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Hey everyone, I decided I would start doing video tutorials for MilkShape for those new to the program. These tutorials can be found on my YouTube channel DeadFlamingos but you can also just click the links below.

I hope this will help people new to modeling get on their feet at a fast pace.
I will update this thread with new tutorials as I make them. If you have any requests or something you'd like to learn just PM me or post in this topic or in the YouTube channel on what that might be and I will gladly create a tutorial for it.

The first MilkShape tutorial teaches you the basics as we create the Hyrule Shield from Legend of Zelda.

Beginning MilkShape Hyrule Shield Part 1

Beginning MilkShape Hyrule Shield Part 2

Texture Image: http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p175/deadflamingo/hylianshield.jpg

In the next tutorial we will explore other tools in MilkShape as we create the Kokiri Sword from Legend of Zelda:

Modeling the Kokiri Sword Part 1

Modeling the Kokiri Sword Part 2

Modeling the Kokiri Sword Part 3

Texture Image: http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p175/deadflamingo/kokiriswordjohn1315.png

There are delays due to a heavy workload. Expect the new tutorial before Friday this week.

It was tricky thinking up something simple that I could cover within a 3 segment video. But alas, here it is.

I will upload the video sometime soon. This video will go over making the bunny player, as well as animating it.

NOTE: If anyone has followed this tutorial could you please post a picture of your model? Maybe you took it a step further and did something different? I would like to see it.

A very nice tutorial!

There are too many tutorials for beginners. I think there need to be more tutorials for advanced users, displaying tools such as:

Turn Edge
Divide Edge
Unweld Radial


Edit: I will definitely do tutorials on those subjects. However my tutorials are procedural and I want someone who is new to MilkShape to be able to follow each video and be able to understand advanced modeling concepts when I finally do get to them. Thanks for the suggestion.

Quote from: TheKhoz on November 30, 2011, 07:15:26 PM

Flatten Flattens the selected faces
Mirror Mirrors the selected faces X Y or Z
Subdivide Multiplies faces
Turn Edge Flips the faces, eg the faces are insideout, you flip them.
Divide Edge Adds a couple edges.
Unweld Radial I'm not sure on this one

Done  :cookieMonster:


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