pick with me for some reason, or they are just looking for trouble. I take these into consideration and tolerate them via Ignoring them, or using the mute (only as a 3rd warning) before issuing a kick for disrespect. I am a person who came from strict administration, and normally would issue a kick for any person that disrespects a server staff. I am a person that can adapt to situations, and hear both sides of the story before deciding who should be punished/understood. I am a person that will not hesitate to ban anyone that threatens to harm the server in any way, and will promptly report the incident to a higher up. I am a person that will not throw a hissy fit should I lose my abilities, I am a person that can Improve, and should an event happen I wish to see the report(s) that resulted in revocation of my abilities.                 
Timezone: central
Date: Jun 25, 2015

Tophat: No. Feels like the application is too stiff. Ideal, but errors and overall feeling like it's something from an end user license agreement prevents me from accepting. I do think you should reapply though.
Jetz: No. When nothing in an application is specific to the server you're applying to, it's a pretty good sign that what you're saying is generic.
Aware: No. You are just listing off things that are obviously expected and very generic like how you will not permaban players for swearing.
Trinko: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No. I can assume you put effort into this but it does not "stand out" if you will; it is not above average server admin role, and it does not go beyond just standard policing skills.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. Another application I feel like I need to give reasoning for, you do not look like you'd be a good admin. I'm sure effort and time went into this, but you talked about average things any decent admin should do. Remember, we want good admins, not decent ones.

Score: -8, denied

Name: Jman1308
ID: 40678       
Experience: I help players learn rules and work very hard on building and creating updates.   
What is my job: An admins job is to enforce the rules of the server, help build and create updates and help other players.       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because i am responsible i will help players and enforce the rules.                 
Timezone: australia
Date: Jun 27, 2015

Tophat: No. Needs more content all around.
Soroxzion: No. Needs more in the application.
Jetz: No. Endlessly parroting the phrases "help players," "enforce the rules," and "build and create updates" does not make an application.
Aware: No. Responses are very minimal and generic.
Trinko: Nope, too short.
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Markofka007
ID: 153106       
Experience: I've been an Admin before, and some of the things I would do with it, would be looking for any cheaters, griefers, spammers, etc., and if I saw someone doing something like that, I would ask them a couple of times to please stop, but if I still get a lot of reports from that person, I would give that person a consequence.       
What is my job: I believe an Admin's job is to supervise and coordinate activities of players, review and answer correspondence, and to manage the game.       
Why should you accept me: I am very responsible and trustworthy, I promise I will not ruin the server, free-kill, or ban or mute without any purpose. I will use my Admin very wisely and carefully, and I will never do anything stupid. I'm also able to supervise others and I have good organisation skills.               
Timezone: pacific
Date: Jun 27, 2015

Tophat: No. Application goes in the right direction but doesn't hold a lot of weight.
Soroxzion: No. You started out good to a point but you lack content and it does not hold its own.
Jetz: No. "free-kill" You sure you got the right number? Also "admin" isn't a proper noun.
Aware: No. Generic reasons are generic.
Trinko: No, you seem to have misplaced "Experience" with "What is my job?" somehow. Also, your reasons are worse than eating a burnt slice of toast in the morning, "I promise I will not ruin the server", What the heck is that crap? "I will use my Admin very wisely  and carefully", we expect this from you, we also expect that you DON'T put that in your application. I recommend you put more effort into this before reapplying.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Promises to not do bad things mean nothing to us. In fact we generally regard them as downgrading an application as we then have to worry about the applicant if he/she becomes admin. I appreciate your effort though.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -9, denied

Name: Masterchief398
ID: 172809       
Experience: helping a admin       
What is my job: being a admins job is looking out for the server kicking hackers and spammers         
Why should you accept me: i would be a good admin and look out for the server                 
Timezone: northAmer
Date: Jun 30, 2015

Tophat: No. You tried. I think.
Soroxzion: You tried.png
Jetz: No. "Name: Masterchief3-" Better luck next time! NEXT!
Aware: No. Is this a joke or not?
Trinko: No. Please, no.
Narkro: No. I need to vacation to northAmer sometime.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No
Tetris: No. No experience.
Marioguy0:  No.  Basically like eating stinky tofu every meal for a week.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Sam56
ID: 24259       
Experience: I have had administrative duties on multiple servers non as big as the boss battle server.   
What is my job: An admin's job is to keep the server in order, keep the server functioning but still allowing people to have a good time on said server.       
Why should you accept me: I will do the job as an Administrator to the best of my abilities.               
Timezone: pacific
Date: Jul 01, 2015

Tophat: No. If the application were larger, it would be better. It needs more content all around.
Soroxzion: No. In need of content.
Jetz: No. Insubstantial. Nothing funny to be said really since there's so little to talk about.
Aware: No. Way too short.
Trinko: No, please put forth a lot more effort.
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: -{]_Pixels_[}-
ID: 33430       
Experience: The last time I was admin it was on a free build server a couple years ago but I know that admins have a lot of power and that you should never abuse it.   
What is my job: An admin's job to keep the players under control and make sure the rules are followed as well as help out any players that are lost, confused, don't know what they are doing, or need any sort of help.       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I have played on this server for years and I'm a nice person that doesn't rage quit or get mad at people easily. I'm not applying for power I'm applying to help people as well as the server. I've been on a lot of servers and a lot of them have really bad admins who hardly ever help out or are just plain rude. I would do whatever I can and will do whatever I can to help make the Boss Battle's server the friendliest server on Blockland.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 03, 2015

Tophat: No. I like the spirit of the application but it is lacking in strength. Needs refining and a little extra content, maybe some experience to fully form. I think you should reapply.
Jetz: No. Redo the experience section to demonstrate experience; don't just repeat the stuff from the other two sections. Expand on the rest.
Trinko: Nope. Lets start with your experience section, the heck is that crap, are you giving instructions on what and what not to do as admin? Isn't knowing what to do as admin what we expect from you? Secondly, "I'm a nice person that doesn't rage quit" won't exactly help keep your boat afloat, you need more content and better reasons for acceptance.
Aware: No. You described the job decently, but your reasons to accept you are pretty generic and have irrelevant information.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Nothing standing out and it's ordinary.
Danny Boy: No. Your reasons don't really describe why you should be accepted.
Marioguy0:  No.  Not good enough, but not a bad direction, I suppose.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -8, denied

ID: 41103       
Experience: I am admin or SA on some servers but mostly mod. people think I am a good admin         
What is my job: I think an admins job is to keep the servers secure and keep it safe       
Why should you accept me: I am very good with people I give them chances 3 exactly then I kick then if they come back I give them 1 chance this ill ban them I don't just ban them.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 07, 2015

Tophat: No. Not enough effort nor content.
Soroxzion: No. Effort is needed to achieve anything in life.
Trinko: No, please put forth more effort if you decide to reapp.
Jetz: No. " I give them chances 3 exactly then I kick"  Three shall be the number of the chances, and the number of the chances shall be three.
Aware: No. This application brings shame to the citizens of Waffleton.
Narkro: No. Learn punctuation.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: M3RC3N4RY
ID: 89072       
Experience: I've been admin for santus Relms grapple knife before i lost my other account, I started to give warnings to spammers, Flamers,etc.       
What is my job: I believe an admin job is to make sure people respect others, not to abuse there powers, and have people follow rules       
Why should you accept me: I think you should accept me because, I think you should have more staff online, setting the rules, and having respectable player's then just people that think there better then everyone, and not respecting anyone.               
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 07, 2015

Tophat: No. Ensuring everything is correct in an application is rather useful. Needs more content, doesn't feel like effort was put into this.
Trinko: No, I don't like the way you worded your application. And let's not forget the "other account" excuse, oh that's wonderful...
Jetz: No. "not to abuse there powers-" "there" Better luck next time!
Aware: No. Why did you lose your other account? The application does not show off anything interesting.
Narkro: No. Poorly written.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -9, denied

« August 11, 2015, 11:47:01 PM »

Name: Doaler4sBack
ID: 43019
Experience: My own servers, Ezraph's servers, []Falco[] or -Falco-'s servers, Mr. Queeba's Servers.
What is my job: Protecting the server from people who break rules. You would simply ban a person with the admin menu. Protection comes responsibility.
Why should you accept me: I know you won't accept me because I was copying you, but I stopped. I got my own ideas now. For accepting me, I clearly evolved into a non-fegget, and truly become a good man. Since my admin skills are becoming better, I should express myself into avoiding rule breakers, and use everything I can. "So I just have to do it, and not let my dreams, be dreams." -Shia LaBeouf
Timezone: central
Date: Jul 10, 2015

Tophat: No. Experience is little, rest of the application does not have much information towards achieving the rank of admin.
Soroxzion: No. Shia LaBeouf also said No.
Trinko: No thank you. You had me at "I know you won't accept me because I was copying you", and then it died for me.
Jetz: No. You know you have a problem when I mistake you for a guy who suicide spammed the forums, have the difference explained to me, and still have no idea which of the two you are.
Aware: No. doalerdenied.gif
Narkro: No. Shia LaBeouf quote nonwithstanding.
Dr. Zegobob: No. I can't tell if my memory is fading but didn't you apply the last time I did these reviews over a year ago? "I clearly evolved into a non-cigaretteget" Did you take a biology course at 4chan university?
Danny Boy: No
Ry: No, Let me paraphrase how I interpreted this: "Hey guys, sorry about that whole trying to directly compete with you after stealing some builds and being an overall super tard, but I'm totally a different pesron and you should accept me because the rest of my application speaks for itself right?" Follow up: aren't you ban on sight?
Marioguy0:  No.  tl;dr because app started with doaler.  And let me tell you, I have tried doaler in the past, and it tastes nothing like donuts.
Trifornt: No. Doaler, please stop applying for admin on this server. You're not the most lovable person, you've openly created servers in an attempt to steal our playerbase (and that sole reason) and immediately adminned us when we joined as if we'd genuinely want to help you, and you're extremely annoying. Your admin skills are also lacking.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Biller
ID: 43126
Experience: Sorry if this is too long. But i am admin in lots of servers (Mostly old servers)..
Servers im admin at:
1. Zedrow's server
2. OutPact's server
3. FireVine's server
4. Vekum's server
5. Bill Cyper's server
6. Bondant's server
7. Lieutantant.S's server
8. Daniel.S's server
9. BlueRose's server
10. Mr. Queeba's server
11. -Quote-'s server
12.  SpaceMan's server
13. ?Sir Info?'s server
14. Jet (Or Sword)'s server
15. SurgarMan's server
16. xxShadowFoxxx's server
17. The Young Avenger's server
18. EpicWarlus's server
19. Lukas75's server
20. Minty's server
21. CocoaTHEhotdog's server
22. c[_]'s server
23. Orange's server
24. That Blue Creeper's server
25. Raiden21's server
26. McLoler's server
27. Rggbnnnn's server
28. Ares' server
What is my job: Being an admin is a job you need to work hard on, be one of the boss' workers. Listen to your boss. So being an admin is related to that, but if you get order from a host, you obviously have to do it, or you will be fired (De-admined). Rule breakers need to be delt with. Having a server with rule breakers will cause trouble. The server will be ruined. So admins help the host with that job. So i belive you need help. So here i am applying to this nice server.
Why should you accept me: I would like to apply to this server to do what is told: Ban/Kick Rule Breakers, Report admin abusers, report bugs, help out with some things you order me to do, be nice and respect other users/Admins/Super admins, deal with uneducated people, etc.
Timezone: southAmer
Date: Jul 10, 2015

Tophat: No. Isn't how this server works. Experience shoots up plenty of red flags; Outpact has attacked servers, Zedrow is a problem user to an extreme degree, "Jet (or Sword)" I have banned forever from the server by sending a trap link, That Blue Creeper was a troll, Raiden21 was also a problem user. Some topics on the forums are also against you for being abusive.
Trinko: No.
Soroxzion: No. Way too many people that have bad past experience on this application.
Jetz: No. Experience was decent, then it just fell apart completely.
Aware: No. Your experiences is impressively long but it is not the entire application. You need to put more work into the other 2/3 of the application.
Narkro: No. Started strong, but can't support after seeing Tophat's experience with you.
Dr. Zegobob: No. It's a lot of server experience (if those are real), and I respect that (the list format too), though the reasoning below failed to be the same standard.
Danny Boy: No due to weak last half of application and some of the people stated as experience.
Ry: No, but browny points for the list, really, I like lists like that.
Marioguy0:  No.  Made me more hungry in addition to not being up to standards.  Plus, Tophat annihilation.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -11, denied

Name: Gontron
ID: 30350
Experience: I have been in an administrative position on a few Mini Empire servers before, such as Ankh's, Blackwatch's, and Pieislife's, and have been well liked by most players. I was also a moderator for Tezuni's jail escape about a year ago for a while, but was layed off for unknown reasons (the person who did lay me off was also layed off not long after for unfair banning and exploiting).
What is my job: An admin is an individual who strives to bring a server to its greatest quality by doing multiple task, including enforcing game rules without personal bias towards one player, regulating the player base, listening to community feedback, doing consistent maintenance on the server itself to increase the longevity of the game play, and punishing exploiters while hearing both sides of the argument and viewing both side's evidence. They also should know that one "f*** up" can completely ruin these aspects of the server, and must avoid doing that at all cost.         
Why should you accept me: I have been playing Boss Battles ever since the days of the bedroom, and have seen the server evolve. I can honestly say Boss Battles is one of my favorite servers, and I would like to be part of its future. I hope to bring the server to its highest quality possible and increases its longevity over the years. That being said, I am decently known in the community and have been known to be a decent moderator. With this, I also hope to bring new ideas to the table to improve and innovate the server, including suggestions for re-balancing certain classes and introducing new mechanics, including new bosses and new features to existing maps. I am also known for being very responsible in my moderating [I'm a life guard in real life btw] and judgement of issues, whether it be between 2 players arguing or a server based issue.
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 14, 2015

Tophat: No. I like the application overall, but the errors and the latter half of the reason of acceptance makes me turn away from this application.  Not exactly that one messup ruins the entire server, but hardly something to take points off from. Application is not as solid as I'd like it to be.
Soroxzion: No. I get an uneasy feeling about this application.
Trinko: No, I like the way you set this up and how you worded it, but I don't like the extensive use of certain words you used.
Jetz: No. Generally above average in message, but you gotta proofread this if you want to convince us that you're trying. Would recommend reapplying.
Aware: No. A decent application, but you could improve it into a great one with just a little effort.
Narkro: No. Getting fired as an admin from Tezuni's server sounds sketchy.
Dr. Zegobob: No. I appreciate the effort, though the reasoning both in the "what is my job" and "why should you accept me" parts are not standing out. They're not too above average, but not bad either. However I do applaud you for the substantial application. I also appreciate the use of lifeguarding in your application - it's nice to get real life skills used in applications.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.  Not bad, but not particularly good.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Nom771
ID: 66410
Experience: I have admin on several small servers. These include, but are not limited to killer12568's server, Gentle Spy's server, and King Potatos server. Going to bigger servers, I am a SA on CheeseAndButters, SA on Meta_KnightXs, I host a mafia madness sometimes, and I am Admin on Panpour5's. As well, I am a Moderator on Tezunis Servers. I have recommendations from all the hosts above.
What is my job: I believe an administrators job is to:
-Comfort new players
-Make sure that players have a good time
-Be fair with punishments
-Be nice, not start sudden arguments
-Remind players of the rules if forgotten.
That is what an administrators job is.
Why should you accept me: Well. As a start, I have been able to strive a fair amount of memories, mostly good. If I was an administrator here, my definition of this server would exceed awesome. I believe admin is not a tool, but a massive responsibility. I am ready to handle the stress that comes with being an administrator on this large-scale server. One thing I have to do sometimes is remind people of the rules, and this saddens me a lot, enough to make me cry. If I was admin, I could be better at enforcing and reminding of the rules.
In conclusion, I would make a great choice for admin and would rarely ban or kick, plus I am available at all times and can be on a lot.
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 16, 2015

Tophat: No. Server experience is not the greatest, heard many complaints about them. Putting that aside, reasoning is...different. Application written in good faith but I question if you are mature enough to handle it. It makes me uneasy.
Soroxzion: No. Try to reapply with a little more effort overall its good just a few things that are not up to par.
Trinko: No. I like the spirit you put into your application, but firstly, I haven't seen you in the server often enough to make a decision. And secondly like Tophat said, are you mature enough to handle this?
Jetz: No. "enough to make me cry" Okay some enthusiasm is nice but this sounds like a bit much.
Aware: No. Does Tezuni accept everyone as an admin/moderator? Way too many people have him in their experiences.
Narkro: No. Too emotional.
Dr. Zegobob: No. You should not need to cry on a server if you want to be admin, and you should moderate by logic and ethical judgement instead of by being conservative with your kicks and bans. Appreciate the effort though.
Danny Boy: No - The crying thing is a bit much btw.
Marioguy0:  No.  See Tophat.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Aquarus
ID: 20395
Experience: I have been admin on: Eren's Space RP, stan_the_waffle_man's Boss Battle Development, Nixton's Dark Skies, JoeJack's The Remains [RP], but unfortunately, nothing of a higher caliber. However, I have still had my fair share of issuing kicks/bans, despite the smaller servers.
What is my job: An admin's job in a server is to moderate said server, to protect it from those who would wish to do it and/ or its players harm via chat abuse or something that could damage the server itself by giving out kicks and fair bans that they feel is appropriate for the actions that these people may do. They act as a peacekeeper to help keep a healthy and friendly environment inside the server. They can also act as a role model of sorts, so if another person would want to attain a rank such as admin, they can see how to act and behave in said server, and what is expected of them.
Why should you accept me: I feel as though I can handle situations that might involve highly irritating individuals both calmly and rationally, and be able to give out fair and reasonable ban times. And if I don't do as such, and maybe overreact on a very rare case, I would own up to it. Admit that I forgeted up, and work hard at fixing any issue that I might develop, if one ever appears. I thoroughly enjoy playing on the server, as it has quite a nice community and admin team to accompany it, and being able to help administrate the server, and help clear it of people who would wish to ruin the nice vibe that the server has overall would be my pleasure.
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 17, 2015

Tophat: No. Application felt too padded out for me to accept. Something tipped me off about it, perhaps it was the way this was written. Errors aside, still an excellent application.
Trinko: Yes.
Jetz: Yes. Solid application. Enough unique stuff and elaborate wording to keep my brain from shutting off a third of the way in.
Aware: Yes. Very good description of the admin's job and good reasons to accept.
Narkro: Yes. While you did sell your experience short, the rest of your application really stands out.
Dr. Zegobob: Yes. You seem confident enough to be clear on your decisions and you saying that admins are role models really helps your point. By doing so, you acknowledged that you need to be reasonable with their actions. I definitely would ask you to add a bit more on "why you should accept me," but you sound like you want to create a "common ground" in situations involving rule-breaking / anger which is a good thing for an admin to do. The last thing we need are admins pushing their own opinions through punishment.
Danny Boy: Yes -  a good application which is refreshing.
Marioguy0:  Yes.  Passable, but did not contain edible content.
Trifornt: Yes. Maybe the application is hardly better than the others, but you know what, it's quality I haven't seen for a while. If he can actually get past that margin, then take him in with open arms and begin the brainwashing- I mean the extra standard training stuff immediately.

Score: 7, accepted

Name: renderman10
ID: 42669
Experience: I have admin on two servers,i am very nice to players/other admins, i help people when they need it, and i am very friendly.
What is my job: I believe it is to be nice, and help others.       
Why should you accept me: I am very nice, friendly, i help out, and i have great experience with being admin.
Timezone: eastern
Date: Jul 19, 2015

Tophat: No. Application is lacking, decent number of errors, needs more content overall.
Soroxzion: No.
Trinko: Nope.
Jetz: No. Being nice and helping others isn't exactly an ideal exclusive to administrators.
Aware: No. Needs more effort, this application is very basic.
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied
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« August 11, 2015, 11:47:57 PM »

its amazing what people think would qualify as a worthy admin application lmao

i might go for another shot at admin, not sure
edit: congrats aquarus!

« August 11, 2015, 11:48:34 PM »

Name: Backstab
ID: 136893
Experience: I've worked with a few game makers to help them build/edit their games in the past.       
What is my job: Stoping hackers/exploiters from hacking/exploiting. Also help the community with their questions and problems.
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I will help the community, stop hackers, and exploiters. Also you should accept me because I am very obedient and can follow rules.
Timezone: central
Date: Jul 26, 2015

Tophat: No. Too weak and lacking content all around.
Soroxzion: No. More content and a larger amount of effort is needed.
Trinko: No. Too short and lacks anything appealing. The only thing I liked about this application was "Stoping hackers/exploiters from hacking/exploiting" which I only laughed at and almost choked on my water from.
Jetz: No. "Stoping" BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.
Aware: No. I feel like reading this application was a backstab.
Narkro: No. Experience is no.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Not close to par.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.  I am very hungry.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: TurXtreme
ID: 48036
Experience: I have previously participated in being admin.nothing particular. sometimes hosting or helping on the side to cover the host if any problems and misunderstandings occur
What is my job: I believe that being admin is helping out people who are in need of assistance, helping admins or super admins or even the host make updates to the server and learns and teaches the rules
Why should you accept me: because I can meet all the requirements of an admin and I think I could be a successful administrator. I am a unique person who can really make a difference to the environment and is not one in a crowd type
Timezone: europe
Date: Jul 31, 2015

Tophat: No. Needs to be refined and have more content added to it.
Soroxzion: No. Some more info would be nice.
Trinko: No, you need to explain "I can meet all the requirements of being an admin" more, and your app generally needs worked on.
Jetz: No. Your sentences are the written equivalent of the feeling of dizziness after spending ten minutes inside a human-sized gyroscope.
Aware: No. Your experience section lists no specific examples and is just generic "I was an admin once" stuff.
Narkro: No. Barebones and poorly written.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No.
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Dark-Knight
ID: 72380
Experience: Admins help the Players and the Server.
What is my job: Kicking rule-breakers, help building maps, awnsering questions of players.
Why should you accept me: I spend much time on this server, playing on it since 3 years or more, I collected more than 4.000.000 points, i am a polite player, I am a great map-builder.
Timezone: europe
Date: Aug 06, 2015

Tophat: No.
Soroxzion: No.
Trinko: lol no. Just because you have points, doesn't make you any greater of an administrator.
Jetz: No. God dammit how many more of these?
Aware: No. The admin that boss battles doesn't want or need right now.
Narkro: No. Pointage is not necessarily sometime good.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No.

Score: -10, denied

Name: Sir EpicCreeper
ID: 102649
Experience: I previously was a admin on Ze Operator's Boss battles server,I was helping him on some bosses and stuff,now I'm not his admin anymore since he quitted due to stress.
What is my job: I'm sorry but I dont really know.
Why should you accept me: I dont really care if you dont accept me,because I don't play Pecon7's Boss battles,I rarely play this.
Timezone: northAmer
Date: Aug 06, 2015

Tophat: No.
Soroxzion: No.
Trinko: Yea, I don't think so. "I rarely play this," Why even bother applying then?
Jetz: No. Why the forget did you even apply if you don't want to be an admin?
Aware: No. How do you not know what an admin is?
Narkro: No. "EpicCreeper" lost me.
Dr. Zegobob: No. Is this a troll application? "I don't really know," and "I don't really care if you don't accept me"
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.
Trifornt: No. A clown would do better than you.

Score: -10, denied

Name: PlayMann (CZ)
ID: 150350
Experience: ?????
What is my job: Check the server and blow idiot who does what he wants without admin told him that he can do !
Why should you accept me: You know , it 's boring all the time to watch players who still livin , and the next thing is to get something for something built map.
Timezone: europe
Date: Aug 06, 2015

Tophat: No. Last application didn't even go out with a bang. Or a spark. Or anything resembling any sort of fire.
Soroxzion: No. ??
Trinko: No.
Jetz: No. Pecon did you compile an orb of confusion into the application form recently? Somehow these final applications are getting dumber and dumber.
Aware: ???????No???????
Narkro: No.
Dr. Zegobob: No. The hell?
Danny Boy: No
Marioguy0:  No.  I want something to eat.  This app is like durian mixed with stinky tofu covered in "the source" hot sauce.  In other words, not edible.
Trifornt: No. Honkity honk honk.

Score: -10, denied

Couldn't fit it into four posts. Anyhow, welcome Aquarus to the admin team!
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